Generation Sex

An exclusive online survey commissioned for FIVER’s hit series Generation Sex has exposed that 72% of over 18’s in the UK have used the internet to find ‘no strings’ sex, it was revealed today (MON).

The online survey uncovered that the newest generation of youngsters are using the latest methods of technology and communication such as the phone, video, text messaging and the internet to conduct their sexual relationships. The survey found that:

  • Nearly three quarters (74%) had indulged in phone sex
  • Over half (56%) had filmed themselves having sex
  • 85% sent dirty text messages
  • And a whopping 93% of boys watched porn on a regular basis.

The survey highlighted new liberal attitudes towards sex and group sex with nearly half of adults admitting to have had a threesome (48%) and a massive 82% would consider an invite to an orgy.

The survey also revealed attitudes towards new performance-enhancing drugs on the market and sexual preferences including voyeurism and exhibitionism.

  • 38% have secretly watched other people having sex
  • Almost a third (32%) have taken drugs to enhance sex
  • Almost half (48%) have someone who they regularly had ‘no strings’ sex with
  • 59% claim that size does not matter
  • Over half (52%) have gone commando
  • And 42% had a penchant for dressing up during sex.

Watch Generation Sex on Mondays at 10pm on FIVER.

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