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The Mill Surgery is under lockdown when a deadly virus is unleashed as BBC One’s popular daytime drama celebrates its 2,000th epidsode

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The kidnapping of a toddler is the focus of a compelling week of drama from the award-winning BBC One Daytime series

Doctors, BBC One Daytime’s award-winning drama, has three more awards to add to its collection, as it came away victorious winning Best Storyline, Best Single Episode and Best Dramatic Performance at The British Soap Awards 2009.

The Doctors story of receptionist Vivien March being raped, and the subsequent aftermath of the trial and Vivien’s recovery, was chosen by a panel of expert judges as the Best Storyline.

Will Trotter, Executive Producer of Doctors, says to win the Best Storyline award is a huge honour: “To win any award is fantastic, but to win Best Storyline against the four other soaps is a first for Doctors, and is the pinnacle of the soap awards. Quite simply Doctors has the Best Storyline in soap drama on TV last year and that’s as good as it gets.”

With the five soaps transmitting 1,262 episodes across the last year, A Kind of Hush – in which viewers discover that Vivien has been raped – was chosen as the Best Single Episode, and Anita Carey’s portrayal of Vivien won her the Best Dramatic Performance award.

Actress Anita Carey says to win the three awards is absolutely thrilling: “It is fantastically satisfying for everyone on Doctors to win these awards, and I’m especially flattered to have won Best Dramatic Performance, as it shows just how hard we all worked to get this storyline right.

“It was very important that Vivien’s rape and everything that she went through afterwards was as true to life as possible because of those who have experienced for real what she went through. These awards are acknowledgement that we managed to do that and I’m delighted.”

Will Trotter adds: “To win three awards in one year at the Soap Awards – all voted for by a panel of experts that are acknowledged in the industry – is unprecedented for Doctors and is just amazing.”

Liam Keelan, Controller of BBC One Daytime, adds: “These three awards for Doctors simply reinforces that BBC One Daytime is committed to making high quality drama that isn’t afraid of tackling strong, contemporary issues in a responsible way.”

He adds: “The team behind Doctors is currently working on a five-part serial Land Girls (working title) which starts filming shortly and will be on BBC One Daytime later this year, and Moving On, a series of five unique, contemporary dramas stripped over a week, start next Monday (18 May).”

The multi-award-winning Doctors airs weekdays at 1.45pm on BBC One and also at 6.00pm on BBC HD.

Viewers can keep up to date with the programme online on BBC iPlayer.

Sue Jenkins and Tom Watt, two well-known faces from the world of soap, join the cast of BBC One Daytime award-winning drama Doctors to guest star in an episode to be shown this July.

Sue (Brenda MacGyver) and Tom (Ray MacGyver) feature in guest roles as a far-from-typical married couple in Episode 67, The MacGyvers, which is due to broadcast in BBC Week 30 on Thursday 30 July 2009.

Sue plays the loud and lippy (but with a heart of gold) Brenda; fearless matriarch of the MacGyvers, a family of disreputable scallywags who live on the local trailer park. She is suffering from terminal cancer but is hiding the true extent of her illness from her big, brawling family.

Tom plays Sue’s on-screen husband Ray. Dubbed MacGyver The Skiver by his community, Ray is an enigmatic but idle layabout who spends more time in a police cell or at the pub than he does at home with his family and ill wife. But inside Ray’s heart is breaking that his beloved Brenda is sick, and it doesn’t help either that his wayward daughter Carly (played by Sue’s real-life daughter Emily Fleeshman) is pregnant by the local wannabe gangster!

It’s up to Doctor Zara Carmichael (new series regular Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) to bring the family together and help them realise that they’ve never needed each other as much as they do now – but will they listen?

Producer Fiona Pandelus says: “The MacGyvers is a brilliantly told story about a ramshackle family confronting very real issues of separation and loss. Capturing both the humour and the uncertainties of these characters is no mean feat and so we’re absolutely thrilled to have such a superb cast in Tom Watt, Sue Jenkins and her real life daughter Emily Fleeshman. Together they bring the perfect blend of comedy and emotion to this cracking story by Paul Matthew Thompson – stand by to laugh and cry!”

The multi-award winning Doctors airs weekdays at 1.45pm on BBC One and also at 6.00pm on BBC HD.

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Actress Emma Davies is one of the latest guests to cross from a different soap to complete filming with the Doctors cast, in a one-off role for the BBC One Daytime award-winning drama.

Filming was a family affair as her father, actor Geoffrey Davies (Charlie Myers), appears alongside Emma playing her on-screen father.

In episode 64, Toys, due to be broadcast on Monday 27 July, Emma plays Lorna Myers, a cold and defensive English lecturer, who is forced to acknowledge the difficult relationship she has with her father Charlie – played by Geoffrey.

When Charlie is found wandering the streets bloodied and confused, Doctor Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) makes it his mission to find out what has happened. When he realises the blood isn’t Charlie’s, it becomes a race against time to find out whose it is and save them.

Daniel’s search eventually brings him to Lorna, who, still furious with her father for abandoning his family to run off with his mistress, refuses point blank to get involved. Can Daniel persuade Lorna to put her feelings aside and help him?

Producer Ella Kelly says: “It’s great to have Emma Davies on the show but we’re doubly delighted as she’s playing against her real-life father, Geoffrey Davies. It’s a poignant story with a surprising end, touchingly played by both these lovely actors.”

Viewers can still vote for Doctors as the Best British Soap in the Soap Awards 2009 by visiting and following the link at the bottom of the page.

The multi-award winning Doctors airs weekdays at 1.45pm on BBC One and also at 6.00pm on BBC HD.

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