Four Weddings

9:00pm Tuesday, December 7 on LIVING

Weddings are usually joyous, if stressful, occasions for the bride. This week, however, thanks to LIVING’s hit reality show Four Weddings they can also be competitive events. The third series of the compulsively watchable show continues to pit four brides against each other in a battle to win a luxury honeymoon. The ladies attend and rate each others’ big days, awarding points for the dress, the venue, the food and overall presentation. Viewers get to enjoy a fine display of bitching, dodgy taste and the odd beautiful moment as the brides try to out-score their rivals.

Two Scots fight it out this week, pitting two very different interpretations of luxury and glamour against each other. One is holding her do at a castle, trying to achieve a classic feel for her big day. Meanwhile, her rival is aiming to imitate contemporary tabloid royalty rather than the traditional kind, and is attempting to throw an affair that could grace the pages of Hello! magazine. Which vision of the good life will impress their fellow brides the most?

Then, back in England, two athletically inclined ladies go head to head. Bride Jolie has modest plans, throwing her wedding at a skittles club for a budget of just �1,500. Fellow sports fan and final bride Kerry, however, prefers her sport a little more aggressive. She is aiming to have the biggest event by holding a giant reception on a local rugby club’s pitch, with a pyramid of men in leotards set to be the highlight. Will the skittles concept bowl over the judges, or does it take a pile of hairy men to win a dream honeymoon? Viewers should expect anything but a typical, sedate white wedding as the battle of the brides continues only on LIVING.

9:00pm Tuesday, November 23 on LIVING

As the third series of LIVING’s smash hit wedding warfare show Four Weddings continues this week, the nuptials are bigger and wackier than ever before as the contestants go to any lengths to impress.

Four soon-to-be-married competitors attend and rate each others’ big days, providing viewers with a front row seat to all the hilarity and anxiety that are a part of any wedding. The couple with the highest score is whisked off for an all-expenses-paid honeymoon.

This week, it is a battle of the sexes as two grooms battle two brides. Will a traditional Scottish do, a ‘wedding in the sky’, an affair with a festival vibe or a nightclub-inspired civil partnership gain the most points?

9:00pm Tuesday, November 16 on LIVING

As the third series of LIVING’s smash hit wedding warfare show Four Weddings continues this week, the nuptials are bigger, wackier and more mind-boggling than ever before as the competitive brides go to any lengths to impress. The show sees four wives to be attend and rate each others’ big days, providing viewers with a front row seat to all the hilarity, anxiety and ridiculous relatives that are a part of any weddings. Once the dust settles and the back- biting is over, the happy couple with the highest score is whisked off for a fabulous, all-expenses-paid honeymoon.

Non-conformist Tammy was brought up as a pagan and now lives in an ecological community, so her wedding is not going to be a traditional affair. She and fianc� Duncan are aiming to create a music festival atmosphere, with a pagan priestess presiding and the witches coven of Cornwall in attendance. But Tammy has some competition when it comes to spectacle – perfectionist Julia is hosting a church wedding on the beautiful Slovenia island of Bled, complete with castle, a horse and carriage and a traditional Slovenian…. Elvis impersonator?

Overachieving teetotaller Monique is throwing a massive Caribbean wedding with 500 guests, 10 bridesmaids and three outfits. Will her extravagance be the recipe for success or will the other brides be less than pleased to face such a huge crowd sober? Finally, stay-at-home mum Stacie is requiring guests to wear only purple, silver, pink or cream to her low-key family affair where they will dine on chip butties and indulge their inner karaoke star. Four strong personalities facing off makes for explosive telly, this week exclusively on LIVING.

8:00pm Wednesday, November 10 on LIVING

What could a bride do without on the most important day of her life? How about several complete strangers giving marks out of ten on presentation! This week compulsively watchable hit reality show Four Weddings premieres its third series on LIVING. Four brides attend – and rate – each other’s big days, awarding points for the dress, the venue, the food and the overall presentation. The winner flies off on a honeymoon of a lifetime.

