Frontline Battle Machines

Presenter and motoring journalist Mike Brewer joins forces with Discovery Channel for Frontline Battle Machines with Mike Brewer, an exclusive new show offering a unique insight into the life of soldiers and their machinery in the field of battle.  This eight part action-packed series gains unprecedented access to the front line in Afghanistan and premieres on Discovery Channel on 25 October at 10pm.

Driven by a passion for new technology and gadgetry, Brewer had read extensively about the equipment used by the British Forces in the field of battle. So he decided to explore the latest kit for himself by joining the soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan.

Embedded with the British Army in Afghanistan, Brewer and his production team reveal the incredible bravery of the British and American troops and the technology they rely on to keep them alive. In their fight against the Taliban, any situation can quickly become life-threatening, and the training and technology is essential to their survival.

Brewer’s unique perspective and unrivalled access creates a very personal and captivating journey as he and the team travel to the forward operational bases to test the latest machines of war. Across the series, viewers can see first hand how technology has transformed the modern battlefield as Brewer meets the men and women who operate the equipment under hostile conditions. And Brewer experiences first hand the extreme danger that the British Army face on a daily basis, travelling in a Chinook helicopter which comes under enemy attack – leaving the pilot wounded after being shot in the face.

Each show features three key items of equipment, including armoured troop carriers, fighter planes, helicopters, light tanks, machine guns and guided missiles. Brewer tests each machine or weapon on various stages of his incredible journey from Camp Bastion to the front line.

Combining fast-paced action with insight into modern warfare, Frontline Battle Machines with Mike Brewer explores the lives of the heroes on the front line and the equipment on which their lives depend.

TX: 25 October at 10pm, Discovery Channel

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