Monday, November 30 on E4

Bright is devastated when he discovers that Hannah has gained a scholarship to Notre Dame and the couple may be parted.

Friday, November 20 on E4

When Ephram finds out that Bright cheated on Hannah, he confronts his friend about it. But after telling Amy what happened, Bright is forced to admit the truth to Hannah.

Wednesday, November 18 on E4

Andy and Jake are bamboozled when a car crashes into a lamppost in front of them

Tuesday, November 17 on E4

Andy helps an eighteen-year-old woman who has a history of breast cancer in her family.

Monday, November 16 on E4

Andy arranges a date with someone he met over the internet but keeps pushing the day back

Friday, November 13 on E4

Ephram is downhearted about his confusing relationship with Amy. His mood worsens when he hears that Will, his piano teacher, has died.

Thursday, November 12 on E4

Ephram and Amy’s feelings about each other after sleeping together haven’t got any clearer and the couple are still struggling to work out if their relationship has a future.

Tuesday, November 10 on E4

Bright and Amy are at a loss when they realise that Hannah will be leaving Everwood.

Monday, November 9 on E4

Hannah is overwrought when her mum arrives in Everwood to tell her that her dad has died.

Friday, October 30 on E4

Brand New Series: Nina decides between the two men she loves.

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