Grey’s Anatomy

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning medical drama continues, following the trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. In this week’s episode, Meredith’s mother awakens from her Alzheimer’s; half of the doctors are laid low when they come into contact with a potent toxin; and Miranda and Izzie open their free clinic – but where are all the patients?

When Meredith is summoned to her mother’s bedside, she is shocked to learn that the impossible has happened. Ellis has woken up from her Alzheimer’s and is back to her old self. The problem is, she has no recollection of the previous five years. Not only does she have no idea she suffers from the disease, she cannot even remember her own daughter going to med school. It is up to Meredith to fill her in on what she has missed.

During their heart-to-heart, Meredith tells her mother how happy she is to have found love with Derek. But instead of being pleased, Ellis is furious. “The Meredith I knew was a force of nature,” she seethes, unable to tolerate her daughter’s softer side. Warning Meredith not to let a man distract her from her career goals, Ellis accuses her daughter of having become too “ordinary”. Although Ellis appears to have all her faculties, Meredith is informed that her recovery is only temporary. So when Ellis needs an urgent heart operation, it is up to Meredith to decide whether she should undergo surgery.

Elsewhere, the hospital is on red alert when several staff come down with a mysterious illness after being in contact with a cancer patient. It becomes clear that the patient, Marina, has toxic blood, and the surgeons who are operating on her must abandon their posts immediately. To Addison’s horror, Marina is left open on the operating table. While Derek and Burke don protective suits, precious minutes are ticking by and the anaesthetic is wearing off.

When Marina begins to choke on her intubation tube, Addison cannot stand to see her suffer any longer and races into the quarantine zone. In doing so, she exposes herself to the mysterious toxin. Meanwhile, Derek and Burke have finished suiting up and must complete Marina’s surgery. But the air in their oxygen tanks is draining rapidly and before long both men are struggling to complete the task at hand.

Over at the Denny Duqette Memorial Clinic, there is a lot less activity. In fact, the only patients are the medics who have been exposed to Marina’s toxic blood. Having funded the clinic with her multimillion-dollar inheritance, Izzie despairs at the slow start. While she waits impatiently for “the underserved, uninsured population that we’re supposed to be helping”, Miranda assures her that they will come. But a dubious Izzie flouts the rules and takes to the emergency room to drum up some business.

Also this week, George and Callie announce to their bemused friends that they got hitched in Vegas. While Alex observes that George’s wife is “Callie O’Malley”, Izzie admonishes her best friend for marrying the “rebound girl”. In a romantic encounter of their own, Webber and Ellis speculate on what might have been if they had stayed together. And Cristina refuses to wear her engagement ring – but does this mean she has turned Burke down flat?

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning medical drama continues, following the trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. In this week’s episode, George struggles to come to terms with his father’s death; Izzie cares for a patient with a mysterious background; and Webber makes a big announcement.

After the death of George’s father, Izzie prepares herself to offer support to her grieving best friend. But she finds out from Callie that George is doing surprisingly well. In fact, he has developed a voracious sexual appetite seemingly overnight – so much so that he is wearing Callie out. Convinced that this is no way to mourn a loss, Izzie voices her concern to George. “The last I heard, perpetual sex is not one of the five stages of grief,” she points out. “But denial is.” Despite Izzie’s insistence that he focus on the enormity of what has happened, George does not see any issue with his way of coping. But death and disease is around him every day at the hospital, so how long will it be until George is forced to face reality?

Meanwhile, Izzie turns her attention to Jilly, a young woman who has come in for a pelvic exam. With her best friend Rachel shadowing Jilly’s every move, it seems that the two come as a package. Indeed, Jilly tells Izzie that the pair made a promise to stick together “cradle to grave”. As soon as Izzie begins the pelvic exam, she spots a tumour that is big enough to see with the naked eye. If the tumour is malignant, it could be lifethreatening, so Izzie advises Jilly to contact her parents. Rachel intervenes, saying that both of the girls left home together and would never go back. But with Jilly in desperate need of an operation, there is no time to argue.

