Heidi’s Face

MTV will premiere a new show based on The Hill’s star and plastic surgery fanatic, Heidi Montag, called Heidi’s Face.

The show will look at the ten surgeries Montag had as well as the idea of the Barbie look.  The series will aim to educate viewers about how media images are manipulated to give unrealistic ideals of beauty, especially to younger and more impressionable women.

Evecutive producer of MTV Networks and Ireland, Lisa Stokoe, said, “The results of the initiative surprised us all and truly highlight the need to educate young people about what really goes on behind the scenes to achieve the images of perfection presented in today’s media.”

Stokoe continued, “We wanted to demonstrate the influence of digital retouching technology and the final result certainly proves that even the most extreme changes can be achieved in just a matter of clicks! The stunt will support our in-house show Heidi’s Face and will indicate – in a fun, comical way – how unrealistic and unattainable these ideals of perfection are.”

MTV will digitally transform male presenter Rickie Haywood Williams into a woman, as a means to show that everything is not what they seem and anything can be made to look real.

As well as this, MTV will feature an application on their website called ‘Heidi Yourself’ which will allow viewers to see how they would look after surgery.

The network is also launching a Digital Surgery, a programme which will show the power of the media because of their ability to alter images.

Digital Surgery goes live on MTV.co.uk on August 8.

Heidi’s Face premieres on August 22 at 9pm on MTV.

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