Fool Britannia

Saturday, 1 September 2012, 6:55PM – 7:25PM

Award-winning comedian Dom Joly gets set to fool the nation in a brand new series.

Fool Britannia sees Dom travelling to every corner of the land, poking fun at what it means to be British. Armed with a lorry load of hidden cameras and a host of disguises, Dom unleashes a small army of brand new characters designed to shine a comedy light of a nation.

No-one and nowhere is safe… not even on holiday as Dom sets sail for Benidorm! From our confusion with modern rules, our passion for queuing or our inability to complain, Dom’s colourful array of characters are set to shock, surprise and shine a light on the comedy state of the nation.

Merging our nation’s infectious ability to make fun of itself, together with Dom Joly’s unique talents, Fool Britannia is a distinctive new comedy series filled with memorable characters and new catchphrases guaranteed to provide hilarious results.

The first show of the brand new series see’s Dom disguised as an unorthodox vicar who sets about causing havoc in the Cotswolds. How will members of the public react to such unholy antics as stealing an ambulance or pushing an old lady off a bridge?

Unsuspecting tourists and locals alike fall foul to Dom’s ‘Happy To Help’ Booth situated in Oxford, Cambridge and Bath. But all is not what it seems as his unconventional behavior leaves his customers about as ‘unhelped’ as humanly possible.

Dom’s overzealous Health and Safety officer causes havoc in Liverpool. The famous Scouse sense of humour is stetched to the limit when he cautions supposedly speeding Mobility Scooter Drivers.

Dom Joly said: “I am so excited to start filming Fool Britannia for ITV1. We start filming soon and this is a final warning- wherever you are in the UK- you’re not safe….”

Fool Britannia is an ITV Studios production for ITV1.

The series was ordered for ITV1 by John Kaye Cooper, Controller of Entertainment at ITV. The Executive Producer is Lee Connolly and the Series Producer is Greg Bower, ITV Studios.

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