Football Rivalries

Monday 12 May 2008 7:55pm – 9:00pm

In the world of football there are matches that capture the imagination of fans around the globe; games that are steeped in history and passion and clashes that stir the emotions of everyone who’s ever watched the beautiful game.

The first programme in this eight part series looks at two of these memorable rivalries: Liverpool versus Manchester United and Benfica versus Sporting Lisbon.

The show delves in to the archives and features a selection of the greatest moments to come out of the matches played between these teams. It also features interviews with the legendary coaches and players who have been involved in these titanic matches, helping to explain why they are held in such high esteem by players and supporters alike.

The programme also follows the teams and fans on the day of the big matches, capturing the intensity and passion of the game on the pitch and in the stands.

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