Grey’s Anatomy

10:00pm Wednesday, January 12 on LIVING

The shocking massacre in the finale of the last series of Grey’s Anatomy continues to have lasting repercussions for the surgeons of Seattle Grace Hospital. As the seventh season of the emotionally charged medical drama continues on LIVING this week the surviving staff are still trying to come to terms with the tragedy, resume their tangled personal lives and get back to saving patients from life-threatening conditions.

All the surgeons have to attend trauma counselling before they are cleared to perform surgery, but the counsellor senses that Meredith is holding something back and is refusing to allow her to return to the operating theatre. Not revealing to Derek that she was pregnant and miscarried during the massacre is tearing her up, but her husband has been acting highly erratically since being shot and she wants to protect him. Other surgeons are also still banned from surgery, notably Alex, because he is strangely refusing to have the bullet in his chest removed.

Meanwhile, Cristina is also still waiting to be cleared to go back to work and is unsure about her quick fire marriage to Owen in the wake of the shooting. Her new husband advises her to go and get some blood on her hands and argues the chief into letting her help during an advanced heart operation. Halfway through the surgery, though, she has a panic attack and freezes. The physicians are working miracles every day in the hospital, but can they heal themselves from the terrible trauma of the massacre? Find out exclusively on LIVING.

Good news for fans of American comedy with word today that ABC in the US has renewed Modern Family, Cougar Town and The Middle for new seasons.

The multi Emmy award-winning Modern Family has been given a third season alongside thirds for both Cougar Town and The Middle.

Drama Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Private Practice have also been greenlit for new seasons, with and eighth confirmed for Grey’s and a fifth for Private Practice.

Castle will also return with a fourth season.

ABC is yet to commit to new seasons for Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters, with the latter given only a 50% chance of returning.

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10:00pm Wednesday, January 5 on LIVING

Emotionally charged medical drama returns to LIVING this week as award-winning show Grey’s Anatomy premieres its seventh series. Chronicling the adventures of Meredith Gray and her fellow doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital, the show has won legions of fans worldwide with its gripping depiction of dedicated physicians operating on life threatening conditions amid their tangled personal lives.

The last series ended with a shocking massacre as a deranged gunman ran rampage in the hospital, killing 11 people. The opening episode sees the surviving staff trying to come to terms with the tragedy and resume their lives. A doctor has been called in give trauma counselling to the physicians and assess whether they are ready to return to work. Meredith is frustrated because she has not been cleared to perform surgery yet. The counsellor correctly senses that Meredith is holding something back – the miscarriage during the massacre which she is keeping secret to protect Derek.

Meanwhile, Derek has recovered from being shot, but is acting erratically and resigns as Chief of Surgery. The mental anguish suffered by the physicians has unleashed dramatic changes among them. Marriages, secrets, breakdowns and breakups are just some of the responses generated by the terrible massacre. Find out how nothing will ever be the same again at Seattle Grace this week exclusively on LIVING.

Friday 6 August, 10:00pm on Five

The fourth season of the quirky medical drama following the staff at Seattle Grace concludes. In the second part of the season finale, Alex and Izzie continue to clash over Rebecca’s treatment, Derek and Meredith’s last test patient goes under the knife, and Andrew is finally released from the cement block. Alex rushes into the emergency room with Rebecca, who has cut her wrists with a kitchen knife (see the episode, ‘Freedom – Part 1’). Izzie has to intervene when Alex attempts to treat Rebecca without admitting her to the hospital or giving her a psychiatric evaluation. Knowing that Alex cannot care for Rebecca on his own, Izzie orders a consultation – by force, if necessary. Seeing this incident as an invasion of privacy, Alex is not happy. “Damn it, would you just leave us alone, you stupid bitch!” he spits at Izzie. However, once Rebecca is transferred to a secure psychiatric facility, a distraught Alex turns to Izzie for comfort, and makes it clear that he wants to spend the night with her. Will she spurn his advances? Elsewhere, Beth still wants to go through with Derek and Meredith’s experimental operation, despite having lost her boyfriend earlier in the day. However, her parents are against the idea. “We’re not gonna let you have the surgery ‘cos you wanna die with Jeremy,” her father explains. With Meredith’s help, Beth convinces her parents to agree to the surgery, as it is her only hope of survival. Shaken by the deaths of 12 patients in the trial, Derek is furious that Meredith wants to try again. He makes it clear that he wants to sever all ties with Meredith after this final operation. “I don’t want to work with you, I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to talk to you. We are done,” he says.

