Harry Hill’s TV Burp

One of the most wonderful aspects of Harry Hill’s TV Burp is the way in which the big-collared host can poke fun at himself; but the best thing is how he spots the backbone of the British television industry – character actors – and makes stars of them for just a few minutes each week.

I’m not referring to soap stars here, any more than I’m referring to the regular members of shows with large casts.

I am referring instead to people like Terry Molloy, who appeared in the February 28th edition of Casualty as a patient and this week was brought to viewer’s attention as “Eric Clapton in Casualty”.

Molloy has had a long and successful career as an actor, whose first credited television appearance was in 1980. He’s appeared in countless drama serials over the last 29 years, but he’s probably best known as Davros, the crippled and insane creator of the Daleks in Doctor Who. Molloy played Davros on television on 3 occasions throughout the 1980s, making him the actor with the most appearances in the role (there have been 4 in total, most recently Julian Bleach in 2008).

A man best known for scaring kids turning up in a hospital drama and looking like Eric Clapton is frankly a piece of priceless coincidence and absolutely perfect for the sort of thing Hill loves to have in TV Burp.

So what better way to end the show than to have Terry Molloy as Eric Clapton playing the classic number Layla (live, I might add)? Absolutely brilliant stuff and a nice variety-style ending to what was this week a very funny show – there’s no sign of Harry Hill’s TV Burp getting tired.

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