Game of Thrones

So it was revealed (not surprisingly) last week that Game of Thrones is the most-pirated TV show of the year. But which country is behind the majority of the pirating?

Statistics from TorrentFreak show that Australia tops the list of Game of Thrones downloads, with Aussies making up 10.1% of all downloads (based on one episode).

One of the reasons for this may be the international delay in screening, with Aussies having to wait a week between the US screening and their own.

In terms of cities, London takes the lead when it comes to Game of Thrones downloading, followed by Sydney and Melbourne in the second and third spots.

So what’s makes Game of Thrones so popular on BitTorrent sites?

The show is only available to HBO subscribers in the US, which means a large amount of Americans (which ranks second on the most downloads list) turn to torrents to get their Thrones fix.

In most other countries, such as Australia and the United Kingdom, the show is also only available for viewing on pay TV channels.

In some ways, it’s HBO’s fault for the high number of Game of Thrones downloads, due to the fast they are trying to keep the series “exclusive” (even Netflix was unable to buy the rights to the series).

Top 10 countries:

Australia 10.1%
United States 9.7%
Canada 7.7%
United Kingdom 7.6%
The Netherlands 4.4%
Norway 3.7%
Spain 3.2%
Poland 3.0%
Greece 2.8%
Philippines 2.7%

Top 10 cities:

London 3.0%
Sydney 3.0%
Melbourne 2.9%
Amsterdam 2.2%
Athens 2.2%
Perth 1.8%
Istanbul 1.6%
Brisbane 1.5%
Budapest 1.3%
Madrid 1.3%

Source: Torrentfreak

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