Gadget Show

Monday 14th December 8.00pm

The consumer technology show hosted by Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley, Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley continues. In this instalment, the presenters take a look back at the last ten years of technology, focusing on music, gaming, photography, computing and telecommunications.

This week’s special edition of ‘The Gadget Show’ looks back at ten years of technology. Along with celebrity guests Robson Green, Ian Wright and Danny Wallace, the presenters examine one of the most important decades in gadget history and reveal the best device of the 00s, as decided by viewers of the show

Suzi and Jason begin by exploring the evolution of mobile technology, starting with humble handsets like the Nokia 3310 and ending with multifunctional multimedia devices like the iPhone. Jason looks at how computers have become smaller, smarter and sexier, and examines how the internet has made the move from office desktop to pocket.

Elsewhere, Ortis reviews a decade in music technology, focusing on how cassettes and CDs have made way for MP3s. Can Apple’s iPod be held entirely responsible for this sea change? Jon casts his eye over ten years of digital photography, exploring how the success of the Nikon D1, the Canon IXUS series and Photoshop have turned Britain into a nation of top photographers.

Suzi then takes a look at how consumers have entertained themselves since the turn of the millennium, with a rundown of the most exciting developments in TV technology, games consoles, PVRs and video-on-demand devices. In each of these categories, the presenters will reveal which gadget the viewers have selected as their favourite, before the ultimate gadget of the decade is unveiled.


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