First Cut

Friday, December 4 on 4

First Cut , the strand showcasing original documentaries by up-and-coming film makers, sees the directorial debut of Chris Eley, co-producer of the BAFTA Award-winning documentary Chosen . Henry, Ramatu and Mark are terminally ill and struggling to make sense of their lives. They come together for eight weeks to create portraits of each other for a photography project run by a London hospice. This raw and emotionally powerful film follows them and others as they create portraits in an attempt to express who they are.

Friday, September 4 on 4

First-time director Leon Dean meets Britain’s most notorious car clamper. Ted Evans is the thorn in the side of the beautiful Yorkshire village of Haworth, the home of the Bronte sisters. Residents spurn him and tourists fear him. He has been accused of immobilising a car while its driver was asleep, clamping a minibus for disabled children and clamping the Prime Minister of Australia. In 2003 his company, Carstoppers, won the RAC Dick Turpin Award for the nation’s worst clamper. And Ted’s car park ends up being debated in Westminster when he clamps former Parliament speaker Betty Boothroyd.

Friday, September 4 on 4

Jon is a typical teenage boy in all respects except one: he was born a girl. Jon can remember feeling male since he was only five years old. Having grown up always feeling different to the girls in school, it was impossible to identify as female. He has now been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and is embarking on an extraordinary journey of transition. Director Julia Moon follows Jon and his mother through the first three months of Jon’s life-changing treatment as the testosterone pushes his female body into male puberty.

Friday 13 February 7:35pm on C4

The third run of the First Cut strand showcasing original work from up-and-coming directors continues. This film from Zara Hayes combines documentary and poetry to paint a funny and moving portrait of what love means to seven very different couples. Ordinary people have their own stories put into specially commissioned verse by poet Luke Wright, as they talk about their own experience of love. Each with a love story from a different decade, these couples then perform their specially-commissioned poems.

Friday 30 January 2009 7:35pm on C4

The new run of First Cut , Channel 4’s documentary strand for up-and-coming directors, continues with Matt Rudge’s film exploring what life is like for the family of a serial killer as they try to put their lives back together. In 2008, Levi Bellfield was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of two women and the attempted murder of a third. His unsuspecting family were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Rudge’s documentary follows Bellfield’s eldest daughter Bobbie-Louise as she approaches her 18th birthday hoping for a future free from the burden of her father.

Friday 9 January at 7:35pm on C4

With the credit crunch biting deep, money-saving has become the nation’s favourite hobby. The first film in the new run of First Cut , by new director Claire Braden, looks at what happens when money-saving spills into madness. Claire meets the men and women who have devoted their lives to saving money in the most extraordinary ways. The film asks what it is really like to be a Scrooge, or even worse, to be married to one.

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