Grey’s Anatomy

Friday 11 June, 10:00pm on Five

The Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. This week, Bailey’s professionalism is tested as she battles to save an injured paramedic harbouring a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Ava appears at Seattle Grace, and Lexie bonds with one of her patients. As the doctors rush to process patients brought in after a motorway pile-up, an ambulance delivering more victims veers out of control and collides with another ambulance parked outside the hospital. The driver, Mary, has suffered a seizure, and the devastating crash leaves the occupants of both vehicles in a critical condition. First into the hospital is paramedic Shane, who makes a strange request as Bailey helps him out of the ambulance. “I know this is going to sound weird, but do you think you could get me a guy doctor?” he asks. As Bailey attempts to treat the patient’s severe abdominal injuries, Shane continues to insist that he is seen by a man. Bailey, assuming her patient is shy, calls for Webber, but Shane again asks to be seen by someone else. “You mean you want a white doctor?” Webber asks in disbelief. “Someone will be here soon to save the master race from extinction,” Bailey informs her patient as Cristina makes her way to the theatre to take over. Cristina is astonished when she lifts up the paramedic’s shirt to reveal a huge swastika tattoo covering his stomach. “You’ve got to treat me like anyone else,” Shane warns the surgeon. “That’s the beauty of this country.” Meanwhile, paramedics Ray and Stan are trapped upside down in the cab of the ambulance, and the prognosis does not look good. Stan (Theo Rossi, ‘Sons of Anarchy’) begs Meredith to fetch his wife, who also works in the hospital, and Webber implores her to hurry. “The moment we move him he’s going to bleed out,” he says. “All the medicine in the world won’t save him.”

Grey’s Anatomy has promoted another character to a full-time role with news that Sarah Drew will become a regular next season.

Drew plays April on the show and will join the recently promoted Jesse Williams (Jackson) in beefed-up roles in season 7 of the medical drama.

The actress became a part of the show after the merger of Seattle Grace and Mercy West in which Williams, among others, also stepped onto the scene.

However April has not enjoyed as much appreciation from fans as Williams’ Jackson, with the neurotic, McDreamy-obsessed character not quite winning over long-time fans of the show.

Source: TV Squad

Friday 4 June, 10:00pm on Five

The Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. Bailey begins her first day as chief resident vowing to prevent personal dramas spilling over into the workplace. But when her old high school crush turns up in the ER, she finds her tough stance weakened. Elsewhere, a coach crash fills the hospital with students, and Thatcher Grey puts in an appearance. Following Bailey’s promotion over Callie to chief resident (see last week’s episode, ‘Physical Attraction… Chemical Reaction’), she decides to crack down on workplace dramas. “This will be a professional environment,” Bailey tells her fellow residents. “So your love lives, your hopes and dreams, the little joys and tragedies that make you who you are have no place in my hospital.” However, Bailey is forced to eat her words when someone from her past appears in the ER following a bus crash. She tells George that the patient, Marcus (DB Woodside, ’24’), is an old high school friend, but her flirting quickly makes it apparent that Bailey was infatuated with the strapping track star as a teenager. She confesses to George that, as a geeky student, she used to tutor him in her spare time. While Marcus appears outwardly unharmed, Erica detects a problem with his heart. When his condition quickly deteriorates, Bailey rips into Erica. “You should have taken the situation seriously,” Bailey says. “If you weren’t so busy flirting with the patient like a love-struck teenager, maybe you would have,” is Erica’s reply. As further victims of the bus crash flood in, Derek takes on the care of misfit teenager Danny. Danny is in need of urgent surgery after the force of the crash drove the pencil he was using through his eye. During the operation, Derek muses on the difficulties of teenage life for outsiders like his patient. “At least this kid’s life gets better after high school,” Derek says. “He deserves to see that.”