In theatre, Addison and Miranda discover that the cancer has progressed to an extremely advanced stage. Jilly needs chemotherapy and may not pull through. When a bewildered Amish couple arrive at the hospital shortly afterwards asking for Jilly, it becomes obvious that the friends have fled the community in which they were raised. After Izzie learns that Jilly has the chance to return home to convalesce, she encourages her to take the step. But Rachel has been shunned forever and will never be allowed to return to her community – leaving Jilly with a painful choice to make.

Elsewhere, Webber has also made a dramatic decision. He confirms that the rumours are true – he will step down as chief of surgery. His retirement results in a mad scramble to win his favour for a promotion. Addison, Burke, Mark and Derek all vie for his attention. However, their enthusiasm backfires when Webber expresses his disgust: “A man can’t be happy he’s retiring round here – not with you vultures trying to pick my bones.” It emerges that the chief has already earmarked another of the doctors as the perfect candidate. The only problem is, it may be a few years until that person can step up to the plate.

Also this week, Cristina and Burke break their wall of silence to discuss the future. Derek loses his temper over Meredith’s loose lips. Miranda asks Webber for permission to start a free clinic. Izzie decides how to spend her millions. Cristina and Callie earn one another’s respect. And George sees Callie in a new light.

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning medical drama continues, following the trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. In this week’s episode, George anxiously awaits the outcome of his father’s surgery; Addison continues to struggle with the ghosts of her affair with Mark; and Bailey is unimpressed by Izzie’s generosity.

After his second operation, Mr O’Malley’s restored kidney function was cause for celebration at the hospital. But George is quickly brought back down to earth when his father begins to experience trouble breathing. Bailey warns the family that the seemingly minor procedure to re-intubate Mr O’Malley is actually very risky because of the trauma his oesophagus has already undergone.

Bailey advises the O’Malleys to steel themselves, but she appears to be letting her own nerves get the better of her as she prepares to operate. George knows his father’s already weak and diseased body cannot take much more, so he asks Burke about his chances. “I don’t have any statistics. I don’t have any more medicine for you. Now it’s about faith,” Burke says.

Reading between the lines, George can see that the surgery may have done more harm than good. He confronts Bailey and Webber and demands to know the truth – did Mr O’Malley insist they operate despite medical advice? Enraged, George attacks the doctors.“He didn’t know any better!” he shouts. “You knew better!”

Addison is also having an emotional week. While on a coffee break with Callie, she confesses that she aborted Mark’s baby eight months ago and is depressed because she is now alone and childless. The significance of the timing is not lost on Mark, who admits to Addison that he wishes she had kept the baby. Addison calls his bluff, saying, “You didn’t want to raise a child, Mark. You wanted to trump Derek. You wanted to win.” Addison hammers the final nail into the coffin by adding that she does want to have a child – but with Derek, not Mark. The week is made all the more difficult for Addison when she is required to care for a premature baby that she and Alex delivered together.

Elsewhere, Izzie has finally cashed her hefty inheritance cheque and used some of the money to pay for her patient Heather’s spine operation. Bailey is furious and, as punishment, refuses to let Izzie scrub in on the procedure. “This is lovely and generous, and I’m not trying to take away from any of that. But once again you are overly involved,” she says. Bailey then gives Izzie an ultimatum – if she is to succeed as a surgeon, she must not get emotionally attached to her patients any longer.

Also this week, George’s family ask him to make a painful decision. There is a glimmer of hope for George and Callie’s relationship. Meredith keeps Derek awake at night – for all the wrong reasons. Will Cristina keep giving Burke the cold shoulder? And Addison sees Alex in a new light.

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning medical drama continues, following the trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. In this week’s episode, George’s father prepares to undergo his second operation; Izzie bonds with an angry teenage patient; and Alex returns to obstetrics.

It is another difficult week for George, who is counting down the days before his father undergoes massive cancer surgery. The cardiac procedure on Mr O’Malley went well, which prompts his overjoyed family to organise a bedside celebration for him – but the patient is by no means out of the woods. The surgeons will not know what his future holds until they begin the procedure and see how far the cancer has spread: if it has progressed too far, they will have to call a halt to the treatment.

