Digital TV channel LIVING is set to add a bit of excitement to January’s TV line-up with the highly-anticipated return of top US drama Grey’s Anatomy Thursdays at 10pm starting tonight (January 21st).

Newlyweds McDreamy, Meredith and co are back for more, work, life and love high-drama in the Seattle Grace Hospital.

Series five came to a dramatic close as both George (TR Knight) and Izzie’s (Katherine Heigl) lives hung in the balance. The series six opener finds the residents and interns dealing with the aftermath of George’s tragic death with more losses, of sorts, on the way.

Having joined the cast during series five, Jessica Capshaw’s (The Practice, The L Word) role as love-lorn paediatric resident Arizona Robbins moves into the forefront of the award winning hospital drama, as her relationship with Dr Callie Torres (Sara Ramerez) moves to the new level.

To celebrate the launch of the new sixth series there’s a fabulous fan guide created from the results of the Grey’s Anatomy Ultimate Fan Survey which many readers took part in. So get prepared for a night in with the new series, test your knowledge and watch some of the favourite moments as voted for by you.

PLUS, you can win a Grey’s Anatomy Hamper by taking part in the short quiz at the end of the guide so check it out now and be lucky!

Wednesday 22 April at 10:00pm on M4

Major historical drama series set in vice-ridden Georgian London following the fortunes of novelist Henry Fielding (Ian McDiarmid) and his brother John (Iain Glen), the men who created the modern police force. In this second episode, Rev Erasmus Cavendish is found murdered in his Soho church, St Anne’s, and his embittered maid soon provides the Bow Street Runners with a suspect.

Monday 20 April at 9:00pm on C4

The third programme in the series traces Henry’s ten year affair with Anne Boleyn. Henry began to pursue Anne in early 1526. As lust turned to love, he conceived the idea of marrying her. Henry came to believe that the King, not the Pope, should rule the Church in England. The result was the break with Rome, a new wife for Henry, and a new religion for his subjects.

Wednesday 15 April at 10:00pm on M4

A stellar cast headed by Ian McDiarmid and Iain Glen brings to life the story of the very first “cops”, the Fielding brothers, in this major new historical drama series set in vice-ridden Georgian London. Mixing fiction with real characters and informed by primary source material and detailed historical research throughout, the five-part series takes place in 18th-century Covent Garden, the centre of London’s vice trade. It follows the fortunes of the famous novelist Henry Fielding (McDiarmid) and his brother John (Glen): they were magistrates of Westminster and the men who created the modern police force.

Monday, 16 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

Further developments in the final episode of Whitechapel lead to the copycat killer picking out his nemesis in DS Ray Miles (Phil Davis).

Describing how his character, DS Miles, and his team deal with the impact of these devlopments Phil Davis compares Miles to a football manager pushing his team hard to get the best results.

“He’s well respected among his team and feels he’s got a good woking relationship with them,” explains Phil. “Miles is an old school, old fashioned copper. He walks the same streets as his men but he’s the boss; he calls the shots. He demands respect, feels he’s earned it and they are happy to call him Guv.

So when a shiny new Inspector arrives to head up a murder investigation they are not waiting with open arms.

Phil says: “Chandler is a good looking, middle class, fast tracker. This guy has promotion tagged on him. He sees the station and the job as a stop along his route to the top. He is much resented by Miles and his team who feel that when the going gets tough he’ll disappear. But he doesn’t. Miles learns that despite his smooth skin and cut glass accent he’s as dogged and determined as Miles is himself.

The killings have a profound impact on Miles as he describes; “These officers take it very personally because unlike most cases they know what will happen next and to some extent the pattern of the killer because it has happened before. They feel failing to stop it makes them responsible in some way. It is very close to them and makes things very uncomfortable. The case gets under their skin which is unusual.”

In the concluding episode Miles is sent the gruesome package containing half of Mary Bousfield’s kidney along with a letter from the Ripper, an exact replica of the letter sent to George Lusk in 1888, along with half of Catherine Eddowes’ kidney. The squad find the post office where the Ripper sent the package and see him on the CCTV, but are unable to identify him and they hit another dead end.

Meanwhile Chandler decides to release Buchan as they have no evidence to hold him, but he puts a police tail on him. Buchan, his soul tortured, dramatically burns all his books in front of a press audience and denounces his life’s work and theories in an attempt to stop the Ripper. But is this too little too late? And can the squad really trust Buchan and his theatrics as genuine?

