Eli Stone

Friday 13 August, 9:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the surreal US legal drama starring Jonny Lee Miller as a lawyer with prophetic powers. In this episode, George Michael hires Eli and Jordan to represent a schoolgirl. Elsewhere, Taylor and Matt bond over a case involving a family feud between a cantankerous judge and his estranged son. Eli and Nathan are at the hospital, discussing whether Eli should actively seek the removal of his aneurism. “All we’re talking about is surgery on my brain -what’s there to be nervous about?” Eli jokes. After a slew of doctors state that they are unwilling to perform the surgery, the brothers decide to approach a world-renowned neurosurgeon. On his way out of the hospital, Eli bumps into Beth. She is reluctant to tell him why she is visiting the hospital, but agrees to join him later for a meal. Initially pleased to be out on what he considers a date, Eli is mortified to learn that Beth has been dating his brother for the past two months. More upset by Nathan’s secrecy than by the act itself, Eli confronts his brother and makes him swear to be more honest in the future. The brothers then reconcile over the news that Eli has been booked in to undergo cutting-edge brain surgery. Despite Eli’s reluctance, Nathan is sure it is the right move. “If he were any more qualified, he’d be a fictional TV character!” Nathan says of the surgeon. Will Eli be able to go through with the dangerous surgery? Elsewhere, during a meeting about upcoming trials, Eli hallucinates that Jordan is singing ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’. Halfway through the song he awakens to discover that the real George Michael is in the office. George wants Eli to represent a girl called Mollie, who played the song ‘I Want Your Sex’ during her school’s abstinence class and was subsequently expelled. George claims that he sought Eli out after having a vision in a dream. Convinced that he must take the case, Eli is then told by Jordan that a client as important as George Michael needs a senior partner to represent him.

Friday 6 August, 9:00pm on Fiver

Praying for Time (Series 1: 8/13) Continuing on Fiver this week is the surreal US legal drama starring Jonny Lee Miller as a lawyer with prophetic powers. In this episode, Eli clashes with Patti when he represents a property developer who wants to tear down Patti’s old neighbourhood. ADA Sweren is accused of malpractice in relation to the Jayson Turk trial. Eli is preparing for his first case since Jordan begrudgingly welcomed him back to the fold, when an earthquake strikes his apartment. He flees outside, only to discover that no one else has noticed the tremors. From past experience, the lawyer suspects that the vision might be related to his latest case, representing property developer Arvin Salinsky. The developer is seeking to raze the neglected Silver Terrace estate to the ground and build luxury flats on the land. The current residents are suing Salinsky because the changes will price them out of the area and force them to leave their homes. Patti, who grew up in Silver Terrace, is furious with Eli for helping Salinsky. “He’s just a developer,” Eli shrugs when she gives him the cold shoulder. “He’s developing my friends and family straight out of their homes,” Patti reminds her boss, icily. After another bizarre earthquake experience, Eli seeks Chen’s advice. With the therapist’s help, he is able to relive the earthquake that hit his apartment. However, this time Eli glances over at the television, which is playing a report about a serious earthquake hitting Silver Terrace. Eli realises that he must win the case and get the residents evicted in order to save their lives. At his first meeting with Salinsky, Eli urges him to offer the Silver Terrace residents a $20million settlement on the condition that they leave their homes immediately. However, Eli’s handling of the case riles Taylor. “Don’t you know it’s malpractice to shove a settlement down your client’s throat?” she chides him, prompting Eli to confess to his belief that an earthquake will strike the housing estate.

Friday 23 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Something to Save (Series 1: 6/13) Continuing on Fiver this week is the surreal US drama series starring Jonny Lee Miller as an attorney with prophetic powers. In this episode, Eli struggles to find a lawyer to represent him at his disbarment hearing. Dowd and new recruit Keith butt heads when they are paired up to defend a top baseball player accused of murdering his coach. Eli returns to work after hearing of the disbarment proceedings against him to find that Jordan has relieved him of his caseload. During that morning’s briefing, Eli feels drops of rain fall on his head. Suddenly, he has a vision of his colleagues dressed in white and dancing, with Jordan singing ‘Who’ll Stop the Rain’. Once again, he comes around singing, with his fellow lawyers staring at him in disbelief. “As if it’s not bad enough that I’m facing disbarment, now I’ve got my own personal weather front,” Eli moans to Chen. The mystic points out that this is the second time he has seen Jordan singing to him, and Eli realises that the prosecuting lawyer at his disbarment proceeding is called Holly Rains. Meanwhile, after hearing that not a single lawyer in the city is willing to touch Eli’s case, Taylor steps in. She tells her father that Eli left her because she was cheating on him. “He was protecting me,” she lies. “And now he needs your protection.” Eli arrives at the hearing alone, but Jordan appears at the last minute to represent him, much to Eli’s disbelief. He apologises to a baffled Eli for his daughter’s behaviour, then sets about trying to win the case. “Since I highly doubt that outburst was legal strategy on your part, we’ll have to obfuscate,” Jordan says, referring to Eli’s courtroom song and dance (see last week’s episode, ‘One More Try’). However, the pair soon discover that Nathan Stone is on Rains’s witness list, and Jordan clearly suspects that he falsified Eli’s medical records.

