Deadliest Catch


This year, two new skippers join the veteran fleet and battle lines are drawn. Aging warriors, Captain sig Hansen, on the Northwestern, the Hillstrand brothers on the Time Bandit, Wild Bill on the Kodiak, and Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard, find their crab grounds invaded by 36- year old scott Cambell aka “Junior” who helms the fast, powerful, seabrook and 28-year-old Elliot Neese, who runs a rusted, “floating frat-house” called The Rambling Rose. These cocky young skippers are determined to stake their claim to the Bering sea crab bounty – but soon learn that old age and treachery is a force to be reckoned with. 

The Cornelia marie returns, but without legendary captain, phil Harris. Now, phil’s young, rebellious sons Jake and Josh Harris must ready the boat and set sail with a new skipper. Captain derrick Ray will try to rally the boys and his crew, as they fish for the elusive blue king crab far north of the rest of the fleet.


The new series begins with deadly dropping temperatures, and it’s all the fleet can do to knock off vast plates of ice and dump their frozen crab pots before the boats capsize. But there’s no time for rest, and the Cornelia Marie gambles by heading for the Bering Sea’s most difficult fishing grounds. But can Captain Phil relive his glory days by pulling in a big haul?

Then a deckhand suffers a heart attack, and the Coast Guard attempt a rescue in huge seas and 30-knot winds, with low fuel and in poor visibility. But the whole season is overshadowed by events on the Cornelia Marie. First Captain Phil is shocked when his son makes a startling revelation, and then he falls ill and is rushed in a critical condition to hospital, while his two sons Josh and Jake tear strips off each other. Will there be reconciliation before loses his fight for life?

Tuesdays From 20th April, 9.00pm

A brand new series of Deadliest Catch sets sail on Discovery Channel this April, promising all the treacherous life or death Alaskan crab fishing adventures on the Bering Sea. The boats are docked, stocked and ready to roll from Dutch Harbor. The start of the series is somewhat overshadowed by the illness, and eventual passing away of Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie. Will his crew be able to put this tragic event behind them and set sail again with a new Captain at the helm? Despite this sad event, the boats have to sail again and the multimillion dollar crab haul still awaits them in the icy depths off the coast of Alaska.

Tuesdays From 10th November, 9.00pm

Head back out to the North Atlantic with the New England fishing fleet as they struggle against the elements in search of the ultimate American delicacy: Maine lobster. The series features Captain Keith Chasse as he battles his rundown vessel, Captain Bligh, through impossible seas; veteran Captain Grant Moore, who is introducing his young son to the job; the weather-beaten Captain Norbert Stamps whose steady, world-weary ways are subsumed by rage when he is crossed; and Captain Tim Handrigan, struggling at the helm of the Courtney Elizabeth, a boat which seems cursed. Every week the Captains and their crews leave their families to face freezing rain, driving snow and perilously high seas. Their greatest scourge however, is Joel Hovanesian, a ‘dragger’, pulling his seine nets over sacred lobster grounds to catch an array of fish and some of the precious lobster traps laid by the other captains. His boat, the Excalibur, lurks darkly on the sea, fuelling tensions and animosity among the Lobstermen.

Crab fishing on Alaska’s icy Bering Sea is one of the deadliest jobs on earth, and last season six men lost their lives battling Arctic weather and brutal waves bringing in their haul. But these determined fishermen are back as Emmy-nominated series Deadliest Catch returns for a new instalment of treacherous life or death adventures on the Bering Sea.

The Northwestern, Time Bandit, and Wizard are docked, stocked and ready to roll from Dutch Harbour; but this season introduces new boats joining the fleet. After his health scare last year will Captain Phil Harris and the crew of the Cornelia Marie return for the season this time round? This year promises more pranks and even bigger rivalries as the new series takes viewers even further into the danger zone, above and below deck, as the fearless captains and crews once again risk life and limb, struggling against hazardous conditions on the deadly Bering Sea.

UK Premiere

Tuesday 8th September, 9:00pm on Discovery

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