Half Cut Woman



TX Wednesday 11 November, 10pm on Sky1 HD

Controversial cosmetic surgeon Dr Robert Ersek shot to infamy when he performed rhinoplasty on an 11 year old girl, and has even performed liposuction on himself.

In Half Cut Woman Dr Ersek is undertaking a unique experiment. He will carry out extensive surgery on severely overweight patient Ruby Tambunge – but for the first time ever he will operate only on one side of her body at a time, offering viewers a unique opportunity to see the before and after effects of the surgery on the same body.

Performing liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast lift, Dr Ersek will radically change one side of Ruby’s body from shoulder to foot, leaving the other half exactly as it is. Three months later Dr Ersek will operate on the other side of Ruby’s body, performing exactly the same procedures again to ensure that both sides match.

There are medical reasons behind this decision – by operating on only half of Ruby’s body Dr Ersek can perform the procedure under local anesthetic and Ruby will be able to lie on the side that has not been operated on, giving her a more comfortable recovery.

Ruby, 31 from Texas and a mum of two, has had problems with her weight since she was a teenager and worries that this has led to the onset of diabetes. She dreams of being able to run around with her children and wear clothes that show off her all-new figure.

Half Cut Woman follows Ruby and Dr Ersek in the preparation for the surgery, the extensive operations themselves and Ruby in her final form. Will the controversial procedure be a success? Or has Dr Ersek gone too far this time?

Half Cut Woman was commissioned by Emma Read, produced and directed by
Alex Stockley Von Statzer and executive produced by Emma Read for Sky and Brent Baker and Danny Fenton from Zig Zag Productions.


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