Graham Norton

The New Year is meant to be a time of hope. It isn’t. It’s a time of fear and loathing. You fret about what you’re going to do to mark this annual timestamp and then realise that everyone you know will be in different parts of the country/world leaving you to make some dreadful decision, one that shows you to have ‘favourites’.

To avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, you stay in and hide under the coffee table smoking tabs, eating junk and desperately trying to get pissed whilst the TV shows irritating people who managed to organise something really cool, like a trip to Edinburgh with their fireworks and bon homie.

And you’re in your underpants, scowling and cursing the fact that you’ll start the new year with indigestion and a new found hatred for the rest of humanity, no-one moreso than yourself.

So with that, the BBC has made the whole prospect a million times better/more palatable/worse [delete as applicable] by choosing Graham Norton as the host of its 2009 New Year’s Eve show.

According to various reports, who quite frankly don’t deserve us linking to them as they don’t link to us when they steal our articles, the show will be pre-recorded in December in a bid to help the BBC secure decent guests.

Instead the usual, awkward live-studio set-up with people from regional newsrooms stood near local landmarks (and the local people puking on them), this year, we’ll get Norton doing something like his usual BBC One chatshow.

An insider is quoted as saying: “Landing the show is a coup for Graham, as it’s a plum slot – millions tune in. The idea is for it to be a little bit more family-focused as youngsters will also be watching.”


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