Gordon Behind Bars

9:00pm Tuesday, July 10 on C4

Gordon’s been at Brixton Prison for two months and it’s time his Bad Boy Bakery business started bringing in some proper money. The kitchen brigade is already two men down and facing the challenges from the prison system is beginning to take its toll on Gordon. So Gordon comes up with an easy-to-manufacture lemon treacle slice, aiming to get it into a major coffee shop chain and scale up production. He invites big players from the coffee shop industry to sample the goods. But will anyone be interested in his prison made product?

9:00pm Tuesday, June 26 on C4

Gordon Ramsay thinks it’s time Britain’s prisoners paid their way. There are 88,000 prisoners in the UK and it costs the taxpayer �38,000 to keep each of them locked up for a year. Gordon’s given himself six months to set up a successful food business behind bars. His aim: to get prisoners cooking food on the inside, to sell on the outside. First Gordon needs to pick 12 men for his Bad Boys Brigade business, but none of them can even scramble an egg.

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