Embarrassing Bodies

8:00pm Tuesday, December 18 on C4

In this one-off special, patients who previously Skyped live to Embarrassing Bodies, receive treatment arranged for them as a result. Among the patients returning to meet Dr Christian and Dr Dawn is a man who had a problem with swollen testicles and a woman with a cyst in a very embarrassing area.

9:00pm Thursday, October 18 on C4

As part of Channel 4’s week of Stand Up To Cancer programming, the Embarrassing Bodies doctors take an emotional medical journey with cancer patients. Dr Christian meets Josh, who tragically lost half his face following the diagnosis of a rare cancer, orbital melanoma. He also meets Danny, who’s been diagnosed with bladder cancer at just 39. Forty-nine-year-old Julie comes to see Dr Dawn having overcome breast cancer eight years ago and hoping to now have her breasts rebuilt with a pioneering technique. And Dr Dawn meets 22-year-old Natalie as she undergoes radiotherapy for cervical cancer. Dr Pixie offers a guide to the pitfalls of bowel cancer. And celebrities share their personal stories of how cancer has affected them; including Peter Andre, Ken Hom, Jenny Frost, John Hartson, Matt Dawson and Dawn Porter.

9:00pm Monday, April 23 on C4

The team hits the highlands, and Dr Dawn sets up camp at a festival where she meets a man with a problem under his kilt. Professor Val gets up close and personal with sweat, Dr Pixie hears about the condition that’s stopping a woman from having sex, Dr Christian meets a woman who’s been struggling to hide her growing problem for seven years, and two sisters discuss their rare skin condition that means each night they grow as much skin as most people would in 14 days.

9:00pm Friday, February 11 on C4

Dr Christian meets a man with a fishy smell coming from his penis, while Dr Pixie helps a woman whose nipples are sticking out in the wrong places after breast surgery. Dr Dawn tackles a rare leg ulcer condition; and a group of firemen put their manhood on the line, in the cause of checking for testicular cancer. The mobile clinic visits Scarborough, where Dr Christian meets a man with a big itch to scratch. And a young woman explains why size doesn’t matter when it comes to relationships.

9:00pm Friday, February 4 on C4

Dr Christian helps a man suffering from an extreme case that turns heads, while Dr Dawn examines a woman with an intimate problem who needs reconstructive surgery. The mobile clinic visits the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare, where Dr Pixie meets a local with an eye-watering condition. The show also meets a man whose extraordinary facial disfigurement has not left him short of love. And Dr Dawn asks a group of roller derby girls to get their worries off their chests when it comes to examining themselves for breast cancer.

9:00pm Friday, January 28 on C4

The doctors are back for a new series, ready to treat more brave souls who are at the end of their tether. In the opening show they visit Spain’s Costa del Sol, to help cure Brits with embarrassing beach body problems. Dr Dawn Harper’s in the mobile clinic on the beach, and her first patient is Russell, with a huge protrusion that he’s kept under wraps for ten years. Meanwhile Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Pixie McKenna hit the night time bars and clubs to find frisky young Brits abroad armed with a new rapid test for chlamydia.

9:00pm Friday, September 24 on C4

This show revisits John, who first came to the Embarrassing Bodies clinic with a severe case of anal abscesses. After 15 operations on his anus, John undergoes his final procedure and returns to the clinic to let Dr Pixie know if he’s now seen the end to his problem. Dr Christian catches up with Jonathan, a teenager who was struggling to come to terms with a diabetes diagnosis. And Dr Pixie also checks up on Josh, a boy whose overeating was becoming a huge problem.

Friday 7 May 2010  – 9:00pm on Channel 4

Natalie and Mushtak bring their ten-month-old baby Oscar to see Dr Christian, worried that their son’s hip is displaced. Dr Christian also considers bed-wetting, a condition common to around 750,000 children over the age of five. Dr Pixie meets 12-year-old Lauren who has suffered from alopecia since she was two years old. Dr Dawn meets a troubled girl with unsightly warts on her hands and body. And five-year-old Kaelen’s mother is in despair with her son’s itchy bottom.

9:00pm Friday, April 30 on C4

The award-winning medical show returns with a special series dedicated to navigating the awkward ailments that affect kids. From month-old babies with misshapen heads and dysplasia of the hip, to pre-adolescent 12-year-olds suffering the trauma of alopecia and unsightly birthmarks, the doctors aim to tackle these problems head on, and reassure anxious children and parents. This episode features head lice, a complex neurological disorder, a hereditary ‘squint’ condition and a spot of bowel bother. And there’s a field trip with a difference, as kids come up close and personal with the nasty bugs that can cause havoc with children’s health.

Sunday, November 22 on 4

The Coming of Age: Life Begins at 60 is a week of programming from Channel 4 dedicated to the over-60s, which bids to challenge some of the preconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the lives of older people. Tonight the Embarrassing Bodies team turn their expert attentions to the embarrassing ailments, illnesses and conditions that affect us as we age: from cancer scares and incontinence to bunions and loss of hearing. The doctors explore revolutionary new treatments for varicose veins, showcase a new invisible hearing aid, and explain keyhole surgery procedures for prostate cancer treatment.

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