Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

The BBC has announced that the Friday night slot left vacant by the departing Jonathan Ross will be taken by Graham Norton.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster has said that Norton will be moved to the primetime Friday slot but that his show will not take up the Friday Night with… branding.

“In all likelihood, when his show returns later in the year it will play in the Friday night slot,” the BBC said.

Jonathan Ross wrapped up his talk show on Friday, with the final episode.

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David Beckham joins Jonathan Ross for the final Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One.

On this, his last show, Jonathan says: “I promised Morrissey I wasn’t going to cry.”

Then goes on to say: “I should start by saying thank you to all the guests we’ve had on over the 10 years we’ve been doing the show – at least 95 per cent of them were great!

“It’s been a remarkable period of my TV career, being here at the BBC – I’ve worked with just about the best crew and I hope you all know how much it’s meant to me to have you guys here because I’ve felt supported… you’re just the best people [in the business].

“Everyone here at the BBC has always been terrific… I’ve been lucky to work over the 10 years with the most fabulous teams.

“The experience I’ve had here at the BBC has been a blessed one.

“I’ve never come in here feeling anything other than grateful, lucky and honoured… so thank you.”

David Beckham talks about England’s performance in the World Cup: “They [the team] knew they didn’t perform. It’s not about individuals. When the bad times come you stick together. Without doubt it’s not the manager’s fault.”

And on Fabio Capello, he says: “We respect him, that’s why you want to play for him. He’s one of the most intelligent and gifted managers in football. He gave the team everything.”

On Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal: “I think it would have made a difference, we were on top at that point.”

He also confesses that he lines up labelled bottles in the fridge: “I have to have everything lined up perfectly – we’re [Victoria and David] perfect because I’m tidy and she’ll mess it up… I don’t mind the dirty knickers!”

He admits he loves housework: “I do the housework, I love to hoover” and is strict with the children: “They’re well-behaved because our parents were strict with us, we want to bring our boys up the way we were… we’ve got a fun house… that’s the way they should be, very grounded.”

He also tells Jonathan that he is looking forward to playing again: “I started running 10 days ago. It’s killing me, not playing football… I want to keep playing, I believe I’ve still got a lot to offer the country.”

On his wife Victoria, he says: “She’s down on my phone as Posh. She’ll always be Posh!” Apparently, she still calls him Golden Balls.

He is very proud of her new career: “People don’t realise how hard she works… so focused… she’s getting the rewards and she deserves it.”

And finally, on his trip to Afghanistan, he explains how he travelled in a troop carrier: “I don’t need any special treatment.”

“Everybody needs to realise what these guys are doing, we should be really proud… I want to raise awareness, raise money for the families who’ve lost their loved ones… A lot of them said they feel like they’re forgotten. I said none of you will ever be forgotten – they’re doing the most amazing job I’ve ever witnessed.”

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.35pm, Friday 16 July 2010, BBC One.


Footballing superstar David Beckham has been confirmed to appear on the final ever episode of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

The BBC One talk show has announced the injured English footballer will feature alongside actor Jackie Chan and band Roxie Music on the final show in July.

The show is expected to break from the usual three guest format in order to provide more time for Ross to speak to Beckham regarding the recent English exit from the World Cup.

The episode will screen on BBC One on July 16.

Source: Digital Spy

Hollywood star Tom Hanks joins Jonathan Ross this week on his BBC One show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.

Tom confesses he’s a big Loose Women fan: “Angels And Demons – the new name for Loose Women! They’re the type I was too shy to approach.”

And those Loose Women also join Jonathan on the couch. Carol McGiffin talks about her toyboy: “I’m going backwards, I think I’m ten years younger than I actually am,” but fellow host Coleen Nolan doesn’t approve: “an older woman going out with someone they could have given birth to!”

Carol also reckons they’re better than men: “Men don’t like being so open about their emotions… all they want to do is be funnier than each other”… “we’ve been accused of sexually harassing male guests… if they weren’t up for it, we wouldn’t do it.”

Whilst Jane McDonald confirms she won’t be getting married.

Coleen also attacks press stories about her son: “It was reported wrong, I’m not naive, I knew why he was going [to Amsterdam]. I’m not a bad mum… and he wasn’t a virgin!”

Finally, Dizzee Rascal talks candidly about the stabbing attack that nearly killed him: “It was a case of wrong place, wrong time, you learn from it. I’m still here,” and performs new single Bonkers live in the studio.