The series kicks off with an international episode that pits brides from England, Spain, Germany and the USA in a battle to see who can throw the perfect wedding. Flamenco-dancing doctor Cristina is spending nearly �20,000 on a traditional Spanish fiesta that starts in the evening and runs until dawn. Will the other brides be able to keep up with these partying latins? In America, Misty’s cowboy wedding is also outdoors, but on a ranch and in the full heat of a Texas day. The boozy Europeans may not be happy, either, when they find out it is an alcohol-free affair.

In Germany, Anna is having a traditional Catholic church wedding, but at the reception custom also demands that the happy couple have to down a shot of schnapps at every table. Will they stay upright to the end of the night? Finally, straight-talking Lynsey is aiming for a fairytale English wedding. Will it be grim, or can the Brits do it bigger and better than anyone else? Find out exclusively on LIVING as Four Weddings returns with its highly addictive mix of bitching, questionable taste and some perfect wedding moments.

The battle of the brides commences this Summer as four competitive couples go head to head in out and out wedding warfare. Four Weddings sees four brides to be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newly wed’s dream prize – a luxury honeymoon. Weddings to remember are guaranteed, but will it be a big day of delight, or matrimonial misery? The ultimate wedding eavesdrop show launches for ten weeks on LIVING from July.


We all love the post ceremonial opportunity to pour scorn on the tacky theme, the meringue, or the dodgy first dance, but for each of our brides one touch of tastelessness could be the difference between five star bliss and bed-sit boredom. Each week, viewers will witness four very different wedding days, and what is one woman’s dream could be another’s nightmare.


Whilst one of the four couples heads up the aisle, the other three will be watching in envy or outrage, as they set about scoring the service and the judging the festivities. Everything is under contention, with dresses, venues, catering and presentation praised or pitied by the eager to impress couples, all vying to stage the winning wedding.


Promising a plentiful mix of far from formulaic ceremonies that include brides on a budget, pagan bikers tying the knot, African extravaganzas, civil partnerships and even an outlandish exchanging of vows at London Zoo, it’s the definitive wedding expose – from the wonderful, to the weird, to the just plain wacky. Cue sniping from the church stalls, catty remarks at the reception and eagle eyed dissection of the first dance, as one by one the couples submit their scores – but will our brides and grooms agree when it comes to the final deliverance?


The ten-part series will culminate with a special celebrity episode, in which four famous faces and their partners go up against one another. LIVING’s cameras will have unprecedented access and reveal what really goes on behind the scenes at a celebrity wedding. Once again, the designer dresses, magnificent marquees, top class cuisine and fabulous frivolities will be under surveillance.


Episode One introduces WAG wannabe Melanie Boorman, a former Page 3 stunner who’s out to ensure her big day is the ultimate in glitz and glamour. In stark contrast to Melanie’s £77,000 budget is Lorna Vincent, who’s shunning a traditional church ceremony to get married in a cave, with a father-in-law DJing at the reception. It’s then off to the Carnival as Hertfordshire bride Ada Ekwuozor throws an African spectacular, complete with a themed banquet. The last wedding on the agenda belongs to fun loving Amanda Selby, who is kicking off with a pyjama party, followed by dancing and game playing a plenty.  


Other colourful characters to watch out for later in the series include Barbie-esque Donna Ritchie, whose fairytale day is a pink and butterfly themed affair, Carol Ann Hewitt who hosts the ‘anti wedding’, walking down the aisle with a bouquet made of Christmas baubles, and control freak wedding planner Kate Marno, who is forced to entrust the organisation of her dream day to her partner.


With cameras following the competitors from planning to the final party, tension is bound to run high as the women battle it out to pull off the winning wedding and triumph with the ultimate dream getaway, whilst hoping to enjoy the ‘best day of their lives’.


Four cut-throat wives to be and one dream prize, Four Weddings promises a feast of bitchy brides, two-faced compliments and back-stabbing galore. Starting Monday 6th July at 9pm, LIVING invites you to say ‘I Do’ to the wedding show of the season.


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