Food Hospital

8:00pm Wednesday, September 19 on C4

The Food Hospital returns for a brand new series, and this time dietician Lucy Jones, consultant Shaw Somers, GPs Gio Miletto, and Pixie McKenna, are using food to try to tackle an even greater array of common illnesses, from acne and eczema, insomnia and arthritis, to epilepsy and ADHD. Four-year-old Jack from Lincoln suffers from atopic eczema, a skin condition that means his skin often becomes itchy, dry, red and cracked; 29-year-old Beth from the Wirral suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis; and 22-year-old Adam from Manchester is terrified of fruit and vegetables. In fact, his diet is utterly devoid of anything fresh consisting of six things alone: chicken nuggets, chips, pizza, crisps, cheese on toast and chocolate…

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