Food: What Goes In Your Basket?

8:00pm Wednesday, October 13 on C4

Food critic Jay Rayner, consumer affairs journalist Harry Wallop and cookery writer Ravinder Bhogal present the documentary magazine show that investigates the truth about food. One in three of the population of Zimbabwe is malnourished, yet the UK imports over one million tilapia fillets from this impoverished country. Ravinder examines the real cost of our food and whether importing fish can really help the people or support a corrupt regime. The UK prides itself on its animal welfare but as the price of meat rises, Jay Rayner asks whether we are too kind to our animals. Supermarket snoop Harry Wallop investigates why we’re paying far too much for the basic food essential bread.

8:00pm Wednesday, October 6 on C4

The documentary magazine show that examines the foods we buy in our supermarket and where they come from. In this edition Harry Wallop investigates the contents of school lunchboxes to uncover the marketing techniques used by food manufacturers to sell unhealthy products to children; Ravinder Bhogal travels to St Lucia to visit the plantations that produce fair trade bananas for UK supermarkets; and Jay Rayner examines the plight of British dairy farming. Plus, at Laverstoke Park Farm, resident butcher Simon shows how cheap cuts of meat that can be turned into culinary treats.

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