Friday 14 May, 10:00pm on Five

The Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. In this instalment, Halloween comes to Seattle Grace as Meredith and her colleagues deal with an unusual heart transplant case, a boy with no ears and a gruesome self-inflicted amputation. Elsewhere, Meredith tries to find an appropriate way to dispose of her mother’s ashes. Meredith awakes in the middle of the night from a nightmare about her mother. As she enters her kitchen, she finds a sleepless Izzie and Alex carving pumpkins. She then empties her mother’s ashes from the urn into a plastic bag. “Happy freakin’ Halloween!” says a shocked Alex. At the hospital in the morning, Callie conducts an informal meeting with the residents to gear up for another busy holiday, instructing Izzie to refrain from talking directly to her. When asked why, Callie publicly lets out their secret. “Because she’s been sleeping with my husband,” Callie candidly replies. With this information now known by everyone, George and Izzie have a tough day ahead of them. The Halloween holiday becomes even stranger when Miranda is given a patient with a rare body dysmorphic disorder. The man, James, believes that one of his feet does not belong to him and wants it immediately amputated. After a brief consultation with a psychiatrist, Miranda gives James some medication and sends him on his way. She then busies herself with her next patient – a man who severed a finger during a chainsaw pumpkin-carving competition. When the doctors notice that the patient’s chainsaw is missing and that there is a strange buzzing sound coming from behind the curtains, they burst in on James to find him sawing through his leg. It seems as though he will get the surgery he desires after all. The day’s events take a more tragic turn as Jack, a man in desperate need of a heart transplant, discovers that his daughter has been rendered brain-dead by a terrible Halloween prank. He then faces the agonising decision of whether to switch off her life-support machine. He decides that he will turn off the machine in order to donate her organs, but does not want a transplant for himself. “I can’t have my daughter’s heart beating inside of me. It would haunt me every day of my life,” he tells the doctors. George, whose own father recently died, convinces Jack that his daughter would have wanted him to live. As the surgery goes ahead, Erica Hahn returns to the hospital to help. Izzie and Cristina both battle to assist her with the operation. Erica, who knows of Cristina’s previous relationships with her surgery mentors, chooses Izzie whilst making her reasons very clear. “If you had the chops in the OR, you wouldn’t have to try to impress in the bedroom,” she tells an unusually tongue-tied Cristina. Their conflict comes to a head as Cristina confronts her after surgery. “I didn’t sleep my way to the top, I’m attracted to talent that resembles my own,” she spits. Has Cristina just made a powerful enemy? Elsewhere, Meredith is pondering how best to dispose of her mother’s ashes. While she does, she strives all day to get free surgery for Ryan, a boy born without ears. This involves calling in many favours and using her mother’s memory as leverage. Will she be able to give Ryan a chance at a normal life, whilst laying her mother’s memory to rest? Also this week, Alex gets an unexpected but all-too-brief visit from ex-patient and old flame Ava.

Friday 14 May, 10:00pm on Five

The Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. In this instalment, the doctors have a fight on their hands as they try to separate two warring brides-to-be, and are baffled when a parachutist plummets to the ground from 12,000 feet and remains unscathed. “A true surgeon never admits they need help, unless absolutely necessary,” Meredith says as she ruminates on her colleagues’ current predicaments. Callie and George are still reeling from their failed marriage, as is Richard, who is living in a trailer on Derek’s land while his divorce is finalised. Meredith then bemoans her inability to commit to Derek. “The more available he gets, the more I pull away,” she tells Cristina. At the hospital, two young brides-to-be are admitted with a variety of injuries sustained whilst fighting over a dirty, bloodied wedding dress. It transpires that they are both participants in a shop promotion – the woman who holds on to the dress for the longest wins the wedding of her dreams. Infuriated by their stubborn refusal to each let go of the dress in order to be treated, Callie decides to exact revenge on her philandering husband George. With the help of Mark, she humiliates George by making him hold the dress as a proxy while one of the brides, Jackie, undergoes shoulder surgery. However, Callie finds this act brings her no joy whatsoever. She is further annoyed when Jackie is still obsessed with the competition, even after her damaging injury. “Just let go already, just frickin’ let go!” she snaps at Jackie. Although this telling-off falls on deaf ears, Callie heeds her own advice, and decides to build bridges between George and herself. “I’m letting go. I have to let go,” she says. Meanwhile, the doctors are baffled when a skydiver, Rick, survives a 12,000-foot fall without a parachute – and suffers barely a scratch. Rick, however, is more concerned about recovering the video footage taken from his helmet after he crashed. Cristina and Meredith find and view the footage, discovering that in what he thought were his final moments, Rick proclaimed his secret love for his skydiving instructor, Sally. Meredith, who has had her own near-death experiences in the past, advises Rick to seize the day and tell Sally his true feelings for her. Simultaneously, Derek laments Meredith’s lack of emotional stability. “She won’t let me take care of her,” he complains to Cristina. ” I’mtaking care of her,” Cristina replies. Elsewhere, Erica ruffles some feathers on her first day as ‘the new Burke’. She accuses Richard of favouring his male staff over the females, and then performs a controversial heart operation. Erica also continues to alienate Cristina by favouring Izzie in all surgical procedures. Also this week, Lexie and Alex’s relationship blossoms when he takes her with him on his rounds. When events take a romantic turn, Alex takes her back to his room, where their passion is interrupted by a shocked Meredith. Lexie is equally surprised to find her half-sister in Alex’s house. “Please don’t tell me you live with Meredith Grey!” she cries. Has Lexie unwittingly complicated yet another aspect of Meredith’s personal life?

