Dickinson’s Real Deal

Is that old vase that belonged to your great aunt worh a fortune? Is that painting your bought at a humble sale years ago a lost masterpiece?

Once again David Dickinson helps members of the public to discover if their hidden treasures are just that – or if they’re better off gathering dust in the attic.

Our potential sellers meet David at an auction house, where experts examine their items, find out the history behind it, and value it.

They then give the seller an immediate cash-in-hand offer, after which the seller must decide whether to take the cash or try their luck at auction.

And it’s an important decision: the expert’s offer is guaranteed money on the table, while in an actual auction room they could walk away with a mint – or be left with absolutely nothing.

David is there to give advice but, in the end, the decision is theirs and theirs alone.

Will they take the money or take a chance?

If they do go to auction, Dickinson’s Real Deal follows them into the auction room and as they hand over their treasure.

As the auctioneer kicks off proceedings in front of a crowd of canny buyers, our sellers are about to find out if they’ve made the right decision.

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