A Hotsauce TV production for BBC One.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.35pm, BBC One, Friday 8 May 2009

Jonathan Ross has promised to be “more aware in future” during filming on his first day back at work at the BBC.

Today, filming began for the return of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, which was taken off-air following his suspension after the Andrew Sachs answerphone scandal. Ross and fellow BBC2 radio presenter Russell Brand left inappropriate messages on Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs’s answerphone. These messages were then broadcast in Brand’s show. A few complaints had been made following the broadcast, but due to media coverage of the messages, the complaints increased to thousands.

300 people have turned up for the filming of the show today, which will be shown Friday night on BBC1. Guests on the show include Tom Cruise, Stephen Fry, and group Franz Ferdinand.

At the London premiere of his new film, Valkyrie, Tom Cruise spoke of his appearance on the show and said: “I know a little bit about it and have done interviews with Jonathan Ross before when I’ve come here, so I’m looking forward to seeing him.”

Stephen Fry has been posting updates on his micro-blogging Twitter site about the crowds and attendance at the show recording today: “Big queue outside TVC already – including TV cameras interviewing the audience as they line up. Overkill? Of course not.”

Ross is also a fan of the micro-blogging website, and he has updated his followers on his suspension time off from the BBC. He is also going to present the BAFTA film awards, which will air on the 9th February.

UK actor and heart throb Daniel Craig – aka 007 – makes a rare chat show appearance when he visits the Ross sofa next month on BBC One show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.

Craig – who took up the big screen’s action hero mantle last year – became the sixth James Bond when he debuted in the role in Casino Royale, hailed by many as the best Bond of them all, and voted Sexiest Man On The Planet by his legions of fans.

Before he returns to more action in the next Bond movie, Craig stars in upcoming fantasy film The Golden Compass, released in the UK in December.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Friday 23 November 2007, 10.35pm, BBC One

Shilpa Shetty tells Jonathan Ross she’s not watching Big Brother now when she joins him for Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One tonight.

“I don’t watch it now, I’m too busy,” says the winner of this year’s now infamous Celebrity Big Brother. She also talks about how her experience changed her life.

“I wasn’t thinking,” she says about her decision to take part, “I hadn’t seen Big Brother. I’d never been through anything like that, I knew it would be a culture shock … they psyche you out before you go into the house, it was unnerving for me.

“It was a complete reality check, I’ve been really pampered, I’ve never had the opportunity to do stuff other normal girls do.

“There isn’t a second that I regret [because of] the sheer fact the show worked as a catalyst and brought about an awareness of racism … people didn’t know how to broach the issue … it was a complete mind game, inside [the house] we didn’t have an overall perspective.

“I didn’t take it too seriously, we had some really fun moments as well.”

Tonight’s guests also include former Blur bassist turned cheese farmer Alex James who reveals he wants to get back together with the band: “It’s been so good to have a break from each other, it’s what we all needed … I think we’ll try to record together again.”

He also explains why he left and has written about it in his autobiography Bit Of A Blur: “Writing a book about it made me realise how much I loved every minute [but] it gets boring after 15 years … it was curiously unsatisfying, you always want more no matter how much you succeed.”

And he talks about his new life: “It’s a common aspiration, to run away from the city … I’m so relieved to be married, it’s so much more simple now.”

The line-up also includes Hollywood heart throb Rob Lowe, about to star in Channel 4’s new US drama Brothers & Sisters, who explains his decision to leave The West Wing: “I finally got a great part which meant I could shine. I miss it, it was the part of a lifetime. I walked away because I wanted it to end for me at the height of its game.”

And there’s music from CSS performing live in the studio.

Next week’s show includes exclusive chat and music from Pete Doherty whose book Journals has just been published, and who will be performing live in the studio.

Jonathan Ross concludes the current season of his multi-award-winning BBC One show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross with a rare and exclusive interview with JK Rowling.

The one-woman publishing phenomenon and author of iconic literary creation Harry Potter appears on Friday 6 July at 10.35pm.

The seventh and final Harry Potter book – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – goes on sale in the English language worldwide on 21 July 2007.

Its predecessor, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, was the fastest-selling book ever, selling more than two million copies in the UK alone within 24 hours of its publication. The Harry Potter series has sold over 325 million copies worldwide.

Other guests for the show are to be announced.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross returns for a new series in September 2007.

A HotsauceTV/Open Mike production for BBC One.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Friday 6 July 2007, 10.35pm, BBC One

Everyone’s favourite rocker Ozzy Osbourne makes a welcome return visit to BBC One’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross tonight.