Friday 7 May, 10:00pm on Five

The Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. In this instalment, Richard has to treat his young cancer-stricken niece, and Callie’s personal woes infringe on her professional life. “However hard you try, however good your intentions, you’re going to make mistakes,” announces Meredith as she contemplates the human condition. It appears that Callie shares a similar outlook, as she is surprisingly lenient on George’s newly revealed infidelity with Izzie. “We took our vows, so I forgive you,” she tells him. George is then concerned that Callie will vent her anger on Izzie. At the hospital, George frantically searches for Izzie to warn her that Callie may be on the warpath. However, Callie finds her first. “Cafeteria. Noon. You and me. Be there,” she tells a nervous Izzie. As word spreads around the hospital about this apparent ultimatum, everybody gears up for a physical fight between the two women. Meanwhile, Richard’s cancer-stricken teenage niece Camille is admitted to the hospital. As the girl is unable to breathe, Izzie is forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy. When Camille’s condition stabilises, the doctors learn that her cancer is now widespread and she has little hope of survival. Camille surprises Richard by insisting that she wants to stop her treatment and be allowed to go home to die in peace. Richard’s childless wife Adele, who dotes on Camille, has other ideas. She wants him to convince Camille to undergo harsh treatment that has little hope of succeeding. This conflict between his family and professional life puts a fresh strain on Richard’s volatile relationship with Adele. Callie is also finding it difficult to separate her job from her love life. After she is left devastated by the embarrassment of her lunchtime showdown with Izzie, Callie must then treat a woman who is dangerously ill due to her boyfriend’s punishing diet and exercise regime. The strain is too much for Callie, and she launches into a tirade against the man. The outburst very nearly costs Callie her career, but Miranda steps in before the confrontation turns physical. Callie, however, is far from finished and has saved some harsh words for Izzie. “It’s not bad enough that you humiliate me by getting in bed with my husband, you have to humiliate me at work too! Don’t you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch,” she spits. Elsewhere, Meredith and the new bumbling intern Norman are involved in a major mix-up when they inform the wrong patient that she is dying. The woman then goes missing, leaving them with a lot of explaining to do – and possible disciplinary action. Meredith also plans to take a weekend break with Derek, but his blossoming friendship with Lexie complicates matters. Meredith’s paranoia that the two are talking about her leads Derek to re-evaluate their romance. Cristina is also resentful of Lexie’s newfound arrogance, and is disciplined for being too harsh on her intern. Will she be able to mature in order to become a better resident doctor and teacher?

The creator of medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is optimistic the show will keep rolling despite reports key members of the cast want out.

Shonda Rhimes has insisted the show has a future amid talk star Ellen Pompeo will leave following future seasons.

“In my head, Meredith Grey is staying forever,” she explained. “Ellen says, ‘I have two more years and I’m going to Italy’. But I also say, ‘Two more years and I’m going to Italy’. So I will cross that bridge when I come to it.”

TV Guide has reported that Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey, has said she wants to move on after two more seasons.

“For me, the show is very tied up in Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang [Sandra Oh]. If I can convince the originals we have left to stay forever, I will get down on my knees to do so.” Rhimes said.

There has also been talk that Meredith’s half sister Lexie could become the central character of the show.

Rhimes said in response:”It’s possible, but I don’t know that I think of it that way.”

