Grand Designs

9:00pm Wednesday, December 5 on C4

In the first ever series of Grand Designs, a younger Kevin McCloud witnessed as a ground-breaking co-operative of ten families built their own homes on the edge of Brighton. ‘The Hedgehogs’, as they were known, were made up of former travellers and those living in insecure accommodation. A decade later, Kevin returns to see if the houses, and the families that built them, have stood the test of time, and finds himself genuinely inspired by what the project has allowed a small community to achieve. Last edition in the current series.

9:00pm Wednesday, October 17 on C4

The 100th episode of Grand Designs is marked by a truly momentous project. Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce want to convert and extend a landmark 150-year-old, 100-foot-high water tower right in the heart of central London. Grade II listed, but utterly derelict, with six foot thick walls and crowned with a huge steel tank – it is an almighty task. As if this isn’t challenging enough, Graham and Leigh also plan to build two additional contemporary structures at the base: a new lift shaft connected to the tower by a series of glass tunnels, and a modern living space nicknamed the ‘Cube’. But a tight schedule and soaring budget make this a stress-laden build…

9:00pm Wednesday, October 10 on C4

Lysette and Nigel Offley want to build a dramatic new cutting-edge home by the RiverThames, smack bang in the middle of a community dominated by expensive traditional houses. It’s a battle not only against their indignant neighbours, but also the river itself. Their house will take inspiration from the river, with waves and curves, and a huge glass porthole of a roof-light. But they can’t find a contractor willing to tackle the difficulties of building over water; their architect unexpectedly leaves; and the costs come in much higher than anticipated. Can they still achieve their vision of a building that will change the architectural language of the river forever?

9:00pm Wednesday, September 19 on C4

University professors Celia and civil partner Diana want a state-of-the-art modern home to retire to. Not content with all the usual hurdles that involves, they’ve decided to pioneer an entirely new way of building and will construct the world’s first computer cut house. A shipping container will be based on the site, inside which a computer operated router will cut individual building blocks from timber with almost perfect accuracy. It’s the equivalent of a very large Lego kit. Celia and Diana are bravely acting as guinea pigs for a team of young industrial designers who came up with the system but have never built a house before…

9:00pm Wednesday, September 12 on C4

A brand new series kicks off with a Grand Design on an epic scale. This is the story of one man’s heroic attempt to fulfill his childhood dream and bring back from the ruins an incredible castle set in one of the most beautiful landscapes of southern Ireland. Sean Simons fell in love with the ruins of Cloontykilla Castle when he played there as a boy. Years later he bought it, with the idea of turning it into a spectacular, theatrical mock 16th century home. But would it prove to be a magnificent personal masterpiece, or a garish sub-Disneyesque disaster? After borrowing an eye-watering 1.2 million Euros, Sean launches into his project just as Ireland plunges into recession…

9:00pm Wednesday, October 20 on C4

When interior designer Kathryn Tyler decided she wanted her first home, she reckoned the best way to get herself onto the property ladder was to use her skills to design and build the house herself. Her original plan to erect a house on a tight hillside plot in her parents’ back garden in Falmouth were put on hold when Kathryn’s father died. Now Kathryn has revived her concept, designing a Scandinavian inspired eco house to fit this extremely limiting plot. But with someone so young and inexperienced surely it can’t all be plain sailing for Kathryn?

9:00pm Wednesday, September 29 on C4

Lucie Fairweather and Nat McBride return to their home town of Woodbridge, Suffolk, to build a brand new home for their young family. They plan to create a stunning but low-impact ecologically sensitive house, with brilliant architect Jerry Tate on board. Jerry was involved in the design of the Eden Project, and this is his first domestic building. However, before work even begins, Nat is diagnosed with cancer, and a few months later, dies. Eighteen months on, Lucie decides to go ahead and build the house herself, determined to build the home she and Nat had wanted, and creates a clever, beautiful, and affordable family home.

9:00pm Wednesday, September 15 on C4

This series’ innovative builds include an enormous underground urban pad; an attempt to build and occupy a factory-made kit house in just four weeks; and a conversion of two barns that takes a radical new direction when one is found to be a national treasure. Tonight, an architectural designer and his artist wife want to build own their own home on the Isle of Wight. They hope to turn their stone-clad bungalow into a creative structure that sensitively responds to its unspoilt woodland setting. But the planned extensions are huge, and no one is quite sure what this building will end up looking like.

Friday, November 13 on M4

Kevin McCloud meets Francis and Karen Shaw, who embark on a heroic battle to save a crumbling 14th-century castle in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. For architect Francis, it’s the opportunity to fulfil a childhood dream: making a castle his home. But when they do eventually get on site, it’s one step forward and two steps back as they have to contend with wall collapses, freezing Yorkshire weather and the threatened closure of the quarry supplying their stone…

Friday 24 April at 9:00pm on M4

In 2005, Jim Fairfull and his wife Simone set out to build a glass pavilion by a loch in Scotland. Jim was suffering from a stress-related disease and hoped living in a tranquil setting might cure him of his condition. But there’s nothing calm about the process of building; and with such a beautiful location, it was a challenge to find a design that would do it justice and appease local planners.

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