Friday 23 July, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky medical drama following the lives of the staff at Seattle Grace continues. In this episode, Meredith and Derek treat a patient whose sanity comes under scrutiny, Richard’s old mentor requests life-threatening treatment and Rebecca’s increasingly erratic behaviour causes conflict between Izzie and Alex. “The problem with being a resident is that you feel crazy the whole time,” Meredith announces as she considers her sanity. Her psychiatrist Dr Wyatt has her own opinion as to why Meredith is so miserable. “You quit – that’s what you know how to do,” says Wyatt. This thought is echoed by Derek, who is unsure that Meredith can cope with the continued failures of their medical trial. Meredith, however, is adamant that she has more fight in her than people think. “I’m not a quitter and I don’t need you to rescue me,” she tells Derek. The pair’s latest trial patient is Greta, who wants to wait for her boyfriend Andre to arrive before she undergoes her operation. She knows that the procedure could kill her, so wants to see him before the doctors do their work. However, Meredith and Derek are told by Greta’s sister that she has never seen any evidence of Andre’s existence and that she believes he is a figment of her lonely sister’s imagination, brought about by the effects of her brain tumour. “We can’t wait for Andre, ‘cos we would be waiting for a long time,” she tells the doctors. Believing that whether real or not, Andre provides hope and comfort to Greta, Derek decides to delay the operation by a few hours so as not to upset his patient. This bothers the icily level-headed Meredith, who elects to tell Greta that Andre does not exist, upsetting her greatly. During the operation, the doctors are amazed to discover that Andre is in fact real and has arrived at the hospital. Will Greta survive the operation and see her true love once more?

Friday 16 July, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky medical drama following the lives and loves of the staff at Seattle Grace continues. In this episode, Meredith and Derek examine their own relationship as they treat a gay soldier, an awkward love triangle develops between three members of staff, and Mark finds himself in hot water with the nurses. Meredith has another session with her hospitalappointed psychiatrist Dr Wyatt, and it appears that she is still not over her on-off romance with Dr Shepherd. “Every time Derek walks into the room, all I can think about is his tongue – in my mouth,” she says. This is a major concern for Meredith because she and Derek are about to perform a delicate operation and she cannot be distracted. The pair now have a fifth candidate for a cutting-edge brain tumour operation. All four previous test patients died during surgery, and Derek and Meredith are anxious that the surgery work in this instance. Derek and Meredith’s latest patient is Darren, a young soldier who arrives with his father. Soon after their arrival, Darren’s friend and fellow soldier Todd joins them, much to Darren’s surprise and discomfort. When the two army men have a moment alone, they share a passionate kiss, which is interrupted by Darren’s father. Enraged, he orders Todd to leave Darren’s bedside. Will Darren be able to stand up to his father and the prejudices of the military, or will he elect to deny that he and Todd are lovers? During Darren’s surgery, Derek and Meredith share an intimate moment, but Meredith has resolved to put the past firmly behind her. Derek is therefore shocked when, given the chance, Meredith spurns his subtle advances, and suggests that he go home with his new love interest, Rose. Derek acquiesces but is tortured by his remaining feelings for Meredith. “I slept with Rose. The whole time I was thinking about Meredith,” he confides to Mark.

Friday 9 July, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky drama following the lives and loves of the staff at Seattle Grace continues. In this episode, Derek’s ex-wife Addison returns to the hospital, Rebecca has some shocking news for Alex and the doctors are occupied by a complicated operation involving a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Addison Montgomery returns from Los Angeles and is greeted by her old friends Richard and Bailey. From the outset they both try to convince Addison to rejoin the staff, but she insists she has just come back to Seattle to perform an interesting and unusual operation. A pregnant woman’s unborn child has developed with its heart on the outside of its body, so Addison has been called in to assist the team. Alex is also on the surgery team, and the positive attitude of the pregnant woman’s husband starts to grate on him. “Something about the guy just makes me want to punch him out,” he tells the other doctors. After giving the husband a piece of his mind, Alex is sternly reprimanded by Bailey. “Right now you’re feeling a lot of your feelings out in the open. Do me a favour and stuff them back in,” Bailey warns. However, he is preoccupied when his lover Rebecca appears at the hospital and announces that she is pregnant. Will this news make Alex finally face up to his responsibilities? Elsewhere, Addison’s arrival ruffles the feathers of several members of staff, including Derek and his ongoing love interests Meredith and Rose. Furthermore, Addison’s observation on the nature of Callie’s seemingly intimate relationship with Erica causes Callie to become defensive. “I’m a huge, huge fan of penis,” she tells Addison. Callie then decides to prove her heterosexuality by sleeping with Mark, to Erica’s dismay. Is Callie denying her real feelings for the sake of appearances?

