Emu is back with some brand new chaotic adventures with best friend Toby, and friend and neighbours Charlie and Dani this spring.

Toby and Emu are in their flat but, with a ‘no pets allowed’ policy still in force, they must continue to work tirelessly to trick the evictors, including conniving security guard Ken Cole and scheming neighbour Sophie.

This is essentially ‘Emu, the early years’, with a flapping fresh, young and brilliant blue Emu taking centre stage. There might be close calls with beady-eyed security guards and scheming, money-grubbing neighbours, but Emu stays unflappable with sidekick and best friend Toby, who assumes the role of the young, unforgettable, rod hull.

Emu first hit TV screens in the 1970s, when it achieved prime-time audiences of over 11 million. And, 30 years on, Emu is back in the spotlight alongside trained actor Toby Hull, the son of the late Rod Hull.

Executive producer is Christopher Pilkington and series producer is Candida Julian Jones.

Get ready for mayhem to the max because Emu, the eponymous puppet with a penchant for pecking has returned! Watch out Parky because the beak is most definitely back!

See how all the anarchy and mischief began in a brand new live action comedy series that is set to thrill a new generation of children. It’s the first episode and Toby and Emu are moving in to a new flat. It’s great but there are no pets allowed! They soon meet sprightly neighbours Charlie and Dani and everything’s going swimmingly until ultra vigilant security guard Ken Cole pops in for a surprise visit and Toby decides that keeping Emu hidden is going to be impossible, they might as well confess and move out. But Will Charlie and Dani let their new friends leave that easily?

This is essentially ‘Emu the early years’ with a flapping fresh, young and brilliant blue Emu taking centre stage. Join everyone’s favourite feathered friend, on his adventures! Close calls with beady eyed security guards and scheming, money grabbing neighbours, Emu stays unflappable with sidekick and best friend Toby, who will be taking the place of the unforgettable, Rod Hull.

Nobody’s head was in the sand when Emu hit the screens in the 70s, the heady days of entertaining primetime audiences of over 11 million. But we are here, thirty years on and Emu is ready to return to the spotlight alongside Toby, the son of the late and great Rod Hull. Toby, a trained actor, has already appeared with Emu in two high profile pantomimes.

Aimed at 6 – 11 year olds the series is telling the story of the strangest flat share in history- its The Odd Couple meets Laurel & Hardy tarred and feathered! Toby and Emu have moved into a new flat. But with a ‘no pets allowed’ policy in the building, Emu and Toby, along with best friend neighbours, Charlie and Dani, must all work together and trick the evictors!

However, Ken Cole the suspicious security man is always lurking! With a stern eye and his trusty note pad of rules and regulations, Ken not only knows the score, he lives it!

Emu must also keep his wits about him for a second reason. Sneaky Sophie lives next door to our flightless hero. She is obsessed with Emu and is forever thinking up ways to turn her feathered neighbour into crisp, folding cash for herself!

With loads of slapstick laughs and crazy comedy potential, Emu is the perfect mix of anarchy, pecking, nostalgia…and a little more pecking!

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