7:30pm Tuesday 20 November on BBC ONE

Patrick reluctantly agrees to accompany Tanya to meet the sister she never knew she had, but will she live to regret digging up the past?

After finally giving in to each other, Joey and Lauren struggle to deal with their emotions and, unable to confide in their friends or family, Lauren tells Joey to leave Walford.

Poppy comforts loser-in-love Fatboy and when she discovers her sister Tansy is coming to visit, Fatboy wonders why Poppy is less than enthusiastic.

Patrick is played by Rudolph Walker, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Joey by David Witts, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa, Poppy by Rachel Bright, Tansy by Daisy Wood-Davi, and Fatboy is played by Ricky Norwood.

8:00pm Monday 19 November on BBC ONE

Having discovered that her sister is still alive, Tanya spends the night searching for information on her – but will Cora appreciate her meddling with her deepest secret?

Lauren and Joey try to ignore the sexual chemistry between them and the cousins are drawn closer together when Derek attempts to bribe Max to throw Joey out of his house.

When Phil finds out the assault charges have been dropped against Lola, he manipulates the situation to his advantage.

Tanya is played by Jo Joyner, Cora by Ann Mitchell, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa, Joey by David Witts, Derek by Jamie Foreman, Lola by Danielle Harold and Phil is played by Steve McFadden.

7:30pm Thursday 15 November on BBC ONE

Billy tries to make Alexa see sense and drop the case against Lola, but his attempts backfire, leaving Lola to worry that he may have jeopardised her case.

With neither Syed nor Christian willing to resolves things between them, Zainab and Lucy take matters into their own hands, but will they get the result they are hoping for?

Tanya worries about her mother’s erratic behaviour, but as she delves deeper into the root of the problem, she is stunned by what she discovers.

Billy is played by Perry Fenwick, Lola by Danielle Harold, Syed by Marc Elliott, Christian by John Partridge, Zainab by Nina Wadia, Lucy by Hetti Bywater and Tanya is played by Jo Joyner

8:00pm Monday 12 November on BBC ONE

Tanya is concerned by her mother’s distant behaviour and presumes it must be something to do with Rainie. However, Patrick finally gets Cora to talk but he is stunned when she admits the truth.

Christian is heartbroken as he is forced to say goodbye to someone he loves and, feeling more alone than ever, he makes a life changing decision.

The Branning brothers enjoy a night at The Vic but tensions soon rise when they start talking about each other’s love lives…

Tanya is played by Jo Joyner, Cora by Ann Mitchell, Patrick by Rudolph Walker, Christian by John Partridge and Derek is played by Jamie Foreman.

8:00pm Friday 9 November on BBC ONE

One of the Branning brothers thinks of a way of winning back Kat’s heart while she enjoys a night out with Alfie.

Christian and Syed have a heart-to-heart. However, Christian is unprepared when Syed makes a shocking declaration.

Roxy turns to Michael for some company and she is surprised when he gives her an offer she can’t refuse.

Kat is played by Jessie Wallace, Alfie by Shane Richie, Christian by John Partridge, Syed by Marc Elliot, Roxy by Rita Simons and Michael by Steve John Shepherd.

7:30pm Thursday 8 November on BBC ONE

Syed is faced with a tough decision, and with no one willing to help, the future is in his hands.

Kim assures Ray and Denise that everything is fine in the B&B but when an environmental health inspector comes knocking, they are shocked when they learn the truth.

Kat receives another text from her lover but, determined to make things work with Alfie, she plans a special surprise.

Syed is played by Marc Elliot, Kim by Tameka Empson, Ray by Chucky Venn, Denise by Diane Parish, Kat by Jessie Wallace and Alfie by Shane Richie.

7:30pm Tuesday 6 November on BBC ONE

Phil and Sharon prepare for the social services visit, but when the questioning turns to Ben’s manslaughter charge, Phil is put under pressure. Can they convince the officer they are the perfect couple to take care of Lexi?

As Syed decides whether he wants a life with Christian, he is faced with a bigger dilemma when a blast from the past arrives on his doorstep.

Kim struggles with a broken cooker and fridge in the B&B, and when Ian spots her suspicious behavior, her lies start to spiral out of control.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Sharon by Letitia Dean, Syed by Marc Elliot, Christian by John Partridge, Kim by Tameka Empson and Ian by Adam Woodyatt.

8:00pm Monday 5 November on BBC ONE

Masood worries about the family’s financial situation. However, he soon discovers that is the least of his problems when a familiar face returns to Walford.

Christian is broken-hearted when Syed fails to convince him they are meant to be together.

Phil and Sharon prepare for the residency case but how will Jack react when she agrees to wear an engagement ring bought by Phil?

Masood is played by Nitin Ganatra, Christian by John Partridge, Syed by Marc Elliot, Phil by Steve McFadden and Sharon by Letitia Dean.

8:00pm Friday 26 October on BBC ONE

Phil sets his sights on a reluctant Ian to help win residency of Lexi, but when things don’t go according to plan, he resorts to underhand tactics.

Lauren, Whitney and Lucy are unimpressed by Joey’s cocky attitude, and the girls punish him with eye-opening consequences.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Lauren by Jacqueline Jossa, Whitney by Shona McGarty, Lucy by Hetti Bywater and Joey is played by David Witts.

7:30pm Thursday 25 October on BBC ONE

Phil receives news about Ben’s sentencing and Lola panics when Phil decides to tell Ben the truth about Lexi.

With Tanya desperate to have Rainie at her wedding, Cora enlists Jack’s help to track her down and she wonders if her wayward daughter has changed.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Lola by Danielle Harold, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Rainie by Tanya Franks, Cora by Ann Mitchell and Jack is played by Scott Maslen.

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