Grange Hill

6 February 2008

Grange Hill’s Zammo has finally grown up – he’s about to become a father.

Lee MacDonald, who played Zammo in the gritty kid’s show, told GMTV viewers his wife is months away from having a baby boy.

Celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Grange Hill this Friday, Lee revealed on LK Today the name of his baby: “I got married on the 10th September last year, and I’ve got a baby on the way which is due on May 22nd called Harry.”

Lee also admitted his current job owes much to having played the iconic role of Zammo, saying: “I present for Sky on a property show – and the only reason I got that, is the lady who runs it is a Grange Hill fan.”

At a launch for new and recurring dramas for CBBC today, it was announced the upcoming series of ‘Grange Hill’ would be the last.

Announcing the end of ‘Grange Hill’, Anne Gilchrist, Controller, CBBC, said: “Part of CBBC’s reputation for reflecting contemporary Britain back to UK children has been built upon Phil Redmond’s [‘Grange Hill’ creator] brilliantly realised idea and of course it’s sad to say goodbye to such a much loved institution. The lives of children have changed a great deal since ‘Grange Hill’ began and we owe it to our audience to reflect this.”

After 30 years on television, fans are distraught that a mainstay is being retired. What do you think?

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