Gavin and Stacey

Macey and Strawbridge advance in MasterChef

Athlete Dean Macey and TV presenter Dick Strawbridge have advanced through from their heats in the latest series of Celebrity MasterChef. The pair impressed judges John Torode and Greg Wallace enough to put them through, beating out fellow contestants Marcus Patrick, Kim Mazelle and Jennie Bond.

Prescott joins The One Show

John Prescott’s wife Pauline has officially joined The One Show team as a regular reporter for the BBC One show. Prescott will front reports and features when the new-look show returns in August.

X Factor upgrade

Mentors on this year’s X Factor will select from eight acts rather than six during the Judges’ House phase of the competition. ITV has confirmed the change as well that upping of the limit for the boys’ and girls’ categories to the age of 28.

Gavin and Stacy actress developing Welsh-set series

Gavin and Stacey star Ruth Jones has joined the new Sky1 comedy series Stella. The show, which is being written by the actress, will be set in the Welsh countryside.

A Gavin and Stacey themed bus tour has been launched by Brit Movie Tours.

The Surrey tour company has designed a whopping 11-hour-long tour of locations used during the filming of the hit BBC series around Barry.

Included destinations on the trip will be the venue of Gwen’s barn dance, the amusement arcade where Nessa works, the Italian restaurant where Smithy discovers he’s the father of Nessa’s baby and a service station on the M4 where he stops on his Essex-Barry journeys.

The company’s director Lewis Swan told the South Wales Echo: “There’s an increasing interest among the British to see where their favourite programmes and films were made.

“Gavin & Stacey is one of those shows that really tugged at the heartstrings and it was done so naturalistically that it made the viewers feel like they actually knew these people.

“We only need 10 on board to make each trip viable, and we’ll keep putting it on provided we don’t start making a loss. I don’t think there’s any danger of that though – Gavin & Stacey has some pretty dedicated fans who aren’t going to be deterred by the 11-hour duration.”

He added: “We also encourage anyone who wants to to get dressed up as one of their favourite characters from the show.”

The 11-hour tour will set you back £65 but while on board back-to-back episodes of the show will be screened as well as singalongs from the series soundtrack.

Source: Digital Spy


There’s a lot of reasons to not like Gavin and Stacey (BBC One), which returned to our screens last night for the third and final series.

I mean, Horne and Corden can be irritating little berks (People in glass houses… – Ed.), the bloke who plays Gavin’s dad, can’t act for toffee when he’s in his Archie role in Eastenders and, most importantly, it’s a gentle sitcom. Who needs another one of those, right?

However, these irritations all melt away when you switch the show on leaving us with something that feels like a national treasure, despite its relative youth.

It seems that, already, Gavin and Stacey is ‘up there’ with The Office, Only Fools and Horses and Open All Hours. It’s a universally loved show that somehow manages to be more daft and simultaneously more real than most other things on the box.

The first in the final series last night didn’t do the reputation of the show any harm at all (as we all know, sometimes, a sitcom can go on for One Series Too Many).

While the eponymous and central characters are sweetness and fun… however… once again, the show was completely stolen by Rob Brydon’s ‘Bryn’. His fresh-outta-rehab born-again enthusiasm for life continually burps up belly laughs… and now, I’ve got the arresting image of him belting out “SOMETHING INSIDE SO STRONG!” in the middle of a christening.

There’s no doubt that this was a scene that worked all by itself without too much delving… however, that said, I think it’s the perfect encapsulation of what the show is all about: The uncomfortable and ridiculous earnestness spiking up through the mundane with a giggle on top.

You see, while last night’s episode might not have been fall-down funny, it was still a charming watch. The quarrells in the kitchen soundtracked by the yells of “does anyone want any toast?” and the hunched up car journeys… these are all the things that TV writers and producers tend to miss out when trying to recreate real life.

Ruth Jones and James Corden should be given a pat on the back for remembering the minutiae because, in essence, that’s what makes the show work so well. Every time I sit down to the show, I’m almost determined to not like it… yet somehow, it always gets the hooks in me.

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