Drop Dead Gorgeous

“[Drop Dead Gorgeous] is fast moving, wise, foul-mouthed and basically very funny” – The Observer

Life for school girl model, Ashley Webb (Sinead Moynihan) is increasingly exciting as she rapidly ascends in the glamorous, sophisticated world of modelling.

An endless, dizzy whirl of champagne and canapés, itineraries, sponsors, major fashion house contracts and massive pay packets might seem ever more irresistible, but is the inevitable emotional price she has to pay really worth the money and the fame?

The future of the Webb family is in jeopardy – it’s falling apart as a direct result of Ashley’s rise to stardom, helped along the way with hefty shoves from pushy mum turned monster agent Pauline (Kathryn Hunt) and Ashley’s acid-queen agent Murray (Lee Boardman).

Sibling relations with green-eyed twin sister Jade (Linzey Cocker) are in tatters; entirely inappropriate relationships are spiralling out of control and long-suffering husband and dad Terry (Connor McIntyre) – the supposed head of the family – is floundering, desperately trying to stop their old, happy life unravelling any further.

As well as working hard to stop his family and marriage falling apart, he’s having to force a brave face and solid front for best mate Tiggsy (Dominic Carter), whose continuing battle with cancer is taking its toll.

Meanwhile, seemingly oblivious to the surrounding chaos, younger brother Mikey (Lee Worswick) and partner-in-crime Moonbase (Sam Rosbottom) are showing off some impressive entrepreneurial skills by flogging Ashley’s underwear, whilst back in the school canteen at Runcorn Comprehensive, headmaster Howard (Kevin Doyle) has more than a twinkle in his eye for dinner lady Val (Elizabeth Berrington).

As Murray’s marriage hits the rocks, a burgeoning relationship develops between himself, Nana Howard (Rita May), and Brutus the Chihuahua; with the mixture of Armani, acrylic cardies, sushi and steak and kidney pudding making for a surprisingly good partnership.

Drop Dead Gorgeous also stars Jennifer Hennessy (Lilies, Doctors) as Kerry; Sarah Jayne Dunn (Doctors, The Innocence Project, Hollyoaks) as Justine; Andrew Knott (The History Boys, Life On Mars) as Ben; and Lisa Millett (Goldplated, Life On Mars) as Michelle.

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