Half Ton Teen

9:00pm Tuesday, January 11 on LIVING

It is estimated that 200,000 Americans are immobile because of their own weight and that a third of US children are obese. LIVING looks at this shocking subject with documentary mini-series Half Ton Teen which uncovers the disturbing stories of teenagers whose extreme weight is threatening their lives. Some of the scenes are not for the faint hearted with invasive footage of actual surgical procedures.

This second episode continues to follow two of the world’s heaviest teenagers as they attempt to lose a combined 1,000 pounds in weight. Having now lost a quarter of his original 800 pound weight, 19-year-old Billy from Texas is ready for the first stage of his gastric bypass surgery, but any such operation for such a morbidly obese person still carries a very high risk. Billy was eating 30,000 calories a day, which was only possible through an enabler, his over-protective mother, who shares much of the responsibility for his extreme condition.

Weighing in at 600 pounds, 16-year-old John is not at such a dangerous stage as Billy, but he faces similar risks as he too undergoes a gastric bypass which will require him to be under anaesthesia for over 6 hours. The operation will drastically reduce the size of their stomachs and their food intake, but the chance of long term success will require both families to turn around a lifetime of bad habits. Follow these teens as they take a hard and perilous journey this week only on LIVING.

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