When Mr O’Malley is told about his potentially bleak prognosis, he begs Webber to continue with the surgery even if things look bad. “I can survive this,” he insists. “I know I can. O’Malleys – we’re fighters!” Webber tries to protest, telling him that he is bound to act in the best interests of the patient, but Mr O’Malley will not accept that. “Closing me up and sending me home to die is not what’s best for me,” he says. “Not medically, or any other way.” Will Webber stick to his guns, or will he agree to Mr O’Malley’s request?

Izzie is also dealing with a difficult patient: 17-year-old Heather, who has VATER syndrome – an association of birth defects – with such severe scoliosis that she is almost bent double. Heather is in for two procedures: one to relieve pressure on her lungs, and another to remove kidney stones. When Izzie tells Heather that the operations should improve her quality of life, the bitter young patient replies frostily: “I don’t think doctors should make promises they can’t keep.”

Despite a rocky start, Izzie and Heather eventually bond. When Izzie tells Heather about her problems following Denny’s death, the teenager grows to like her doctor. “So much for my theory that life doesn’t suck for pretty people,” she concedes, apologising for her previous spikiness. Things seem to be improving for Heather when Callie convinces Derek to agree to a risky operation that could improve her life immeasurably. “Are you messing with me?” asks Heather suspiciously when Derek tells her he could make her walk upright. “It’s not nice to mock crippled kids.” However, when Heather’s insurance company puts up a fuss due to the experimental nature of the surgery, it looks like her future may be bleak.

Elsewhere, Alex finds himself working with Addison again after incurring Mark’s wrath by fetching him the wrong coffee. Exasperated, Mark tells Alex that he can go back to the “squishy and pink” world of obstetrics – he clearly is not cut out for plastic surgery. Alex is not bothered, especially when Addison welcomes back her former sidekick by telling him that she has an “amazing surgery” lined up on which he can scrub in. Has the world of plastics finally lost its appeal for the cocky young intern?

Also this week, Meredith finds it hard to deal with seeing her estranged father around the hospital. Webber encourages her to break the ice, but is she really ready for this step? Izzie makes a momentous decision regarding the $8.7million that she inherited from Denny. Cristina and Burke refuse to speak to one another following Burke’s surgery. Addison and Alex surprise each other. And the doctors are in for a big shock when Mr O’Malley’s operation finally gets underway.

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning medical drama continues, following the trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. In this week’s episode, Bailey is stunned at Webber’s reaction to the Burke situation; George’s father goes into surgery; a pair of adult conjoined twins want to be separated; and Meredith’s half-sister, Molly, returns to the hospital for an emergency C-section.

Seattle Grace is a very tense place to be this week. After Cristina went to Webber and told him the truth about Burke’s condition, Bailey is outraged to learn that the chief does not plan to formally punish either doctor. Webber points out that neither has done anything illegal, and that no patients died because of their actions – but his reasons for keeping Burke on his staff may be down to more than just altruism. “That hand is worth $2million,” he reminds Burke. “I want it fixed. I want it fixed yesterday. Now figure it out!”

Burke is not happy with the idea of having more surgery, especially if Derek is the one wielding the scalpel. “I can do this,” insists Derek, assuring his friend that the procedure required is quite straightforward. “That’s what you said last time,” replies Burke, coldly. “Now I have a tremor.”

Burke’s lack of confidence deeply affects Derek, especially when he learns that a major, risky operation has been scheduled. Conjoined twins Jake and Pete have spent their whole lives attached at the base of their spines, and are now hoping that they can be separated. The twins’ decision to have the surgery, which could paralyse or even kill them, is down to the fact that Jake has a girlfriend and is desperate to be alone with her. Worried that the surgery is too dangerous, Derek is reluctant to proceed with it – until Bailey’s encouragement restores his confidence.

Elsewhere, Meredith is faced with a difficult situation when she learns that her half-sister, Molly, has been brought in for an emergency Caesarian. Molly does not know that Meredith is related to her – a fact that the emotionally vulnerable doctor is happy to keep under wraps. The baby girl is not breathing, so Addison rushes her to surgery and tells Meredith to keep the traumatised new mother apprised of the situation. However, Meredith finds dealing with her stepfamily much more difficult than she had anticipated – especially when Molly’s mother tries to bond with her.

