Harry Hill’s TV Burp

Saturday, 7 April 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

Burp fans are in for a treat this week, as Harry delves into the archives to pick some of the best clips from series past. 

It promises to be a belter too, with classic send-ups from Kirstie’s Handmade Britain, Natural World and Grimefighters. 

Harry gets a big shock when he finds out he has a twin, he tries out water sports with an alpaca and some familiar faces drop in for a sing-a-long at Downton Abbey. 

So sit back and enjoy a rip-roaring 30 minutes of must-see TV Burp gold. 

Hey everyone! This is seriously great news!

Harry Hill has signed (a multi-million pound two-year) deal with ITV to make more series of TV Burp and You’ve Been Framed.

This new agreement will see TV Burp on our screens until 2012.

There’s been a lot (beyond the usual murmurs… it was more like a loud shouting fest) that Hill was going to jump ship to Sky and thereby, deny all us cheapskates who don’t have a Sky subscription our Burp fix.

As well as keeping TV Burp on our screens, ITV also has an option to extend the deal and order two more series as well as keeping Hill doing his withering voiceovers on You’ve Been Framed.

More crucially (in terms of the deal), ITV have agreed to develop new programme formats for Hill.

He has already won several Bafta awards for the long-running ITV1 show TV Burp and won big audiences.

“If you’re a light entertainer there’s really only one place to be on a Saturday night, and that’s ITV,” said Hill.

While that may not be strictly true, this is wonderful news for all concerned!

One of the best – and most consistent – shows on the box is Harry Hill’s TV Burp. On average, 6 million of us tune ITV in and watch Hill lampoon the week’s television, complete with pre-commercial fights, silly songs and more.

However, those without a satellite subscription (including me) may well have to wave goodbye to Hill.

The Guardian is reporting that Harry Hill is in discussions with BSkyB. The move could potential earn the comedian £3million-a-year… and with him would go TV Burp.

It’s understood that, alongside TV Burp (which is surely a deal breaker), BSkyB want Harry to front a number of shows on the satellite channel.

Hill’s contract with ITV1 is set to end in April and for a while now, there’s been a lot of speculation that Hill might look to move to a better-paying broadcaster.

“We don’t comment on talent negotiations,” said a spokesman for BSkyB and ITV refused to comment on Hill’s future.

Personally, I think ITV would be insane to lose Hill. They really should break the bank to keep him on the roster as, without TV Burp, ITV would go back to being irrelevant, which it has been for far too long.

Worse than that is the simple fact that Hill would disappear into the closed garden of Sky and quickly be forgotten about, like all those that made the lucrative leap before him.

Saturday, 10 October 2009, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

Harry Hill’s TV Burp returns this autumn, in a year that has seen HARRY add to his already impressive awards haul for the show, with another BAFTA Award and wins at both the British Comedy Awards and RTS Awards.

Expect more top-notch telly send-ups, as Harry gets back to business as usual, turning his forensic eye for comic detail to the top soaps, docs, dramas, and reality shows, skewering all the funniest, quirkiest and downright silliest clips along the way. Where else would you find a chef who makes meat out of fruit, a big-collared comedian impersonating Aandrew Marr impersonating Ant and Dec, and the fans’ favourite Knitted Character taking a ride on a wobbly jelly? The last series also saw stars including Dale Winton and Ronnie Corbett shooting through the studio, a pesky shark harassing Harry, and Lion Man Craig Busch became a Burp favourite courtesy of a catchy sing-a-long song.

Once again, viewers can look forward to a bumper run of Harry’s trademark high-jinks, including the Review of the Year special that’s fast becoming a fixture of the Christmas holiday schedules. Plus, following the success of last year’s Best Of’s, several more shows bringing together some of the funniest moments from Burps past.

As always, Burp is bang up to date, featuring the biggest shows from the week’s TV, so there’s no way of knowing what will feature – but there’ll be plenty of X Factor drama and Strictly Come Dancing razzle-dazzle to work with … and no doubt more televisual oddities will join Freaky Eaters, Hole in the Wall, Born Survivor: Bear Grylls, and Sally Morgan: Star Pyschic in the pantheon of TV Burp cult classics.

A busy autumn for HARRY will also see the release of Harry Hill’s TV Burp Gold 2 – the follow-up to last year’s hugely successful DVD, that gives fans another chance to catch the best bits from all previous series – and the first ever Harry Hill’s TV Burp Book, packed with all-new jokes, puzzles, parodies, cartoons and games written by HARRY exclusively for TV Burp’s literary debut.

