Dermot O’Leary

Dermot O’Leary is a nice man. He gets the gig by being self-effacing and jolly. People like Dermot.

Except, of course, for those who hate him. Dermot really polarises people. Those that despise him can never quite put their finger on why… it’s usually a case of: “Argh! I hate him! He’s… he’s… I dunno… smug or something! He probably watches himself in the mirror when doing the rudes with a woman!

Dermot’s talent lies in being himself on-screen – nothing more, nothing less.

So with that, what’s this I hear about him presenting a politics show? Well, reports suggest that he’s being lined up to front a series of politics-based programmes for the BBC.

Yessir. O’Leary is apparently in talks with Auntie about hosting some election shows. The programmes will apparently see the X Factor presenter be the ring master of topics as he digests heavy political newsary for a younger audience with a view to educate them further on the subject.

“Politics is a huge obsession,” he said. “I’m incredibly excited but it won’t be particularly serious. I won’t be the man with the swingometer.”

For the record, Dermot studied politics at university, just before you scoff yourself into oblivion… although, it was a module as part of a media degree… so scoff away.

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