FIVER has unveiled a second raft of both acquired and exclusively commissioned programming, as part of its new refreshed schedule, it was announced today (THUR).

FIVER will premiere the fourth series of Five’s successful human interest documentary series, Hidden Lives, alongside US acquisitions Intervention, Ocean Force and The Shot. Plus, Hotel Inspector Unseen has been commissioned exclusively for FIVER.

This latest line-up of programmes will play alongside: the second series of the acclaimed Courteney Cox drama, Dirt; the hit US series from VH1 Celebrity Rehab; Glamour’s Best Dressed List 2008; Madventures; and Sex and the City.

Intervention (5x 60mins) is the powerful and emotionally gripping documentary series which follows the stories of people whose lives are in crisis due to a dependency on drugs, alcohol or other addictive issues. The central characters are forced to confront their darkest demons through an unsolicited intervention from their friends and family. It’s their last chance to save both themselves and their relationships, or face the threat that those they love will walk out of their lives forever.

Hidden Lives (5x 60mins) is the documentary series that unearths some of the most incredible real-life human interest stories from around the world. Including:

Wedding Addicts takes a look at the hidden lives of those addicted to marriage, and asks why some people marry again…and again…and again; Sweaty Betty examines the plight of women who suffer from a condition which can cause them to sweat up to five times more than normal; Female Hoarders looks at the phenomenon of serial hoarding and the impact it has on the lives of the people who do it, and the people who live with it; Naked Parents follows the private lives of some of the UK’s most unusual couples, and the parents who conduct their daily lives nude in the company of their clothed family and friends; and Night Bingers takes a look at the lives of people who suffer from this extraordinary condition, and the victims who not only eat, but cook a meal, while fast asleep.

In The Shot (8x 45mins), ten amateur photographers are given the chance to live out their wildest fantasies in pursuit of their ultimate dream, to become the next greatest fashion photographer. Aspiring photographers embark on a series of photo shoots designed to challenge their creativity and expose their individual weaknesses. They travel to exotic locations and work with supermodels and high-end professionals, all in order to capture that one perfect shot. The best photographer will emerge and be crowned the show’s winner, thus launching his or her professional career.

This US action packed series, Ocean Force (12x 30mins), follows the work of US lifeguards and coast police. Set on Hermosa Beach and Panama City Beach, the lifeguards on duty are trained to handle everything from drunken brawls to dangerous open water rescues, traffic violations to life threatening injuries.

Hotel Inspector Unseen is a six-part companion series to the main show on Five. It delves deeper into the failing hotels, going beyond the shabby rooms and the shoddy service to find out why they need to be rescued from going under. With exclusive video diary footage and never before seen moments, Hotel Inspector Unseen will reveal all the tears and tantrums and the trials and tribulations as the hotels and the hotel owners are transformed.

Director of Programmes for FIVER and Five US, Hannah Barnes, said: “I’m delighted to be able to announce this exciting new line up of commissions and acquisitions for FIVER. Each one is a brilliant addition to the refreshed FIVER schedule.”

Intervention is produced by GRB Entertainment, Inc. for A&E Network, acquired for FIVER.

Hidden Lives is produced by Raw TV, Gecko, Cicada, Yipp Films and October Films for FIVER.

The Shot is a Two Cities Production acquired for FIVER.

Ocean Force is an Originals Production, acquired from RDF Rights for FIVER.

Hotel Inspector Unseen is a TwoFour Production for FIVER.

Five US has secured sponsorship of the new thirteen-part Courteney Cox drama Dirt with Simple, the leading sensitive skincare brand, it was announced today.

Dirt is the much talked about new drama following the exploits of Lucy Spiller (played by Cox), an editor-in-chief at a leading tabloid magazine. As Lucy’s steadfast photographer Don Konkey (British Actor Ian Hart) constantly provides exclusive, shocking pictures of the rich and famous for her magazine, the glossy, perfect veneer created by Hollywood is shattered.

The deal will also include logo accreditation on related on-air promotional trailers and online and there will be a dedicated Dirt microsite set up – www.five.tv/dirt.

Dirt marks a return to TV for Friends star Courteney Cox, in which she not only takes the lead role but acts as an executive producer. The first series also includes a guest star role for Jennifer Aniston. Dirt will broadcast exclusively on Five US from Monday 9th July at 9pm.

get the dirt on five life

Five Life has acquired UK TV rights for the new Courteney Cox drama Dirt from Disney’s Buena Vista International Television (BVITV) , it was announced today (THURS).

The much talked about new series follows the exploits of Lucy Spiller (played by Cox), an editor-in-chief at two tabloid magazines. As Lucy’s steadfast photographer Don Konkey (British Actor Ian Hart) constantly provides exclusive, shocking pictures of the rich and famous for her magazines, the glossy, perfect veneer created by Hollywood is shattered – and available on news-stands every week. Dirt exposes the truth behind the façade of show business image making, and reveals the lives of those determined to do so, despite often tragic results.

Dirt marks a return to TV for Friends star Courteney Cox, in which she not only takes the lead role but acts as an executive producer. The thirteen-episode first series also includes guest star roles for Jennifer Aniston and David Arquette.

Vanessa Brookman , Five’s Controller of Acquisitions, brokered the deal with Simon Barwick , BVITV’s senior sales manager, UK & Ireland.

Vanessa Brookman said: “Dirt is an audaciously entertaining morality tale about the darker side of Hollywood and the perfect addition to Five Life’s compelling drama offering.”

Jim Brehm , senior vice president, Sales, BVITV EMEA, added: “We’re pleased to be working with Five Life to launch Dirt in the UK – we’re sure the series will appeal strongly to international viewers, with a cast and storylines which have created quite a buzz in the international media since its US launch.”

Dirt is produced by ABC Television Studio. In the US, where it airs on FX, Dirt Tuesday night’s number one cable show. The series ranks number one among the most desirable demo, adults 18-49.

Five launched its two new digital channels Five US and Five Life in October last year.

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