Gayle Tuesday: The Comeback

10:00pm Monday, September 27 on LIVING

Britain’s favourite fictional Page 3 girl Gayle Tuesday makes a determined bid for celebrity fame on super soaraway Living this week in its first commissioned UK comedy show. The pilot of Gayle Tuesday: The Comeback is shot in a documentary style and follows the mayhem that Gayle leaves in her wake as she desperately attempts to break back onto TV via the reality show circuit.

Gayle is a busty Page 3 girl who could easily win gold for Britain at the dumb blonde Olympics and is the inspired creation of writer and comedian Brenda Gilhooly. The show is a brilliantly funny satire of celebrity culture that follows Gayle as she does all the things she thinks are necessary to make it as a tabloid favourite. After a round of botox and dubious charity work she manages to lie her way onto a cookery reality show. She also tries to make it onto Britain’s Next Top Model, but Elle Macpherson is not ready for Gayle’s level of glamour.

The show is a mix of scripted material and improvisation as Gayle appears on a number of TV shows and goes out to meet her public for real. A host of guest stars appear as themselves, such as Harry Hill (who helped write the show) Heston Blumenthal, Ainsley Harriott, Toyah Wilcox, Paul O’Grady and Louie Spence. The show is a sharp and extremely funny look at life as a z-list celebrity. It isn’t easy living the ‘Gayle Tuesday dream’ but it is highly entertaining watching this skilled pop at celebrities and the celebrity-obsessed culture that has created them.

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