Gillian’s Eat Yourself Sexy

Mondays From 1st March, 10.00pm

Diet dictator and expert nutritionist, Gillian McKeith, is about to prove that you can eat yourself sexy in just eight weeks, as she transforms the lives of thirteen overweight women. From the salad dodging, hefty housewife whose libido has gone South, to the frumpy, meat loving mother of four who never has time for herself, Gillian gets to work revealing the sexier women within, and helps them reclaim their long lost mojo once and for all.

With a healthy dose of tough love, Gillian introduces her protégés to a customised exercise regimen, and an all new diet of fresh and wholesome natural foods that are great for the waistline… and the budget. With practical tips and plenty of inspiration, follow these women as they go from saggy and stressed-out, to sexy and stunning in just eight weeks!

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