I cannot tell you how much I am going to miss Harry Hill’s TV Burp.  Running for almost the entire last 6 months, Harry Hill’s weekly look at  the best and worst of British television is a demonstration of television gold.

The way in which Hill and his scriptwriters observe and effortlessly deconstruct peculiarly British television shows in quick bites up to 5 minutes long in the form of commentary, voice overs and sketches makes the show absolutely unique, and utterly hilarious.

Running from October 2008 to April 2009 with a 4 week gap for TV Burp specials, this 8th series has been Hill’s longest and most probably the funniest run of the show yet, and consistently the funniest example of light entertainment programming since the halcyon days of the 1970s.

Rare praise indeed – yet despite regularly pulling in an audience of 6 million on a Saturday evening, Hill is a marmite kind of a guy. You either love him or hate hime – personally I think he’s brilliant, combining old school comedy nuances with modern attitude and surrealism.

I’m guilty however of missing a handful of episodes from the recent run of Harry Hill’s TV Burp – hence missing out on both new stuff and cleverly observed running gags inserted only whenever appropriate. For instance the cast of various British soap operas seem adept at inadvertently impersonating animals (on one occasion Coronation Street corner shop owner Dev Alahan found himself renamed to “Dev Elephant”) while regular features include The Many Faces of Louis Walsh which is based on some of the bizarre expressions pulled by The X Factor judge; Freaky Eaters also gets some much deserved attention from Hill.

With so many episodes under his belt in recent months Hill is off for a well-earned break – although no doubt he’ll be off on tour with a new standup show soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be checking out the Best of TV Burp DVDs…

He might not be to everyone’s taste – but Harry Hill’s TV Burp is one of Britain’s most-watched shows on a Saturday.

With a key position in the Saturday night lineup, Harry Hill’s TV Burp is an anarchic mix of amusing clips from the previous week’s television across all channels, taken out of context and lovingly mocked by the giant shirt collared Harry Hill.

Such is the quality of the writing on the show that whether or not the previous week’s TV has been good or bad, Harry Hill’s TV Burp is one of the few TV shows to guarantee laughs.

Drastically different to the star’s live show, TV Burp has cast Hill into a much vaunted position in the TV establishment, with the show now in its 8th series and one of the focal points of the Saturday night schedule for ITV (which also includes the new Chris Tarrant high stakes quiz The Colour of Money and the increasingly tired Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway).

Some of the funniest moments on Harry Hill’s TV Burp have come thanks to one other Saturday night staple – The X Factor. Among the superb mocking of the biggest talent show in Britain there has been:

The Many Faces of Louis Walsh

The “Eoghan Quigg” look… and most memorably

Britney Spears

Anyone who saw Britney’s X Factor appearance will have found it memorable for all of the wrong reasons – and one week later a bewigged Harry Hill mimicked the troubled songstress’ X Factor turn in a rear-pushed out chicken walking rendition of Womaniser.

With the regular “Fight!” before the commercial break and a poor piece of karaoke from one of the unwitting stars of the show, Harry Hill’s TV Burp is already firmly – and rightly – enconsed in the annals of British television comedy.

Harry Hill Christmas Burp
Tuesday 25 December 2007 8:00pm – 8:30pm on ITV1.

ITV’s highest rating comedy show, nominated for Best Comedy Entertainment Programme again at this year’s British Comedy Awards, returns for a second Christmas special in 2007.

Expect a show stuffed with seasonal silliness, and a sack full of festive treats that give a light ribbing to the holiday period’s most memorable telly. Harry will be carefully unwrapping the pick of the yuletide schedule to find the funniest moments which probably passed the rest of us by, and offering viewers his trademark irreverent take on the programmes we’ll have all watched while eating mince pies with our loved-ones .

With the Christmas schedule gifting Harry the usual spectacular storylines in Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale, while also seeing the climax of reality TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor, and a selection box of other assorted televisual titbits, he’ll have no trouble making his presence felt with what promises to be another comedy cracker.

In addition to winning two awards at last year’s British Comedy Awards, Harry Hill’s TV Burp has also won a Golden Rose at the International Rose D’Or television festival, as well as being nominated for both National TV, and BAFTA awards.

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