Family is also on George’s mind this week, as he continues to deal with the fact that his father is about to undergo heart surgery. Mr O’Malley has picked up on the tension that his son is radiating, and eventually confronts him about it. Why is he so angry at everyone, including Callie, his immature brothers and Burke? “That’s a long list of people to be mad at,” he tells his son. “Especially when the person you’re really angry at is me.” Suddenly, Mr O’Malley’s condition takes a turn for the worse – and the cardiac surgeon who answers the nurse’s page is Burke. Will George be able to put his father’s fate in Burke’s hands?

Elsewhere, Izzie stands up for herself when she is assigned to work with the demanding Mark Sloan. “I am your attending,” Mark tells her. “And if you want in on my surgeries, you are gonna learn to fetch, and stay, and heel.” Izzie eventually accedes to his demands, but tells him that he will have to change his ways if he wants to earn her respect. Everyone is stunned when he later invites her to scrub in on the twins’ operation – could there be a chance that the arrogant Dr Sloan actually took some advice?

Also this week, Meredith implores the other interns to give Cristina a break. The twins’ case takes a surprising turn. Bailey confides in Webber. And Meredith and her mother finally have a breakthrough.

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning medical drama continues, following the trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. In this week’s episode, a multiple trauma causes the tension between Burke and Cristina to come to a head. How much longer can Burke’s secret remain hidden?

Since returning to work after being shot, Burke is back to normal as far as everybody is concerned: Derek has cleared him for surgery, and none of his procedures have had any complications. But Cristina is buckling under the pressure of being the only one to know the truth – Burke’s occasional hand tremor means that something could go wrong at any time. However, with George’s growing suspicion that something is not right, Cristina is aware that it is only a matter of time before he tells the chief. “We need a strategy,” she tells Burke urgently. “We need to figure out our story and come up with a plan.”

However, there is no time for that – the ER has just been flooded with patients requiring surgery after a car ploughed into a market. One victim is Janelle, a young market worker who fell through a glass window and is covered in blood. She is also pregnant, and an X-ray reveals that a shard of glass has pierced her heart. The driver of the car, Mr Dickinson, needs to be taken to the operating theatre as well, urgently requiring thoracic treatment and neurosurgery.

Also scheduled for an operation is George’s father, who needs a valve replaced in his heart before he can undergo the surgery he needs for his cancer. Burke is due to perform the cardiac procedure, but George’s concerns about the surgeon’s hand prompt him to request that he is replaced by Dr Erica Hahn, an old rival of Burke’s. Cristina is frantic when she hears about this development, and is convinced that it means George has told all to the chief.

Izzie, meanwhile, is still on probation and has been assigned to prep George’s father for surgery. She is surprised to hear that Dr Hahn will now be operating and, when the O’Malleys ask about her, she opines that Burke is a superior surgeon. This has the effect of making the worried O’Malleys request that Burke is reinstated, much to George’s dismay. “Did Dr Stevens tell you that she is on probation because the last time she was allowed to interact with a patient someone died?” he asks his bewildered parents.

Elsewhere, Burke is alarmed to learn that Chief Webber urgently wants to see him. However, when he goes to speak to the chief, the outcome is not what he expected. Instead of being told that George has exposed his secret, Burke learns that the chief wants Hahn to take over as head of cardiothoracic surgery – and Burke to become the new chief when Webber retires. Cristina is relieved when she finds out, as it means their secret is safe. “Nobody has to know,” she tells him. “I’ll know,” replies Burke. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted this? My entire career. And when I finally get it, there’s blood on it.” Will his conscience let him accept the job?

Also this week, Alex surprises Addison when he displays an uncharacteristically sensitive side to his personality. George tells Callie that he knows she slept with Mark, which results in Callie attacking Meredith in the locker room. And a double crisis in surgery prompts Cristina to make a heartbreaking decision.

