8:55am Friday, October 15 on E4

Lisa meddles in Lou’s personal life to disastrous effect. Mackenzie returns to Heartland to get married but when a cursed horse arrives, the wedding is almost called off.

8:55am Thursday, October 14 on E4

A Hollywood star visits the ranch but causes both excitement and trouble as she meddles with the lives of the family.

8:55am Wednesday, October 13 on E4

Tim causes tension within the Fleming household and Lou is surprised to meet her dad’s girlfriend Callie who turns up on the ranch to stay with the family.

8:55am Tuesday, October 12 on E4

The emergence of cattle rustlers means extra work for everyone at Heartland.

8:55am Monday, October 11 on E4

Ty’s father shows up and asks Ty to live with him.

8:55am Friday, October 8 on E4

The family prepare for the Hudson Heritage Rodeo.

8:55am Wednesday, October 6 on E4

Lou’s ex-colleagues tuen up at the equine retreat.

6:00am Monday, October 4 on E4

Amy struggles to balance her school work, chores and showjumping ambitions.

Sunday, September 20 on E4

Brand new series: Heartland sets alight and Jack is injured while getting the horses to safety. More troubles arise when Lou realises the barn isn’t insured. Will the Flemings ever get their livelihood back?

Sunday, September 13 on E4

Brand New Series: Amy and Lou are at boiling point when Tim visits Heartland. Hoping to impress Tim with her managerial skills, Lou is heartbroken when she realises that Amy and Tim share a deeper bond: their love of horses. Will the sisters patch up their differences?

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