Saturday 19 January 2008 8:00pm – 9:00pm on ITV1.

ITV1 brings the ultimate test of self confidence and nerve to the screen with the arrival of brand new game show Duel.

Duel will see two people battle head to head against each other to win big jackpot money. But they face total elimination if they make just one error of judgement

Filmed in front of a live audience, Duel uses a simple game principle: two contestants, face to face, ten chips each, reply at the same time to the same multiple choice questions (but they do not see each others answers) and if they get the question wrong they’re eliminated.

Nick Hancock, in his first presenting role for ITV1, will be at the helm and he’ll be bringing his own unique style of presenting skills to the proceedings.

Even if you don’t know the answer you can still win so it pays to be tactical with your chips. Duel is the only game show on TV where you can win even if the chips are down.

At the end of each Duel the winning contestant can either choose to take their money jackpot and leave the game or stay on and face a new competitor in a new Duel and ultimately add to their Duel jackpot.

It’s a high pressure general knowledge game of skill and strategy where a contestant’s worst enemy might be themselves.

“The Duel format is absolutely brilliant. Not only do you get a good old fashioned head to head battle but we’ve got big money on offer. Once the show starts we hope the viewers will all be wondering if they’ve got the confidence and nerve to come and have a go,” says Nick Hancock

“Duel is an incredibly dramatic game, where Nick Hancock stakes contestants ten chips to change their lives,“ says Duncan Gray, ITV1’s Controller of Entertainment and Comedy

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