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning
medical drama continues, following the
trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen
Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace
Hospital. In this week’s episode, George wants
Burke to perform his father’s heart surgery; Bailey
and Meredith work on a five-year-old who was hit
by her nanny’s car; and Alex surprises Izzie.
In the spirit of starting afresh, Derek and Meredith
are both determined to be “bright and shiny” from
now on. “The sheer intensity of my happiness is
gonna make your teeth hurt,” announces
Meredith cheerily – but her mood soon changes
when Izzie tells her that George’s father has been
admitted. Mr O’Malley has broken his clavicle, but
also needs an endoscopy to find out why he is
having abdominal pains. George wants to help, but Bailey refuses to let him as the doctors are not allowed to treat family members. However, she does let George pick the intern who will be working on his father, so he chooses Cristina after watching her perform an extremely advanced procedure under Burke’s watchful eye.
When Mr O’Malley’s test results come back, there is bad news: he has cancer of the oesophagus and stomach and requires surgery. Even worse, he needs a valve-replacement operation on his heart before the cancer treatment can go ahead. George immediately knows who he wants to perform the valve replacement: Burke. “It’s Preston Burke,” he says. “If someone’s gonna cut your dad’s heart apart, you want it to be him.” But Cristina’s worried reaction to his decision has George concerned… what is she not telling him?
Elsewhere, Meredith is assisting Bailey on the case of a five-year-old girl who was brought in after being hit by her nanny’s SUV. Mia’s parents are furious with Anna, the nanny, and launch into a full-scale row as the doctors attempt to work on the little girl. “It’s the car’s fault,” snaps Bailey in exasperation. “SUVs have a blind spot the size of Jupiter. And yelling and fighting is not gonna help your child.” It soon becomes apparent that Anna is more of a maternal figure to Mia than the careerdriven mother, who is so upset that she fires the nanny. Meredith ends up putting her foot in it when she rants about the situation to Bailey – forgetting that her superior also has a young child at home…
Izzie and Alex, meanwhile, are working with Mark Sloan on the case of Frank, a man who had pectoral implants to impress his girlfriend. Mark assigns them the task of monitoring the patient, but Izzie is reminded of the terms of her probation – she is only meant to be shadowing Alex, and is not allowed to touch or speak to the patients or contribute in any way. As Alex chats to Frank, who seems to enjoy talking about himself in the third person, the patient explains that he is willing to do anything it takes to keep his woman happy – even plastic surgery. Frank tells Alex that he hasnoticed something between the two interns, and says that maybe he should take drastic action if he wants anything to happen with Izzie: “Be like Frank. Figure out what you want and make it happen.” But if Alex does act on his feelings, how will the still-fragile Izzie react?
Also this week, Chief Webber realises that his frequent visits to his old flame, Meredith’s mother Ellis, are preventing him from patching his marriage back together. Bailey overhears George accusing Cristina of hiding the truth about Burke. And Addison tries to put the past behind her.

