EastEnders Christmas spoilers 2012

The following article contains spoilers about episodes of EastEnders that air from Christmas Eve to January 4th 2013…

So if you don’t want to know, then don’t read on!

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Fans of EastEnders will know that back in April, poor struggling single mum Bianca Butcher was caught stealing, and market inspector Mr Lister insisted on calling the police to Bianca, despite her pleas for him not to…

She of course was, at the time, still on probation after her last stint in jail – for battering Connor Stanley, who had been Whitney Dean’s boyfriend before he had an affair with Bianca’s mum Carol – so she knew that one more whiff of criminal activity, and she’d be locked up.

And sure enough, she was, but she’s now out again and trying her best to make a go of things, including having got a job at Booty.

However, when Mr Lister comes in for a trim, and starts lecturing Bianca on turning her life around, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her mouth shut.

But she does, and is feeling very proud of herself, however, things go very much the way of the pear when Lister comes back into the salon, saying he was robbed while his jacket was hanging up during his haircut!

He immediately points the finger at Bianca, who’s totally innocent, but can she keep it together to keep her job? Continue reading »

Fans of EastEnders will know that Alfie Moon is almost the dictionary definition of a doormat…

He’s forgiven his wife Kat for several affairs, forgiven his cousin Michael for getting Kat pregnant – and is now raising Michael and Kat’s son Tommy as if he were his own – and is generally the ‘go to’ guy whenever anyone in the Square needs help or money.

However, according to Shane Richie, when Alfie believes that Kat’s most recent affair is still going on, the worm is going to very much turn!

The drama begins next week when Alfie – who’s of course suspicious that Kat’s affair is far from over – tells Kat that he has to go away for the night. However, in reality, he’s lying low and spying on his wife.

Meanwhile, Kat’s lover – who is of course one of the Branning brothers – continues to bombard her with messages and gifts, so while she thinks Alfie is away, she’ll yet again decide to tell her lover to back off and leave her alone… Continue reading »

And Lauren blurts out a secret that rips her family apart as Christmas approaches!

Fans of EastEnders will probably know that the identity of Kat Moon’s lover – who’s one of the Branning brothers – will finally be revealed in December…

And once her secret’s out, will Alfie call time on their marriage?

Well, that remains to be seen, but things certainly aren’t looking good for the Moons as Christmas approaches, and things aren’t too great for the Branning family either as Max’s big secret finally comes out, as does one that Lauren’s been keeping for quite some time!

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Whodunits are a staple of the soapy diet, and usually, I love them…

However, the Who’s Doing The Hole of the Moon plotline – to wit, who’s having an affair with Kat Moon – has gone on since God was a lad, and I stopped actually caring who her lover is quite some time ago.

But that said, my interest in it has been reawakened now that it’s been poked with a stick by the revelation that over Christmas, and during a row in a pub full of customers, as you do, Kat will tell Alfie “You’ve got the wrong brother!” after he attacks one of the Branning men…

Only Jack, Derek and Max are now left in the affair frame, and of course, as Derek is due to die at Christmas, one can’t help wondering if he’ll turn out to be Kat’s lover, and if that fact will seal his fate.

Andddddd then we have another whodunit in the form of who killed Derek, with Alfie obviously being front and centre as the prime suspect… Continue reading »

Plus new spoilers for 19th to 23rd November!

As fans of EastEnders may know, hard man and villain Derek Branning – who’s played by Jamie Foreman – is set to die at Christmas, but the big question is, will it be as the result of an accident or will he be murdered?

Well, shortly before Derek is to shuffle off to the great gangland war in the sky, he’s going to be seen running from thugs who it’s thought will demand money he owes them.

It’s also believed that the men who chase him down will also go looking for his brother Max, who of course stayed with Derek in Manchester after he and Tanya split. They are now reunited however and due to wed on Christmas Eve.

However, of Derek’s death, The Sun reports today that this week, the show’s cast have been filming Derek’s funeral scenes.

The paper states, “Among the ‘mourners’ at the burial were Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd), Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Cora Cross (Ann Mitchell).”

A show source told TV Biz, “Derek has been a huge force in the Square since he joined and has had some fantastic storylines but his exit will be his best storyline yet.

“It’s being kept tightly under wraps because bosses want to surprise fans on Christmas Day.” Continue reading »

Plus, will Max & Tanya go through with their Christmas Eve wedding?

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Derek Branning – who’s played by Jamie Foreman – is set to be written out of EastEnders in an “explosive” storyline over Christmas…

And traditionally, when the words “explosive” and “dramatic exit” are in the same sentence while describing Walford plotlines, it usually means someone’s about to snuff it!

So it’s not unreasonable to suspect that Derek’s going to be killed off, especially since the show’s bosses have revealed that the festive storylines for 2012 will primarily focus on the Branning family…

And in fact, ever since Derek arrived in Walford, there’s been suspicion that his sister-in-law Tanya’s hatred of him is in fact because she’s previously had a fling with him, and furthermore, rumour has it that Lauren Branning could well turn out to be Derek’s daughter!

In which case, the fact that Lauren and Joey – who is of course Derek’s son – are about to embark on a romance could be the most polarising storyline of the EastEnders year! More on that soon…

But first, of Derek’s departure, a show insider told the Daily Star, “Everyone working on the show is confident viewers will be on the edge of their seats once again over the festive period… Continue reading »

Bianca Butcher and her mum Carol Jackson will be back in Walford in time for Christmas – yay!

The pair of course left the Square when Bianca went to prison, yet again, and Carol moved closer to the prison where Bianca was being housed so that her kids, Morgan and Tiffany, could visit with her regularly.

Of their comeback, a show insider said, “The cast and crew are excited that the Jackson family are due to return and their storylines are as colourful as ever.

“Bianca’s thrilled she’s got out of prison in time for Christmas to be reunited with her kids and her mum.

“She also makes it to her uncle’s wedding and along with the kids has a heavy screen presence over the festive period.

“Bosses are hoping the return of Bianca and Carol will prove a big draw for viewers over Christmas.”

It’s understood too that Bianca and Carol will play a big part in the storylines over Christmas which are set to feature Tanya and Max Branning in a big drama that will become the focal point of the festive plotlines. Continue reading »

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