FIFA World Cup

Non football (soccer, to stupid readers) folk, get ready to start a summer-long whine. That’s right, 2010 is a FIFA World Cup year. This means all your favourite shows getting shunted around the listings because everyone else wants to watch 22 blokes kicking a bag of wind around.

I should know. I’m one of them.

Of course, the World Cup coverage doesn’t just dominate the television… it dominates absolutely everything. All the pubs will be filled with people talking about formations and likely winners… all the newspapers will be crammed with World Cup offers… and even passing motor vehicles will remind you there’s a World Cup on by virtue of having tatty St George crosses flapping haplessly in the wind.

You cannot escape it.

Worse still, for non-footy folk, you may find yourself ducking to avoid flying tackles and errant shots at goal.


ESPN is going to show matches in 3D during this year’s World Cup in South Africa.

The US sports broadcaster, who filled the small void left by Setanta, said that it would debut its 3D television system during a World Cup match between the hosts and Mexico on 11th June.

Twenty-four other matches during the competition will also be shown in 3D (which will require you to wear special glasses which probably won’t work very well).

Oh, and before any of you jerks even start, I know the accompanying image is of the Euro Championship, but I’m using the Spanish team as an image of one of the teams who will surely be dubbed ‘favourites’ for the FIFA World Cup this year.

So ner.

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