John Barrowman

John Barrowman, who snared his ideal role in hit US show Desperate Housewives, is set to win an even more perfect role – in Glee.

The singer and actor has recently expressed his wishes to star in the show as one of Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) gay fathers, has revealed that he has had talks with the producers in an unspecified role, “I met with their casting people and I said I’d love to be in it.  The ball’s in their court, though.”

Glee will return to US screens on September 21 and will air in the UK shortly after.  After the success of the Madonna themed episode, Glee will tackle the music of pop princess Britney Spears in their next season as well as a Rocky Horrow themed episode.

The Glee kids are set to unleash a Rocky Horror themed episode in the show’s second season creator Ryan Murphy has said.

Murphy dropped some details on the upcoming season which included the news an episode would be dedicated to the famed musical.

Murphy and his writing team are currently penning the episode which was at first only a suggestion by cast member Chris Colfer.

Further details to be announced include a whole episode focussing on Artie and Tina and their relationship as well as more tribute episodes.

A religion-themed episode will also take place focussing mainly on Mercedes while Murphy also confirmed that Kristin Chenoweth will return along with Idina Menzel.

Source: THR


Second model eliminated

Rachelle Harry has become the second contestant to depart the Britain’s Next Top Model house after disappointing the judges in this week’s photo shoot. The girls modelled jewellery for Links Of London for the shoot which saw Rachelle being branded “hard work” by the photographer. Guest judge Noemie Lenoir said that while her face was strong, Rachelle’s body let her down.

Don’t Stop Believing debuts to 1.4m

Five’s new headline reality show Don’t Stop Believing debuted on Sunday to an average of 1.4m viewers. The show, which is hosted by Spice Girl Emma Bunton took a 6.6% audience share in its timeslot of 7pm – 8.30pm on Five.

BBC apologise to Holmes over fat jokes

The BBC has apologised to Eamonn Holmes over jokes regarding his weight in a recent episode of The Impressions Show. Several sketches on the show featured digs at Holmes’ weight leading him to send a letter on complaint to the broadcaster who have since issued an apology.

The South Bank Show to return?

The South Bank Show Awards may be given a new second life if Lord Melvyn Bragg has his way. Sky Arts is looking to revive the show, whose rights are owned by Lord Bragg, after ITV cut it last year.


Cole to film Judges’ House in UK

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole will be present for the Judges’ Houses phase of the reality show in th UK this year. The singer, who is recovering from a bout of malaria, will film the portion of the show in the UK whereas in the past she has been based in the likes of Morocco and France.

Charice gets pre-Glee surgery

Teen singing sensation and newest member of the Glee cast Charice has reportedly had cosmetic surgery in preparation for her debut on the hit series’ second season. It is understood that the 18-year-old had work done on her face in order to “look fresh on camera”.

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has quashed any rumours that the cast of Glee will be appearing on the big screen.

Murphy said that there are no plans for a movie based on the series in the near future.

There has been talk surrounding the possibility of the movie after published news of a clause in the contracts of the cast that tied them in for at least 3 movies if needed.

“There will be no Glee movie in the foreseeable future,” Murphy said. “Despite overtures, I and the studio (Fox) have decided we want to put our energy into the second season with no distractions for the cast.”

Source: Guardian

It was rumoured and then denied last month that pop star Charice had landed a role on Glee but it seems the news all true now.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the Filipina singer has in fact signed on to appear in the second season of the musical series despite denying it last month.

The singer’s character will slot in as a foreign exchange student with mega-talent who will rival resident diva Rachel (Lea Michele) for the spotlight.

Charice was originally discovered on Youtube and has since released albums and made appearances on the likes of The Ellen Degeneres Show and Oprah.

Source: TV Squad


Justin Timberlake is reportedly being lined up to guest star in Glee.  According to the reports, he is being lined up to play the younger brother of singing coach Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) who he is thought to resemble.

A source claims, “There is more than a little resemblance between Justin and Matthew Morrison who plays Mr Schuester, so the plan to bring Justin in for a cameo as his younger brother is a very popular idea. They are just trying to work it all out at the moment.”

Matthew morrison

“The cast members are very excited about the prospect of working with him – especially Lea Michele, so it has everybody’s seal of approval. They just need to work it all out now. The idea is that he will be a substitute teacher and join the glee club for a week,” the insider added.

Brit Leona Lewis has also apparently landed a cameo spot on the show and was seen partying with the stars at London club Mahiki to celebrate.  Looks like Brits are in demand for Glee as Matt Lucas and Susan Boyle are also expected to appear.

Coldplay Love Glee

Coldplay have sensationally backtracked on their refusal to allow hit TV show Glee to use their music in their programme.

Chris Martin and co. originally declined when writer Ryan Murphy approached them for permission to use their catalogue of hits in the show however, having seen the huge success of the programme and its ability to rejuvinate eighties act Journey’s hit, Don’t Stop Believin’ as well as the huge success of the Madonna episode, they’ve clearly decided they were backing the wrong horse.

Murphy revealed that, “At the beginning, a lot of people didn’t know what we were and asked to see pages (in advance), but I refused because I didn’t want to set precedent of them having any involvement.”  Murphy was clearly taking delight in revealing Coldplay’s apology and revealed that they, “called a week ago and said, ‘We’re sorry, you can have our catalogue’.”

Murphy added that his favourite rejection comes from Canadian ‘rocker’ Bryan Adams who was also approached for permission to use his music but snubbed the show.  Come on Bryan, you haven’t done much lately, maybe you need a bit of the Glee magic?

Glee fans will now have a new medium with which to enjoy their favourite characters with news today that a book collection is set to drop later in the year.

Little Brown Books for Young Readers are publishing a series of five books based on the popular musical series.

The books will feature the original characters from the series with the first release, The Beginning, a prequel to the first season of Glee.

The first book will be hitting shelves in August.

Source: Digital Spy


Another guest role has been dished out on musical series Glee with news today Matt Lucas will appear next season.

The Little Britain star has landed the role of a “muddled” Brit teacher with who holds a secret love for musicals on the hugely popular show.

Lucas will fit in filming around his latest project with David Wiliams, Come Fly With Me for the BBC.

Source: The Sun


Glee’s season finale on Tuesday was the best rated season finale in the US, seen by a record 10.9 million viewers. 
Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has spoken out about several spoilers in the upcoming second season.  He revealed that fans can expect more musical tribute episodes in the vein of the very successful Madonna episode, new characters and a “major season finale.”

“We’re plotting the first 11 and we already know the first six of them and they’re really big fun, moving episodes… I think I’m gonna do two tribute episodes – one in the fall and one in the spring – and we’re figuring out who those artists are.”

What with Britney Spears’ manager floating interest in a Spears themed episode, maybe this will be one of them.

There will also be new characters introduced into the show and will include a boyfriend for Kurt, described as an “everyday dude” as well as arch-nemesis for Rachel in the form of a Christian country singer.

“When people hear we’re going to do that, they will expect that we’re making fun of her. We’re not. The show is about inclusiveness and about giving voices to a lot of people.”

Also revealing that season two will end with Nationals in New York, Murphy adds “I don’t know if they’ll make it – we haven’t figured that out.”

Glee’s UK finale will be screened this coming Monday on E4 at 9pm.

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