Source: Digital Spy

Friday 30 April, 10:00pm on Five

The fourth season of the Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. In this instalment, Meredith and her colleagues have to face some uncomfortable home truths whilst treating a cancer patient and a man awakening from a coma. “The truth is hard, the truth is awkward, and very often, the truth hurts,” announces Meredith as she contemplates the nature of lying. As she and Derek finish an amorous rendezvous in a supplies cupboard, she reveals that she still has not told anybody that their relationship has started again. Despite this, Derek is hopeful that Meredith will want more than a casual relationship. However, Mark seems less optimistic. “You think she’s gonna grow up, become whole and want a relationship?” Mark asks, incredulously. Izzie and George are also struggling with their difficult relationship. George goes back on his promise to reveal the truth to Callie. After awaking from a year-long coma, Izzie’s elderly patient tells her that George will never come clean to his wife. The announcement throws Izzie into a tailspin, and George has to sternly take control of the spiralling situation. They tensely reach an agreement – George will tell Callie, but in his own time. Callie, who is hiding from her colleagues under the pretence of doing paperwork, has other ideas. Meanwhile, Richard and Mark discover that their jovial and verbose patient Connie has widespread cancer on her tongue. The standard surgery would severely limit her speech, so they elect to perform a cutting-edge but risky operation. Do they have their patient’s best interests at heart, or is their decision based on hubris brought on by old-age anxiety? Knowing that Connie may never talk again, George advises her to be honest with the friends at her bedside. However, the plan backfires when she unleashes some hurtful home truths, thereby alienating those closest to her. Once in the operating theatre, Richard and Mark realise that they have to stop halfway through the operation. “We’ve never done this before,” Mark announces in panicked embarrassment. There is then a frantic rush to find the one surgeon in the hospital that can help – Derek Shepherd. Will he be able to save Connie’s tongue in time? Meredith and her half-sister Lexie have their own drama to contend with. After quietly accepting Meredith’s icy demeanour and personal rebukes for weeks, Lexie finally erupts at her over the treatment of a DOA patient. This proves too much for Meredith, so she sends Lexie away to the clinical department. However, after hearing a different perspective on her family’s situation from Miranda, Meredith realises that she may have been too harsh on her younger sibling. Elsewhere, Alex is lumbered with Norman, a bumbling middle-aged intern. As he is older, Alex finds it difficult to reprimand his new ward. “It’d be like yelling at my grandpa,” he confides to Derek. However, Alex nearly misses a life-threatening ailment of a teenage patient due to Norman’s incompetence. With Derek busy, Alex has to perform drastic surgery on the teenager after receiving surgical directions. “Do exactly what I say, or that kid will be dead within the next ten minutes,” Derek tells Alex. Will Alex be able to save the boy’s life?

Friday 23 April, 10:00pm on Five

The fourth season of the Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues.

In this instalment, an explosion at a methamphetamine laboratory brings a number of drug addicts into the hospital, as the staff ponder their own weaknesses. “In the hospital, we see addiction all the time,” announces Meredith as she contemplates the nature of dependency. Although she and her colleagues are not addicts in the traditional sense, they are all hooked on a way of living that may not be good for them. George and Izzie have a risky latenight rendezvous that makes George re-evaluate his relationship with Callie. “I shouldn’t have gotten married,” he reveals to Izzie. He then decides to tell his wife that he is in love with somebody else.


At the hospital the next day, Cristina is still feeling the fallout from her cancelled engagement to Burke. As she hands out unused wedding presents in return for favours, she learns that Burke’s mother is waiting for her in the hospital lobby. As Burke’s ‘Mama’ is known to be a formidable woman, Cristina tries her best to avoid her. Meanwhile, an explosion at an apartment building brings in several burns patients, including a deeply concerned father with his young child. Alex’s suspicions are aroused by the father’s jittery nature, so he orders a tox screen on the toddler. Sure enough, the test comes back positive for methamphetamine, which the boy has been passively inhaling from his parents’ meth lab. Richard delegates responsibility for the handling of this delicate situation to Callie. However, when Alex confronts the infant’s father about his drug use, he is punched unconscious and the child is snatched. Callie is blamed for mishandling the case. “You better hope that baby shows up,” Richard warns her. Derek eventually finds the baby, who has had a stroke due to withdrawal symptoms. Both Alex and Callie feel the repercussions of their actions.