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning
medical drama continues, following the
trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen
Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace
Hospital. In this week’s episode, a camping trip
ends in a fight between George and Alex; Callie
and Addison bond over a particularly distressing
case; Cristina pays for the secret she is keeping
from Bailey; and Meredith assists Mark on a
difficult operation.
Derek and Burke are off camping this week, and
are looking forward to getting out of the city and
becoming ‘mountain men’ for a few days.
However, Derek is perplexed to discover that the
quiet getaway he had planned has snowballed –
Webber, Alex, George and even Joe the barman,
with his partner Walter, are now coming along too.
The women left behind are not sure how the trip is
going to pan out, with Cristina particularly
apprehensive about Burke’s chances of success in the wilderness. “Prestons do not go into the woods,” she says. “A guy named Preston is gonna get his ass kicked by a squirrel.”
After setting up camp, the men try their hand at fishing. While Webber and Joe talk about their loved ones, George tells Alex that he wants to make a go of it with Callie when he gets back.
Alex, who overheard Callie saying that she slept with Mark, tries to dissuade George from this course of action – and when he finally tells George why, the two end up fighting in a clearing with their bemused colleagues looking on.
Back at the hospital, Mark has recruited Meredith to work with him on a gender reassignment surgery. Donna, previously known as Daniel, is in for the long-awaited operation that will complete her transformation – accompanied by wife Vicky. But after Mark carries out some tests, he discovers that Donna has breast cancer due to the hormone therapy she has been undergoing. When Donna hears that this means she should not go ahead with the procedure, she is devastated. “Are you saying if I become a woman I could die?” she asks. Will she risk her life to go through with the operation?
Addison and Callie are also working on a distressing case this week. Young mother-to-be Jamie has fallen in the shower, breaking her arm, so Callie has been called in to deal with the fracture. Jamie is worried that the fall may have hurt her baby, which has stopped moving since the accident, but Addison assures her that the baby could merely be sleeping. When she carries out a scan, however, Addison is horrified to realise that the baby has died. She excuses herself and breaks down in the ladies’, where Callie finds her
crying in a stall. Addison cannot understand why she is taking this case so hard – she is used to dealing with awful situations like this every day – but with Callie’s help, she manages to gather the strength to break the terrible news to Jamie.
Elsewhere, Cristina is still paying the price for covering for Burke. Bailey knows that Cristina was responsible for erasing her name from the surgery board, and demands to know why.
Cristina remains tight-lipped on the matter, prompting Bailey to take her off all surgeries and assign her the unpleasant task of monitoring a boy who swallowed a number of Monopoly pieces. When the case turns into a surgical one, Bailey still refuses to allow Cristina into the operating room. “You chose your own fate,” she tells her. How much longer can Cristina keep suffering in silence?
Also this week, Izzie is horrified when she is forced to undergo ‘peer counselling’ with relentlessly perky doctor Sidney. George suspects that Burke is hiding something. And Mark advises Meredith to draw a line under her relationship with Derek, telling her that his rival is “damaged goods”. Will she take him up on his offer to “start afresh”?

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning
medical drama continues, following the
trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen
Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace
Hospital. In this week’s episode, Cristina’s
continued efforts to protect Burke have
consequences for Bailey; Izzie has a difficult time
on her first day back; George assists Addison
when a patient with a very unusual pregnancy is
admitted; and Derek has a surprise visitor.
Since discreetly assisting him during a
complicated surgery (see last week’s episode,
‘Oh, the Guilt’), Cristina has been continuing to
cover for the fact that Burke is still not one
hundred per cent. She has been handling his
surgery schedule, altering the board to make sure
the right staff are in the operating room and
scrubbing in whenever she can – none of which
has escaped the other interns’ notice.
However, when Cristina schedules Burke for an extremely risky surgery, he is terrified that he will not be able to pull it off even with Cristina’s help.
“Stop worrying,” she replies calmly. “We’re a welloiled machine.” But Cristina knows that anyone who could cause this machine to break down has to be kept out of the OR – which means that she must erase Bailey’s name from the board. Bailey is devastated, believing that Burke took her off the board because he no longer trusts her after the Denny fiasco. Will Cristina tell her the truth?
George’s current patient is also hiding a big secret. Born with two uteri, Noelle (Liza Lapira, ‘NCIS’) is pregnant in both of them – but one of the babies seems to be growing faster than the other. An examination reveals the shocking explanation: one child is six weeks older than the other… and was conceived when Noelle and her fiancé, Greg, were spending some time apart. When Greg realises that he is only the father of one of the babies, he is shattered and walks out –prompting the panicking Noelle to go into premature labour.
While George assists Addison with the emergency Caesarian that follows, Izzie struggles during her first day back. The OR is out of bounds, Bailey has informed her, and she is not even allowed to be left alone with a patient. “You’ve got to earn back the right for any of us to trust you again,” Bailey explains, before adding that Izzie is to shadow a different doctor every day… starting with Meredith. “Meredith is the boss of me,” replies Izzie, unimpressed to say the least.
The duo’s first case is Gretchen, a young lawnstudent who has severely burned her hand. The patient explains that she has been studying hard for the bar exam, which she has failed a few times before and is due to retake in a few days’ time.
However, Gretchen’s claim that she only burned her hand because she was distracted by her studies is called into question when Mark’s examination reveals that the burn is a lot more severe than it should be. Izzie suspects that Gretchen hurt herself on purpose, to avoid the exam, but Meredith reminds her that she is not meant to be getting involved with the cases. “You haven’t even been back a full day yet,” says Meredith, “and already you’re pushing to bend the rules.”
Also this week, Meredith is horrified to find a strange woman in Derek’s trailer – until she discovers that it is his sister, Nancy (guest star Embeth Davidtz, ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Army of Darkness’). And Alex, intrigued by Noelle’s case, scrubs in on her Caesarian –much to the annoyance of Mark, with whom he is supposed to be working. “Just so we’re clear,” says Mark angrily, “you knew, when you stepped into that surgery, that you were forfeiting your future in plastics, right?” Has Alex made a big mistake?