Friday 20 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the surreal US legal drama starring Jonny Lee Miller as an attorney with prophetic powers. In this episode, Eli becomes Maggie’s junior as a result of Jordan’s crippling sanctions. Dowd and Keith begin to have doubts about Jayson Turk’s innocence. Having been demoted to desk duties (see last week’s episode, ‘Something to Save’) Eli is snowed under with paperwork and barred from representing clients in court. “I’m like the world’s highest paid intern,” he tells Patti. However, Patti has arranged him a meeting with one Peter Johnson, a potential client who is desperate to speak with Eli. Meanwhile, Eli is being plagued by visions of fire-breathing dragons. Eli is stunned when he turns up to the meeting to find that Peter is a 15-year-old boy. “So what’s the case?” he quips. “You’re suing the school cafeteria to put French fries back on the menu?” But the lawyer’s grin fades when Peter reveals the true reason. “My mum died,” he explains. “And I want to sue the doctor who killed her.” Peter tells Eli that his mother had a heart attack during a routine operation after the anaesthetist gave her the wrong drugs, leaving him an orphan. Just as Eli is about to turn down the case, explaining that his firm will not allow him to represent anyone, he spots the name of the anaesthetist, Dr Agon, written on one of Peter’s carefully prepared files. Struck by the name’s relation to his visions, Eli vows to take the case. Back at the office, Eli is reduced to begging Maggie, who is still upset with him for lying about his aneurysm, to represent Peter. “You’re afraid of dying so you’re trying to suck up to God,” Maggie says accusatorily, but she eventually softens when Eli reminds her of the boy’s plight. However, Maggie now has the difficult task of persuading Jordan to let her work the case.

Friday 16 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the surreal US drama series starring Jonny Lee Miller as a lawyer with prophetic powers. Eli wrestles with a guilty conscience when he is forced to represent a car manufacturer that knowingly endangered its customers. Taylor joins the firm and helps Dowd represent a woman in her fight for joint custody of an unborn baby. Eli arrives at work to hear the news that an old win he presided over has been overturned. Five years earlier, he successfully defended the Wolverine SUV company against a man’s claim that a design fault in one of their cars led to him becoming paralysed in a minor crash. Patti suggests that Eli will have to defend the company again at the retrial. “That case was tried by old Eli,” he reassures Patti. “New Eli is not working on the side of evil.” However, Eli has little room for manoeuvre when Posner appoints him to defend Wolverine SUV. It transpires that the claimant’s main witness in the original case, Wolverine engineer Stanley Lyme, disappeared before he could give evidence. Maggie sets about trying to find Lyme to ensure that they fulfil their legal obligations, although Eli does much to discourage her. All the while, Eli is plagued by visions of Hawaiian beaches, surfers and gospel choirs singing the George Michael song ‘One More Try’. Once again, Eli goes to Chen for advice on his visions. “Here you are trying the same case,” Chen points out. “Maybe God wants you to do something different this time.” Eli, who is desperately trying to patch things up with Taylor, is convinced that his visions might be related to their relationship.

Friday 9 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the US drama series about a lawyer who develops prophetic powers as the result of a terminal brain aneurysm. In this episode, Eli helps a man who has spent the last five years in a coma try to regain ownership of his company. Jordan defends an old friend against accusations of racial discrimination. As Eli wallows in self-pity after his break-up with Taylor, a man in a hospital gown appears on his television screen, imploring Eli to help him. Before long, Eli is surrounded by the visions, each repeating the phrase “Help me, Stone” over and over again. A panicked Eli bursts in on Nate as he is attending to a patient.”Pleaseignorehim,”Nate tellstheman.”Thisismylittlebrother,who’sbeen attachedtomyhipsinceIwasthree.”Eliisaghast whenthepatientturnsaroundtorevealhimselfas the very samemanas the one inhisvisions. Later, Nate reveals that the patient, Jake McCann, has just awoken from a five-year coma. Eli begs his brother to ask Jake if he needs any legal advice. “He was in a coma,” he reasons. “Comas don’t just happen by accident.” Nate tells Eli that, to the contrary, Jake simply fell from his roof while cleaning the gutter. “If this ends up in a malpractice suit, I’m going to kill you,” Nate warns. Before long, Nate contacts his brother to inform him his patient wants to meet. Jake tells Eli and Maggie that, while he was in the coma, his wife Brooke left him for his business partner and best friend, Adam. To add to the pain, Brooke acquired Jake and Adam’s company as part of her divorce settlement from Jake, which was conducted while he was still in the coma. Jake tells Eli that he has turned down a staggering $10million from the couple to settle out of court. “I don’t care about money,” he explains. “I care about my company – and I want it back.”