The CCTV footage of Mitre Square is more successful for the squad and leads them to Maduro’s Health and Safety. They find evidence that proves Mary Bousfield was killed in one of Maduro’s vans, driven by Antoni Pricha, the morgue man at the hospital. However when it becomes evident that the killer stole Pricha’s identity, the squad draw another blank. All they have to go on is what happened in 1888: all they know is that Jack the Ripper’s next victim was red-haired Mary Kelly, that she had fish and potatoes for her supper and the date she was murdered. Not a lot to go on…

Chandler becomes increasingly obsessed and disturbed by feelings of personal responsibility. After much time, thinking and searching for the answer, he suddenly has a ‘eureka’ moment, acts on his instincts and works out where the Ripper’s flat is, but not before being attacked by the killer. In the Ripper’s lair the squad find photos of the next victim and what’s more they recognise her. They send a tactical team round to her flat – but she’s not there. Everyone desperately tries to work out where she is before it’s too late.

Meanwhile the Ripper is with his next, unsuspecting victim. Time is running out. The squad, together with Chandler and Miles, frantically try to work out where the Ripper is. Will the squad get there in time? Will they manage to rescue the next victim? Will Chandler apprehend the Ripper and succeed where his police equivalent in 1888, Inspector Abberline, failed.

Julie Walters (Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story; Mamma Mia!) stars in A Short Stay In Switzerland for BBC One, a one-off drama inspired by the true story of Dr Anne Turner by award-winning writer Frank McGuinness.

Kate Harwood, Controller, Series and Serials, BBC Drama Production, says: “One of Ireland’s foremost dramatists, Frank brings a lightness of touch, dark wit and a heart-wrenching humanity to this piece inspired by Anne Turner’s story about life and death, love and family.”

Having just witnessed the death of her husband Jack from an incurable neurological disease, Anne Turner (Julie Walters) is diagnosed with a near-identical illness.

With determined rationality, Anne’s answer is that once her illness has reached a critical point, she will take her own life. And she needs her children’s support.

But the more her son and two daughters struggle to gain consensus over their mother’s desire to die, as they struggle to find another way through, the further they pull apart.

From Jessica’s silent recriminations to Sophie’s stubborn practicality, the magnitude of the situation threatens to tear the family to pieces.

Anne must also face the fury of her best friend Claire – whose opposing views bring them into direct and vocal conflict.

Writer Frank McGuinness adds: “As a doctor Anne Turner lived and worked by her principles, and she chose to die by them. This film recognises that rare courage.”

Cast also includes: Stephen Campbell Moore as Edward Turner; Lyndsey Marshal as Jessica; Liz White as Sophie; Harriet Walter as Claire; Patrick Malahide as Richard; Will Knightley as Jack; and Michelle Fairley plays Mrs Savery, Anne’s loyal housekeeper.

A Short Stay In Switzerland is a BBC Drama Production for BBC One.

Produced by Liz Trubridge (The Riff Raff Element; Sex Chips And Rock n’ Roll).

The executive producer is Ruth Caleb (Last Resort, Bullet Boy, Learners and Red Dust starring Hilary Swank).

The director is Simon Curtis (Cranford, Five Days, Freezing).

Writer Frank McGuinness’s credits include: Observe The Sons Of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme (which won a host of awards including London Evening Standard Most Promising Playwright); Henhouse; Carthaginians; and a film adaptation of Dancing At Lughnasa which starred Meryl Streep.

BBC Drama Production is a world leader in producing much-loved and critically acclaimed dramas including Cranford, Oliver Twist, Five Days, Waking The Dead, Lark Rise To Candleford, Sense And Sensibility; BBC Four’s recent Curse of Comedy season, plus Criminal Justice, BBC Two’s House Of Saddam; and Tess of The D’Urbervilles, Little Dorrit and Survivors on BBC One.

A Short Stay In Switzerland transmits on Sunday 25 January 2009, 9.00 to 10.30pm, on BBC One. Viewers will have the chance to catch up on A Short Stay In Switzerland after transmission using BBC iPlayer.

A Short Stay In Switzerland is also being shown on BBC HD – the BBC’s high definition channel available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media. With up to five times more detail than standard definition television, HD gives you exceptionally vivid colours and crisp pictures to make A Short Stay In Switzerland a truly cinematic TV experience.

Friday 6 February 2009 10:00pm on M4

Created and written by Martine Brant and BAFTA-winning playwright Peter Flannery, The Devil’s Whore tells the epic story of the English Civil War through the eyes of Angelica Fanshawe (Andrea Riseborough), a spirited aristocratic woman who is drawn to the anti-monarchist cause at a time when England dared to execute its King and search for an alternative means of government.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

While Vera battles with builders, Irene is being romanced. Bill – a widower – has been paying her ‘attention’ and she’s enjoying every minute. Feeling neglected and a tad jealous, Vera nonetheless agrees to invite the two of them to lunch, and Irene prepares to show off her dapper new lothario. Things go much too well. Bill and Vera get on famously, and Irene is furious. Her thank you letter is so cheerful it hurts. Vera is oblivious to the undercurrent, and the two embark on an exchange about Christmas – not far away now.

