Ghosthunting With….

Saturday, 21 August 2010, 10:00PM – 12:00AM on ITV2

Ghost Hunting with Katie, Alex & Friends

For one night, Katie Price, and now husband Alex Reid, will delve into the dark abyss of the deep unknown in three truly horrifying UK locations.

Used to their lavish life of pampering, celebrity bashes and photoshoots, Katie and Alex are the couple who have it all, but could the irrepressible Katie Price have finally bitten of more than she can chew?

In the capable hands of famous ghost hunter Yvette Fielding, Katie and Alex will travel to hell and back in an attempt to reach through our mortal barrier and try to make contact with whoever or whatever lies on the other side.

Along with friends Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner and Katie’s brother Danny, what will happen when the famous couple are wrenched from their glamorous life and plunged headfirst into the deep, dark world of the paranormal investigation?

With guaranteed shocks, screaming and frights, Katie, Alex and their friends will spend the night on the sprawling estate Great Tew in deepest darkest rural Oxfordshire.

Before heading off on their ghost hunt, Katie says, “I want to be scared, I want to be so scared…I really want to see freaky things. I really want freaky things to happen…Weird things always happen to me!”

Alex adds, “I believe that paranormal activity does exist…For me to get something out of this, I’d need to see something, or feel something.”

“I’m a big guy, I do my martial arts,” adds Alex, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t get scared…I am intrigued as to how everyone will react, especially Katie.”

Talking about her best friend Gary doing the ghost hunt, Katie says: “Gary’s scared of everything, Gary’s scared of his own shadow and to get him to do this show…I didn’t think he’d even be here today!”

Gary adds, “God, you get me into some right things, Katie Price.”
Before heading off on their search, Katie concludes, “I feel like I’m going to be in a movie tonight and something is going to happen.”
Embarking on a journey into the netherworld, are Katie and Alex about to come face-to-face with shocking and unexplainable phenomenon?

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