Ozzy reminisces about his podbike accident which happened just days after his last appearance on the show: “I can’t remember what happened, my heart stopped twice, the first thing I remember was seven days later – but I was only going at three miles an hour! I always used to say I’m going to die by the time I’m 40, I always thought something like that would happen to me.”

He also talks about the effect on his family of their TV fame: “Overnight they (Jack and Kelly) were celebrities and didn’t know how to handle it. [Now] Jack’s great, he goes round and lectures in schools, tells them his story, young people can relate to him.

“At the beginning [the TV show] was great fun but then it got really tiring. You’d get a creepy feeling there was a camera around you all the time even when there wasn’t.”

He also talks about the burglary at their Buckinghamshire mansion: “I sleepwalk a lot, I was naked, there was this guy bent down. I thought ‘am I dreaming?’ Like a fool I ran at him and then thought ‘now what’, so I just let him go, but then you go around checking everything 15 times.”

And on his 25-year marriage and his relationship with Sharon … and their 16 dogs: “Take them for walks? I’ve only just learnt to walk again! We have six dogs in bed with us … Minnie stayed by Sharon’s side for nine months when she had cancer … [now] they’ve replaced the kids.”

This week’s line–up also includes Freema Agyeman, aka Martha Jones, the Doctor’s new time–travelling companion in BBC One’s Doctor Who.

She talks about how she got the role: “I had a small part before, I got cyber–ised … when I got an audition I thought it was for Torchwood, they only told me it was Doctor Who just before the screen test.”

And how she felt about filling Billie Piper’s shoes: “She did a tremendous job, she was intrinsic to it, Rose hasn’t been forgotten.”

There’s also chat with The Friday Night Project host Justin Lee Collins, and there’s music from Ozzy performing I Just Can’t Stop from his album Black Rain.

The programme is a HotsauceTV/Open Mike production for BBC One.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.35 pm, Friday 25 May 2007, BBC One

Friday Night Fever – John Travolta dances with Ricky Gervais
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.40 pm, Friday 30 March 2007, BBC One

Hollywood superstar John Travolta flies himself in to re-live his Oscar-nominated success in the legendary Saturday Night Fever with Jonathan Ross on this week’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One.

After sharing the Ross sofa with Ricky Gervais on tonight’s show he’s offered a guest-starring role in Ricky’s final-ever episode of Extras, and says: “I’ll probably do anything Ricky Gervais says.”

And they bonded by sharing a disco moment, with John reprising his Seventies dance moves and Ricky revamping his equally iconic sequence from The Office.

Travolta, whose latest blockbuster Wild Hogs opens in the UK on 13 April, also talks about his love of flying: “I can live on my plane, I love acting first and flying just happens to be another passion for me.”

On how he wanted to be James Bond, he says: “I wanted to do James Bond but the new guy is awesome, the one I’ve liked the most since Sean Connery”.

On turning 50: “I didn’t go through a mid-life crisis but you start wondering how many summers you have left, it took me about a year to get over [being 50].”

And on Scientology, in particular its controversial stance on childbirth and the need for silence, he says: “I’ve been involved 32 years and it’s given me all the tools to survive in life that I need … usually a person like me has self-destructed … it’s pretty simple stuff, there’s a need to avoid ‘verbage’, it’s just better to be quiet.”

There’s also exclusive chat with Gareth Gates – “I was very very nervous about doing this” – in his first-ever talk show appearance.

The Pop Idol star talks to Jonathan about overcoming his stutter: “It was really hard growing up in school with a stammer, you go through stages of using different tricks [just] to get the words out. I sounded like Skippy the bush kangaroo … all my life having a stammer was very difficult, I was ridiculed and bullied.”

He also talks about the impact of Pop Idol on his life: “For the first time in my life it was a positive thing, it made me stand out from the crowd.”

On why his speech defect never affected his singing, he says: “You adopt a different persona, it’s like a show.”

And how he’s overcome it: “Breathing techniques, lots of breathing exercises, you achieve a certain level of fluency … three years ago I made a list of my goals speech-wise, and doing this show was top of the list.”

Gareth’s new single Changes is released on 9 April.

Ricky Gervais takes a break from his new sell-out nationwide tour, Fame, to make a return visit.

And there’s music from Grammy award-winning Macy Gray with a performance of her new single Finally Made Me Happy live in the studio.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross is a Hotsauce TV/Open Mike production for BBC One.

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