Friday 2 July, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky drama following the trials and tribulations of the doctors of a Seattle hospital continues its fourth series. In this episode, a surgical competition leads the residents to indulge in some unprofessional behaviour, and three patients are admitted to the hospital after a horrific bear attack. The residents all wake up in various rooms of the hospital, where they have been sleeping for the last two weeks. It transpires that they are nearing the end of a surgical competition, where varying amounts of points are awarded to the surgeon who performs different procedures. Bailey and Richard are both aware of the competition but are letting the residents fight it out for themselves as a rite of passage. “I’m not a zookeeper,” Bailey explains. As the residents eagerly await ambulance arrivals in the car park, Izzie treats Otis (Cheech Marin, ‘Nash Bridges’, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’), a patient with a sprained ankle. She hopes that his other mild symptoms all add up to a more complicated ailment that would qualify as a ‘medical mystery’, thereby giving her the necessary points to win the competition. She subjects Otis to a battery of tests, but cannot reach a definite diagnosis, much to the chagrin of level-headed George. “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras!” he mutters. Has Izzie been so eager for a complication that she has overlooked the obvious problem?

Friday 25 June, 10:00pm on Five

The quirky drama following the trials and tribulations of the doctors of a Seattle hospital continues its fourth series. In this episode, Bailey’s personal and professional lives collide after a terrible accident, Meredith and Derek’s relationship suffers a serious blow, and the presence of a faith healer in the hospital unsettles some of the staff. Erica and Alex prepare to operate on Mrs Archer, who needs urgent heart surgery. Upon entering her room, they discover that she is missing. She is eventually found in another room, placing her hands on a patient. Miraculously, the patient’s heartbeat stabilises as Mrs Archer collapses on the floor. As she recovers back in her bed, Mrs Archer exasperates the doctors by refusing to go ahead with her operation until she has a chance to heal her condition by unconventional means. Whilst waiting for the arrival of her ‘healing team’, several other patients on the ward are seemingly healed by the woman’s touch. Richard in particular is unsettled by Mrs Archer’s presence. “I can’t have a hospital full of sick people thinking there’s a miracle woman on the cardiac ward. It creates panic and hysteria, and frankly it’s bad for business,” he tells Bailey. It is decided that Alex should stay with the woman to persuade her to have the operation. Can Alex change his usually cynical attitude and save Mrs Archer’s life? Meanwhile, Bailey gets a shock when her husband Tucker bursts into the ER with their unconscious infant son. It transpires that the child was injured while trying to climb a book shelf. As Bailey and Tucker argue about who is to blame, the other doctors race to save the boy’s life. Bailey, in a hysterical state, bursts into the operating room where her son is being treated. Unwilling to operate on a child while his mother is in the room, Erica forces Bailey to leave. Bailey confronts Erica after the operation. “If I never have to look at you again, that would be all right by me,” she spits. Will her son pull through?

Friday 18 June, 10:00pm on Five

More drama from Seattle Grace. In this second instalment of a two-part special, the hospital staff continue to deal with the devastating effects of a multiple car accident. Lexie holds a patient’s life in her hands, Meredith rushes to save a paramedic trapped in an ambulance and Derek’s brain surgery is halted by malfunctioning equipment. Nick (Seth Green, ‘Family Guy’), whose tumour surgery left an exposed artery in his neck, is chatting to Lexie when the artery explodes, showering her in his blood. As she stems the bleeding with her hands, she has to act fast to save his life. Once his condition has stabilised, the wise-cracking Nick cannot help but make fun. “You look like Carrie at the prom,” he jokes to Lexie. However, after a stroke leaves the patient in a critical condition, Lexie must use all of her inner resources to stay professionally detached. Out in the car park, Meredith and Webber work furiously to save the life of paramedic Ray, who is still suspended upside down in the ambulance cab. His partner Stan has already died and the doctors fear that Ray will also perish if immediate action is not taken. The procedure involves using a very large syringe, and has to be precise. However, the sight of the instrument sends Ray into a panic. “That’s a very big needle,” he yelps at Meredith. Will she be able to soothe Ray enough to perform the tricky manoeuvre so he can finally be cut from the wreckage? Elsewhere in the hospital, Erica’s blunt approach with her colleagues and lack of bedside manner is beginning to grate on several people, particularly Mark. After he asks her an innocuous question, Erica accuses him of getting by on his good looks alone. “If you were homely, you would have lost your job a long time ago,” she scolds. Mark gets his own back as she chastises herself for missing an obvious problem during an operation. “You’re as unkind to yourself as you are to everyone else,” he observes. Izzie, studying under Erica, is at first reluctant to copy her abrasive style of patient care. “Do you want to be a surgeon, or a social worker?” Erica asks her.

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