Irene doesn’t hear from Bill over the festive season, but he drops in on Vera. They had a very jolly time and took a trip up to look at the nuclear power plant, where he suggested that it might be fun for the three of them to go away for a weekend together.

This turns out to be a disaster. The two ladies don’t write to one another for two years. Did Bill really mean to book them all into the bridal suite? What was Vera doing in bed with him when Irene turned up? Why did Irene storm off? And anyway, he’s married a much younger woman now. Both ladies are feeling lonely. Irene’s daughter is thinking of moving to Australia. Vera’s daughter is truculent and secretive about her on/off ‘relationship’, and her son Howard is always off with his friend Anthony.

Maybe the two ladies could get back together again. Give it another go. After all – who else have they got?

Monday, 9 February 2009, 9:00PM on ITV1

As the team begins to accept Chandler’s (Rupert Penry Jones) beliefs and methods, they are left with the problem of solving the unsolvable in the second episode of Whitechapel.

Steve Pemberton, describes how his character, the Ripperologist, Edward Buchan, becomes more involved in the investigation with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

“When Buchan sees the location and the timing of the first murder he immediately has an inclination that this could be a copycat killing; it is exactly the day and place where Jack the Ripper’s first murder occurred.

“There is real progression for this character. He does get close to Chandler, in fact Chandler lets him into the investigation too much and it backfires on him.”

Finding his character was not easy for Steve as he explains: “His language is very fruity and heightened so, alongside the director, I was really looking for ways of bringing that down and puncturing that. I didn’t want him to be dislikeable or overbearing so we worked hard to find his particular journey through the three episodes. I was very conscious that I didn’t want him to stand out like a character from a sketch show mixing with these characters from a dark drama. Hopefully we all inhabit the same world in the end.”

“I think Buchan would be a quite a big fish in a small pond within the world of Ripperology. Almost world-renowned. So when he presents himself to the police he really thinks they need him. As the story progresses he actually becomes involved in a real life investigation as opposed to an academic one.”

Buchan realises the difference between the past and present after becoming involved in the investigation; “I think he was fairly cocky when he started liaising with police but when Buchan sees photographs of the victims who have recently been killed he starts to realise that perhaps some of his actions may have contributed to the modern murders.”

In the second episode it is clear this case is no longer a straight forward murder that Chandler can wrap up quickly. He is summoned to see Commander Anderson and his superiors who are very concerned that London may have a Jack the Ripper copycat, and especially the impact of this leaking to the press. They tell Chandler he is on his own and must solve this case quickly.

Having earned a small degree of grudging respect Chandler leads his squad as they begin researching Jack the Ripper, reading books and looking at DVDs, in an attempt to discover who the new Ripper may be. It is a race against time before he strikes again and they currently have NOTHING to go on – except what history tells them.

Thanks to a witness and some helpful information from Ripperologist Buchan they have a prime suspect – a solider called Leary. Failing to get a confession out of him, they stake him out.

It is the night when the next murder is due to happen in Mitre Square and all the team are tailing their chief suspect. However Leary, now clearly innocent, sets them up and they are ambushed by the media. By the time our team reach Mitre Square they are too late – the Ripper has struck again, this time murdering one of their colleagues, Community Support Officer Mary Bousfield. And not only this, Buchan the Ripperologist has been arrested at the scene.

Was Chandler wrong to put his trust in Buchan? Is Buchan somehow assisting the Ripper? Miles is convinced Buchan is up to no good, and a visit to Buchan’s home reveals to them the true extent of his Ripper obsession. When Miles receives some disturbing post at his home, it is clear that this has now become personal.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009, 10:00PM on ITV3

The Wedding of Irene’s daughter Leslie was a great success, but who was that lady Irene (Maureen Lipman) got tiddly with at the reception? It turns out to be Vera (Anne Reid) – not a relative at all but just helping with the catering – but she’s very nicely written to say thank you, so Irene replies to Vera, thanking her for her thank you letter. And they’re away. Now that the children are off their hands, Irene & Vera – both widowed – have plenty of time for a correspondence. An exchange of dubious recipes is spiced with increasingly nervy speculation about what they drunkenly got up to at the wedding. Vera is relaxed, but Irene has an eye to her dignity and gets quite prim. This puts Vera in a tiz and she trips over the dog and down the stairs.

Irene is mortified and sends flowers, but that stupid florist gets the order wrong and, anyway, Vera is recuperating on the coast with Audrey Roscoe. Vera’s learnt that Audrey is an old friend of Irene’s. She hints that Audrey may have been indiscreet about Irene and Irene is tortured by the uncertainty.


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