E4 Comedy

A new sitcom is in the works at E4.

The network is reportedly developing a new comedy series said to be a female version of The Inbetweeners set in a chip shop.

Helmed by The Inbetweeners director Ben Palmer, the series entitled Sex and the Chippy will focus on a group of thirty-year-old women reminiscing in a Liverpool fish and chip shop.

Shane Allen, head of comedy at Channel 4 said:  “We’re delighted with the script. It’s bursting with great banter and some truly jaw-dropping set pieces. It’s so good to be getting behind something female, funny and young for E4 to complement The Inbetweeners.”

He described it as “glossy, raucous, upbeat and entertaining.”

Source: Digital Spy

Saturday 7 March 9:00pm on E4

Featuring some of the funniest clips from the most popular comedy shows of the last 50 years, this programme interviews the writers, actors and comedians behind the immortal catchphrases that have become embedded in the collective national psyche.

Thursday 7 August 2008

Humphrey Ker is a put-upon estate agent and new talent Nico Tatarowicz as an array of characters, viewing a filthy little bedsit. We meet all the potential tenants: a bunch of no-marks and fringe members of society and follow the modest progress of the estate agent, stuck as ever in an empty flat on his own. Some may only provide a few lines of dialogue, but the sheer frightening variety of losers provides the humour – we also get an insight into the lonely world of flat viewings from the estate agent’s point of view.

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