Derek Acorah

Unbelievable. Absolutely staggering. Some bright spark at Sky has clearly lost their mind to make a show so monumentally crass that it’s almost worth a standing ovation.

Get this. Soon, on Sky1, psychic charlatan Derek Acorah will attempt to make contact with Michael Jackson in two specially-commissioned shows.

The show will be called Michael Jackson: The Live Seance and Michael Jackson: The Search For His Spirit.

The shows will be broadcast in November and will be both presented by broadcaster and Jackson fan June Sarpong.

Now, the press release says: “Acorah, whose high profile on screen séances have to date been restricted to historical and mythical figures will lead proceedings in MICHAEL JACKSON: THE LIVE SÉANCE; an hour long live special from a secret location familiar to, and previously inhabited by, Jackson and where the famed psychic medium will attempt to contact the music legend.

“Preceding the main event, MICHAEL JACKSON: THE SEARCH FOR HIS SPIRIT will take fans on a biographical journey of the music legend delving deeper into both his psyche and his inspirations, and previewing some of the tactics and triggers that will feature in the séance.

“Sarpong, will be joined by Bobby Marchesso, one of America’s leading psychics, and close friends of Jackson including Thriller video co-star Ola Ray, Ian Halperin, author of controversial Michael Jackson Biography Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, and his spiritual healer Reverend June Gatlin, with more contributors to be confirmed in due course.”

Got all that? Good. Now. Let us keep in mind that Acorah is well known for taking on the voices of those that possess him… so are we going to see him bumbling around in the dark trying to moonwalk and shouting the lyrics to ‘Speed Demon’?

I mean, here’s a bloke that claimed to be possessed by the spirit of a man called Kreed Kafer, which just so happens to be an anagram of “Derek faker”.

Even Yvette Fielding bunked him off Most Haunted because she thought he was full of it. Yvette Fielding! Someone who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to put the shits up the Happy Mondays on a weekend.

Anyway, this show is clearly going to be astounding in one way or another. In other, completely unrelated news that has absolutely nothing to do with this article whatsoever… do you remember that Phoenix Nights sketch that contains the line… “I’m getting the word… nonce?”

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