Ed Sheeran

One Direction fan Ed Sheeran – who has of course been writing songs for the lads – has revealed that he’s seen Harry Styles naked, and he reports, “He’s packing heat!2

Explaining how he happened to see Hazzer in the buff, Ed, who is of course a hugely successful artist, told Australia’s 2Day FM that he made the discovery while travelling with 1D on their tour bus.

He explained, “I turned around and Harry was stripped off and completely naked, just sitting there laughing.

“Literally, I was looking out of the window, watching cars go past. I turn around, all the boys are kind of shocked, and there’s just him laughing, completely naked.”

And when asked whether H was “well endowed”, Ed replied, “He’s packing heat, yeah. He’s packing heat.”

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Hit songwriter and singer Ed Sheeran has revealed to MTV that he’s been busy writing love songs for One Direction’s forthcoming second album, which is due out later this year.

Ed apparently worked with the 1D boys on their first hugely successful album, Up All Night, and he was delighted when they asked him to pen more songs for them.

He said, “I wrote the three tracks that I gave [them] … when I was 17 and they were on my hard drive for a long time.

“And then I gave them one song for their last album and they came back and said, ‘Do you have any more?’ and I said, ‘Here’s a whole load. Take your pick.’”

And although the songs Ed wrote were inspired by his break up with a former girlfriend, he says they’re all “positive” because it had been a great relationship… Continue reading »

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