Friday 2 July, 9:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the US drama series about a lawyer who develops prophetic powers as the result of a terminal brain aneurysm. In this episode, Eli’s visions lead him to go up against Taylor in court to help a soldier fight a custody battle. Jordan insists that Eli take a medical, and Patti connives to throw her boss and Beth together again. During an important meeting, Eli begins to hear gunfire and finds himself transported to a war scene. Just as an imaginary soldier tells him they must save Private Swain, Eli comes round – under a desk in the middle of the meeting. Posner is irked by his employee’s behaviour, and tells Jordan that although they cannot fire Eli because it was written into the autism case settlement (see episode one, ‘Pilot’), he has found a loophole. If they can prove that Eli is physically or mentally ill or abusing substances, they will be able to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Eli rushes to see his acupuncturist. “This has got to stop,” he tells Chen. “They were all staring at me like Carrie at the prom.” Chen reminds Eli that his previous visions have guided him towards legal cases – but there is no Private Swain on the firm’s client roster. Downhearted, Eli waits for Taylor outside a courtroom where she is representing a father in a custody battle. The mother, dressed in a National Guard outfit, appears to collect her son. Eli realises that she is the Private Swain he has been seeking, and vows to represent her – despite the fact that it will mean going up against his fianc�e in court. Patti, in a break from organising Eli’s engagement party – or ‘gala’ as she archly refers to it, quickly steps in to help Eli get the case. “Patti, is your enthusiasm in any way related to me telling you that I may be going up against Taylor in court?” he asks. “What’s a gala without fireworks?” Patti quips.

Friday 25 June, 9:00pm on Fiver

Continuing on Fiver this week is the US drama series about a hotshot corporate lawyer who begins to suffer from bizarre hallucinations, which spur him on to defend the rights of the little man. In the second episode, Eli represents an immigrant couple in their case against a firm they claim made the wife infertile. Elsewhere, the lawyer’s strange behaviour jeopardises his career. On his return from the Himalayas (see last week’s pilot episode), Eli announces that he has been free of visions for two weeks. Novice lawyer Maggie Dekker brings him a small-time case. The clients, Mexican immigrants Blanca and Oscar Ramirez, are looking to sue their employer, Gro Plus Farms, because they believe their pesticides and poor safety procedures caused Blanca to become infertile. Eli turns down the case, but immediately begins to hear choirboys singing the George Michael song ‘Freedom’. Eli visits Nathan to discuss the prognosis for his condition, and tell him about his latest visions. “So you’re not being chased by George Michael anymore, just his catalogue?” Nate asks, wryly. He confirms that an operation to remove the aneurysm would most likely be fatal or leave Eli in a vegetative state. Eli proceeds to ask his brother if there could be some greater significance to the fact that he shares a condition with his late father. “Absolutely,” the doctor quips. “It’s called genetics, dumbass. You also have mum’s eczema and Uncle Gary’s terminal lameness.” Eli continues to experience strange hallucinations, including one in which a biplane flies at him in the street. Meanwhile, the choirboys continue singing. Maggie is persistent about the Ramirez case, but Eli dismisses her out of hand. “The only illegal alien a jury sympathises with is ET,” he tells her – although Maggie insists that her clients are US citizens. However, after a second close encounter with an imaginary aircraft, a picture showing Oscar Ramirez standing next to a similar plane lands at Eli’s feet. He realises that he must heed his visions, and accepts Maggie’s case.

Wednesday 16 June, 9:00pm on Fiver

Brand new on Fiver this week is the US drama series starring Jonny Lee Miller as successful San Francisco lawyer Eli Stone, who begins to suffer from bizarre, prophetic hallucinations. In the pilot episode, Eli represents a woman who believes a vaccine caused her son’s autism. Elsewhere, the lawyer discovers the cause of his visions and meets a mysterious therapist who helps him reassess his purpose in life. When Eli’s days start to be interrupted by the sound of bells ringing and an organ playing, he thinks he might just be losing his mind. The lawyer attempts to get on with his life, but the final straw comes when he finds George Michael stood on his coffee table, singing. After conducting all the routine tests, Eli’s doctor brother, Nathan, assures him that his only problem is stress. The lawyer is not convinced. “Stress gives you premature greys,” Eli argues. “It doesn’t make legendary British pop stars sing their greatest hits live from your couch.” Meanwhile, Eli is hounded by single mother Beth Keller, who is convinced that her young son Ben’s autism was caused by a preservative found in a brand of children’s vaccine. Beth tries to convince Eli to represent her as she attempts to sue the drug company responsible, but a major problem stands in her way – Eli’s firm represents the company. “I can’t sue my own client – there’s a whole canon of ethics prohibiting it,” Eli tells her. “And I’m pretty sure that they call it a ‘canon’ because it could kill me.” With his hallucinations intensifying, Eli takes his secretary Patti’s advice and calls on acupuncturist Dr Frank Chen (James Saito, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’) for help. “You must make peace with George Michael,” Chen advises, prompting Eli to have a flashback to his late teens, when he had an embarrassing experience with his first girlfriend and a George Michael tape.

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