Geordie Shore

Newcastle’s finest continue to party harder and get up to more mischief than ever before.

Following last week’s bust up between Vicki and Ricci over a spilt drink, not to mention the tears, tantrums and way too much tequila slamming, James, Jay and Gaz decide it’s time for Mexican wrestling – as you do when you’re in Cancun.

James has had enough of the Mexican wrestler – thinks he looks like a gimp and can’t take him seriously anymore. Then suddenly, during one last exercise, James falls to the ground screaming agony. Jay looks on in horror having just heard something go crunch in James’ leg whilst Gaz is still talking about pulling birds. James can’t bear to look and Jay won’t tell James how bad it is. James dislocated his knee and tears his ligaments – he gets carted off in an ambulance which means he’ll end up in a wheelchair for the rest of the series.

Geordie Shore has only aired one episode but it’s already been a hit with viewers and irritated Newcastle’s residents for portraying them in bad light.  Now the MTV reality show has been described by local MP Chi Onwurah as “bordering on pornographic.”

He added, “It’s exploiting those young people and exploiting our city. I’m going to be raising questions in Parliament because I think there should be a limit on how much alcohol a broadcaster can pour down the throats of young people to provoke sensational acts.  By putting those young people in this situation, it’s encouraging them to lose all their dignity. I think it’s totally unrepresentative of Newcastle.”

Chief executive of tourist agency Newcastle Gateshead Initiative Sarah Stewart added, “The fierce reaction to the programme demonstrates that people who live here feel very strongly about NewcastleGateshead and how it’s being portrayed.  Hopefully as the series continues there will be a more accurate representation of the area. It would be disappointing to see outdated stereotypes pervade.”

Geordie Shore has already become MTV’s (UK) highest rating hit in three years but also received 20 complaints dealt to Ofcom.

Tune in for more antics if you can bare it on Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

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