Meanwhile, George has a heart-to-heart with Mrs Burke, and draws parallels between his love life and Burke’s broken engagement. “Once you’re in, you’re in. Burke is smart – he didn’t make a mistake,” says George. “That’s no way to live. That’s no way to love,” counters Mrs Burke. As George and Izzie agonise over whether to tell Callie the truth about their feelings for each other, Callie has her own suspicions. “I think my husband is having an affair,” she confides in Mark. Will George be able to bring himself to tell her the truth? Elsewhere, Derek and Meredith have struck up their relationship again, albeit on a casual basis. Although this is difficult for Derek, Meredith insists that they do not get too close.

Meredith’s life is further complicated by the constant badgering of her halfsister, Lexie. “Please stop making it so hard not to know you,” Meredith tells her. As the day draws to a close, Cristina finally musters up the courage to talk to Mrs Burke in order to move on emotionally from her broken wedding. “Just remember that you’re a strong woman,” Mrs Burke says to comfort her. Is this kindness genuine, or are Mrs Burke’s motives more complex? “They say you don’t kick the habit until you’ve hit rock bottom – but how do you know when you’re there?” Meredith asks. Having chosen to ignore the feelings of both her half-sister and Derek, has she finally reached her nadir?

Friday 16 April 2010 at 10.00pm on Five

The fourth season of the Emmy Award-winning medical drama begins, following the trials and tribulations of Dr Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her colleagues at Seattle Grace Hospital. In the opening instalment, Meredith’s first day as a resident is complicated by a wounded deer in the car park, three casualties from a serious road accident and the arrival of her half-sister, Lexie.

“In the practice of medicine, change is inevitable,” announces Meredith as she contemplates life as a resident. Although the staff at Seattle Grace are all at a crossroads, most are still reeling from the life-altering changes of the past few months.

Fresh from being jilted at the altar by Burke, Cristina takes her frustrations out on her new interns. The law of the playground dominates as she sets out her five golden rules. “You don’t move until I tell you to,” she barks at her students. Ultimately, pushing the new doctors around brings her no pleasure, so she decides to find Burke and set the record straight about their failed relationship.

Izzie is still pining after George, who is now an intern again after failing his exams. Recently promoted to chief resident, George’s wife Callie is finding her husband distant, but is herself distracted by her ongoing power struggle with Miranda. Callie is also worried by the lack of respect she inspires in her team – a concern she shares with Izzie, who is having similar problems with her interns. Izzie is deeply hurt when she overhears one of them say, “I heard she freaked out and killed a guy!”

Meanwhile, Meredith and Derek are in the midst of another break-up – a situation compounded by the arrival of Meredith’s half-sister, Lexie Grey, who has registered to become an intern at the hospital. It emerges that Lexie and Derek once had a chance encounter at a bar – the significance of which is not lost on Meredith.

The doctors have little time to deal with their personal issues, as the ER is thrown into confusion by a three-car road accident. A pregnant woman is admitted with a severed arm, triggering a rush to find the limb and reattach it. Cristina’s ‘DOA’ miraculously comes back to life, while Callie and Alex squabble over the care of a patient who has an insatiable appetite. Meanwhile, Izzie tries to keep her gossiping interns in line whilst operating on an injured deer in the car park. “Why am I the one left taking care of Bambi?” she asks.

Amidst the chaos, Cristina is devastated to learn that Burke has resigned from his position at the hospital and disappeared without saying goodbye. Meredith, meanwhile, draws parallels between her own love life and that of the pregnant patient. “It is better to be a success on your own, than being in a relationship and feeling like a failure the whole time,” she reflects.

Izzie corners George in a stairwell and confronts him about his feelings for her. Why has he been silent since she told him she loved him? Once again he avoids the issue. Feeling very sorry for himself, George talks to Lexie, who puts things into perspective for him. “You’re kinda awesome,” he tells her. “I know,” the upfront Lexie replies. She then helps George gain the adoration of his fellow interns, further boosting his confidence. “We either adapt to change, or get left behind,” Meredith observes. With both Lexie and Derek vying for her attention, who will Meredith choose? And will George confront his feelings for Izzie, at the risk of jeopardising his marriage to Callie?


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