The third series of the Emmy- and Golden Globewinning
medical drama continues, following the
trials and tribulations of Meredith Grey (Ellen
Pompeo) and her fellow interns at Seattle Grace
Hospital. In this week’s episode, the interns attend
a particularly difficult morbidity and mortality
conference; Burke continues to hide the truth
about his hand; Izzie wonders what to do with her
windfall; and Addison has a confession to make.
The fallout from Denny’s death continues this
week – and nobody escapes it. The interns
discover this when they are asked to attend a
morbidity and mortality conference (M&M), where
doctors meet to discuss errors in judgement and
practice that have led to patient deaths. Initially
excited to be attending one of these meetings – it
is not often that they have the opportunity to see
their superiors getting into trouble – Meredith,
George, Alex and Cristina are stunned when they
realise that the patient under discussion is Denny.
When Bailey steps up to the microphone, she
instantly comes under fire, with one doctor
accusing her of being an ineffectual leader whose
interns had run amok with scant regard for her
authority. Bailey fields the criticism stoically until
one doctor blindsides her by bringing up the fact
that she recently had a baby. Did Bailey’s new
status as a mother, he wonders, distract her from
her work?
Bailey manages to get through the M&M, and
the interns rush round proffering apologies for
putting her in the situation. “No!” she snaps. “You
do not get to apologise to me for this; you do not
get to feel better. Neither do I.” While the interns
scurry back to work, Bailey is left wondering if the
doctor who brought up her new, maternal status
was right. Has motherhood made her soft?
Burke, meanwhile, is continuing to struggle
being back at work. He knows that he should not
have been cleared for surgery, because his hand
is still exhibiting a worrying tremor that could be
dangerous in the operating room. Burke tries to
confess to Chief Webber, but his boss is too busy
telling him how good it is to have him back to let
him speak. “I don’t know what to do,” the troubled
surgeon tells Cristina later. “I need time to think.”
Burke shuts himself away with some paperwork
to give himself some breathing space, but when
he is called upon to perform an emergency
operation on a heart-attack victim he has no
choice but to tie on his mask and get to work.
Cristina discreetly offers to help him out if his
tremor threatens to appear, but will anybody else
notice that something is wrong?
Also back in the building is Izzie, but she says
that she is only there to clean out her locker. After
discovering that she is now $8.7million richer,
(see last week’s episode, ‘What I Am’), Izzie has
no idea how to handle her new wealth. “Denny
loved me,” she tells George and Meredith. “He
wanted me to have this money. He wants me to
be happy. So I’m happy.” But the fact that Izzie
has not even put Denny’s cheque in the bank
makes her friends suspect that she is not quite as
content as she claims to be.
Another Seattle Grace doctor with something
to hide is Addison, who has a confession to make
to Derek. Their divorce is now finalised, and Derek
has let Addison keep their Manhattan
brownstone and house in the Hamptons because
he thinks he was the bad guy: her one-night
stand with Mark did not compare to his
relationsip with Meredith. However, Mark reminds
Addison that they had more than a one-night
stand – and that Derek deserves to know the
truth. Will Addison come clean?
Also this week, Callie’s conscience is bothering
her after she slept with Mark; Meredith and
Cristina assist in a bizarre procedure; Webber
helps Bailey come to an important realisation;
and Meredith wonders whether to tell Derek that
she has broken up with Finn.

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