Digital TV

Today is the day. Analogue television has finally had the final nail banged through the coffin lid.

As of now, all the high street electronics retailers have stopped selling analogue TVs in preparation for the digital switchover.

Fear not analogue users! There’s still another couple of years before the big transmitters get blown-up (well, quietly switched off).

The terrestrial television signal is gradually being switched, region by region, and the project will finally come to completion in 2012.

According to the Guardian, of 26.8 million TV homes in the UK, 23.8 already have digital via Freeview boxes, satellite and cable (figures from TV ratings body Barb).

If, like me, you live in a region that has already seen the switchover, then you’ll know that, for the most part, the operation has been a very smooth one (despite what the initial naysayers predicted).

The Digital UK chief executive, David Scott, said: “People like digital television. It’s still early days for TV switchover but there is clear evidence that the benefits of digital TV are welcomed by the vast majority of those who have upgraded, most of whom found it a straightforward process.”

Alas, we’ll miss some things from terrestrial signals… that soothing, mind-frying static when stations close for the night (now replaced by a blank, staring screen) and Teletext with its lovely Spectrum graphics and of course, the test card, which is nowhere to be seen these days.

Terrestrial TV – we salute you! You transformed us all from people grafting in the fields to bone-idle critics and channel hoppers!

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