Girls Behind Bars

9:00pm Monday 22 October on BBC THREE

Stacey Dooley reveals some shocking faces of youth in America. Over three episodes, the fearless presenter meets young people taking extreme action to change their lives.

In this first episode, Stacey has unique access to young women behind bars at the only boot camp prison for girls in the United States. As more young women are being incarcerated than ever before, one prison in New York State is offering a different solution. Six months hard time here means a shorter sentence, but involves a military-style regime, where the girls’ heads are shaved and orders are barked at them, combined with therapy. Stacey gets to know the staff and young female inmates, including Cardie, a girl gang member and former drug dealer, and Brown, a young woman who committed robberies because she was bored.

Stacey also visits a medium-security prison to explore the alternative the girls would face if they did not opt for the prison boot camp. She meets Offley, a tough and intimidating woman who at the age of 25 has already served three prison sentences, including one for armed robbery, and Danielle D’Ambrosi, a young woman who tells Stacey how to survive inside and who, despite a background of abuse and chaos, is studying for a bachelor’s degree.

Ep 1/3

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